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7 Best Christmas Dog Treats in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Dog sitting on a christmas decoration Your pooch is probably just as excited on Christmas morning as a group of little kids. Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, they’ll wake up raring to go. What’s under the tree for them? That’s completely up to you! But we will give you some very nifty ideas to consider.

We know there’s no better way to a dog’s heart than through its stomach. So we rounded up 10 of the most scrumptious holiday-inspired treats we could find to make your dogs’ Christmas special. Hopefully, our reviews help you find the perfect dog treat this holiday season.

divider-pawA Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Snif Snax Happy Holiday Advent Snif Snax Happy Holiday Advent
  • Nutritious
  • Yummy
  • Human-grade
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Exclusively Dog Cookies Snowballs Exclusively Dog Cookies Snowballs
  • Human grade
  • Affordable
  • Vanilla-flavored
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Annie’s Pooch Pops Happy Christmas Annie’s Pooch Pops Happy Christmas
  • Adorable presentation
  • Prepackaged
  • Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks Dog Treats Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks Dog Treats
  • Ideal for puppies
  • Healthy, easy to digest
  • Cleans teeth
  • Good’n’Fun Holiday Variety Treat Pack for Dogs Good’n’Fun Holiday Variety Treat Pack for Dogs
  • Variety of textures and flavors
  • Easy to chew
  • Main Ingredients : Chicken, porkhide, beefhide
  • The 7 Best Christmas Dog Treats

    1. Snif Snax Happy Holiday Advent Dog Treat – Best Overall

    Snif Snax Happy Holiday Advent

    Treat Type: Crunchy
    Main Ingredients: Atlantic salmon, sweet potato
    Presentation: Advent

    The Sniff Snax Happy Holiday Advent Calendar is the best overall Christmas-inspired doggy treat this year. This box is filled with 25 human-grade dog treats so your canine can have fun throughout the month.

    This is a great way to pace yourself and give your dog something to look forward to daily. It’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Particularly if anyone else in the home is celebrating their own human advent calendar.

    Protein-filled little snacks are crunchy in texture and aromatic. These treats only have a handful of ingredients, making them highly digestible for most dogs, including those with dietary sensitivities. There are no GMOs, grains, and other potential irritants that could upset your dog’s system.

    They lacked all the bad stuff but had a ton of good additives like DHA, EPA, and omega fatty acids. These treats are a fantastic choice for any canine you can think of, but they still get a boost of deliciousness that’s just as healthy as it is. However, some dogs may not like the salmon flavor.

    • Nutritious
    • Yummy
    • Human-grade
    • Some dogs may not like the flavor

    2. Exclusively Dog Cookies Snowballs Treats – Best Value

    Exclusively Dog Cookies Snowballs

    Treat Type: Cookie
    Main Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable fat, maltodextrin, sugar
    Presentation: Sealable plastic

    If you’re looking for the best Christmas dog treats for the money this holiday season, try out Exclusively Dog Cookies Snowballs. These deliciously flavored vanilla snacks are the best dog treats we could find for the money.

    These winter-inspired delights will tantalize your dog’s taste buds and give them something to look forward to at snack time. They might not be the healthiest treat on our list, so make sure that you do a quick sweep of the ingredients if your dog has any allergies or sensitivities.

    These treats are made of human-grade ingredients, being fit for your own kitchen table. So you can rest easy knowing that you were giving only the best to your dog.

    We want to point out that while they’re yummy, they are very high and fat so you should always feed these to your dog in moderation.

    • Human grade
    • Affordable
    • Vanilla-flavored
    • Not as nutritious as some

    3. Annie’s Pooch Pops Happy Christmas Treats – Premium Choice

    Annie’s Pooch Pops Happy Christmas

    Treat Type: Variety pack
    Main Ingredients: Varies
    Presentation: Box

    Annie’s Pooch Pops Happy Christmas Holiday Treats or a real holiday favorite, and it’s easy to tell why. Even though these ones are a little bit more expensive than the others on our list, know that you get a lot for your money.

