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8 Best Ferret Litter Boxes in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

ferret sitting on the floor_Ferrets have a reputation for emitting some unpleasant odors. And if we’re totally truthful, it’s not unfounded. They can get pretty stinky. But by using the proper litter box and keeping it clean, you can do a lot to mitigate the issue and keep your house smelling fresh.

While dealing with this problem ourselves and searching for solutions, we realized that the old litter boxes we were using just weren’t doing the trick. Sometimes, the mess would even end up outside the litter box. On occasion, our ferrets would just flip the litter box over, leaving us a smelly mess to deal with.

We finally had enough and decided we needed to find the best ferret litter box out there. So, we purchased all the best ones we could find and put them to the test. To save you the trouble, we’re going to share our results with you in the following eight reviews.


A Glance at Our Winners in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Marshall Ferret Litter Pan Marshall Ferret Litter Pan
  