    This adorable holiday bundle comes with a variety of uniquely packaged snacks that will have your dog drooling on Christmas morning. This box contains a mini bacon cheeseburger, french fries, Mini pizza wrap, pizza, and yogurt cookies—yum!

    The portions are specially crafted for small dog breeds, but they can essentially work for any. Of course, these individual packages don’t really contain the foods that they mimic. Most of them are made with flour, protein, and other ingredients.

    So you can rest easy knowing you aren’t giving any oil field snacks that could potentially harm your dog. In fact, these are natural dog treats that are perfectly safe for most healthy adults. The downside is that these treats contain gluten, which some dogs may be sensitive to.

    • Adorable presentation
    • Prepackaged
    • Contains gluten

    4. Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks Dog Treats – Best for Puppies

    Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks

    Treat Type: Biscuits
    Main Ingredients: Oatmeal, barley, oat flour
    Presentation: Sealable bag

    Any dog can enjoy Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks—but we think your puppy will really be thrilled. These nutritious little biscuits come in fun shapes and sweet goodness that appeal to taste buds.

    These crunchy treats clean your puppy’s teeth and give them something entertaining to munch on for a few minutes. We like the size of these snacks as well as the composition.

    They are incredibly healthy with bountiful nutritional benefits, so you can skip out on all of the unhealthy sweets for your pup this year. These traits contain no byproducts, artificial additives, or harsh ingredients.

    Instead, they use oatmeal and pumpkin to promote easy digestion and have a modest calorie count. You can throw this in your puppy’s stocking or wrap the gift up under the tree. Your dog will love it all just the same. The downside is that these treats are small, so bigger dogs may gobble them up quickly.

    • Ideal for puppies
    • Healthy, easy to digest
    • Cleans teeth
    • May not be suitable for big dogs

    5. Good’n’Fun Holiday Variety Treat Pack for Dogs

    Good’n’Fun Holiday Variety Pack

    Treat Type: Rawhide
    Main Ingredients: Chicken, porkhide, beefhide
    Presentation: Sealable stocking

    The Good’n’Fun Holiday Variety Pack offers so many different textures and flavors, keeping the holidays really interesting. These treats come in a stocking shape, making it fun to slap a bow on and call it a day.

    Your dog can enjoy these treats without gobbling them up in two seconds. These are the ones they really have to work for. With a combination of protein and rawhide, your dog can sit by the Christmas tree enjoying the savory flavors and chewable textures.

    This variety pack is a perfect set of treats to get if you’re looking for something to last. However, these traits contain potentially irritating dyes and artificial flavors so they won’t work for sensitive pooches.

    And of course, these are for temporary use only, not meant for a daily snack choice. But even your pooch should get to cheat on their diet now and again.

    • Easy to chew
    • Variety of textures and flavors
    • Potentially irritating ingredients
    • Not for sensitive teeth

    6. Box Dog Christmas Cookies Treats

    Box Dog Christmas Cookies

    Treat Type: Cookies
    Main Ingredients: Flour, honey, vegetable oil, vanilla, yogurt frosting
    Presentation: Gift box

    Box Dog Christmas Cookies have something to offer that none of the other treats on our list do. They are totally made by hand. So if you want to give your dog something meaningful and personal this holiday season, they will love these simplistic baked snacks on Christmas morning.

    These treats only contain five different ingredients: wheat flour, vanilla, honey, yogurt frosting, and vegetable oil. Even though that won’t work for dogs with gluten allergies, any other food can benefit significantly from those ingredients list.

    The presentation is adorable as well. These cookies come in all sorts of delightful classic holiday shapes. They come packaged in a cute little gift box that will be sure to get your dog’s tail wagging.

    • Homemade
    • Cute holiday shapes
    • Simple ingredients list
    • Not gluten-free

    7. Puppy Scoops Holiday Dog Ice Cream Mix Gift Pack Treats

    Puppy Scoops Holiday Dog Ice Cream Mix Gift Pack

    Treat Type: Ice cream
    Main Ingredients: Lactose-free whole milk, carob, cane sugar
    Presentation: Tubs

    Puppy Scoops Holiday Dog Ice Cream Mix Gift Pack will be a real hit with your dogs. The only downfall that will tell you is that this requires preparation. So it won’t be one of those snacks you can have on hand and feed your dog immediately.

    This is an actual ice cream mix coming in four different flavors. With each flavor, you must follow the directions listed on the package and Fries mixture for five hours before serving. So remember that your dog won’t be able to enjoy them right away, but we think it’s well worth the wait.

    Each of these flavors is completely human grade and grain free, working for just about any dog, even those with restrictions. Your dog will appreciate his cool snack while everyone else enjoys their goodies this holiday season.

    It lasts a long time too! After you mix it up and put it in the freezer, it is good for at least six months. So if you want to space out the servings to make it last, you absolutely have the option. The only downfall we can find here is that it might not be the best option for dogs with super sensitive teeth. Anything cold can trigger nerve pain, so they might not enjoy it.

    • Doggy-friendly ice cream
    • Lasts up to 6 months after preparation
    • Four flavors
    • Not pre-prepared


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Christmas Dog Treat

    When you’re buying treats for your pup this holiday season, we have a few categories to consider during your purchase. Here we go!

    dog treat
    Image By: James Lacy, Unsplash

    Types of Treats

    There are several treats to select this season, whether store-bought or handmade. Here is a small list of treat types you might see:

    • Crunchy baked snacks
    • Soft chews
    • Soft serve ice cream
    • Cookies
    • Rawhides
    • Biscuits

    You can choose the option that you know your dog can’t resist.

    Consider Dietary Restrictions

    We know, we know. You check your dog’s labels religiously. But sometimes, treats can get overlooked. After all, they’re just a quick yummy snack. But your dog’s daily dietary rules still apply to those sometimes snacks in the cabinet, even at Christmas time.

    So while you’re shopping, ensure that all treats you buy, including the ones in bundles, match your dog’s sensitivities or allergies. You are free to do as you wish if you have a dog that doesn’t seem to be phased by any of that.

    Luckily, if your dog suffers from any restriction, you can likely find something yummy that they can enjoy. Always, always, always read labels.

    Image Credit: pakornkrit, Shutterstock

    Consider Dental Health

    As your dog ages, sometimes its teeth get more sensitive. Chewing hard snacks—like rawhides or crunchy baked snacks can be really hard for them to chew. Also, cold snacks like doggy-friendly ice cream can be too sensitive or uncomfortable.

    So, consider whether the treat might be problematic to make sure it’s worth the cash!

    Value Matters

    Sometimes, companies can target pet owners with all sorts of marketing tactics. But value truly matters regarding what your dog puts in their mouth. You want to get something just as healthy as it is scrumptious. So always make sure that the value is worth the money.

    Know that with homemade treats, they can be a bit more pricey than some others. So, quality is just as important as saving a few bucks!

    Owner feeding dog treats
    Image By: Omerlavon, pixabay

    Wrappings, Ribbons, & Bows

    You have to consider how important the presentation is. The packaging might not be crucial if you plan to wrap up or toss the treats into a stocking. However, if you’re looking for something that looks like a gift, check out the packaging before purchasing.

    Many of the treats we have on our list come prepackaged and ready for Christmas—and just think! That saves time for you when wrapping Christmas Eve.


    The Sniff Snax Happy Holiday Advent Calendar gives your dog something to look forward to several days before Christmas. When you get out of the box, they can be totally prepared, tails a waggin’, ready for their daily treat. It’s a perfect way to celebrate with your pooch—and it encourages moderation.

    If your dog has a sweet tooth, they might really enjoy Exclusively Dog Cookies Snowballs. These delectable vanilla-flavored treats will be a real hit—and they have all-natural ingredients. What a steal for the price!

    If money is no object to you, how much do you love Annie’s Pooch Pops Happy Christmas Holiday Treats? This holiday-inspired box has human-looking snacks that are totally doggy-friendly. While they are marketed for small dogs, any pup will find them yummy!

    No matter the snacks that caught your eye, we hope you already have the winter winner in your cart.

    Featured Image Credit: MGAstudioArt, Pixabay

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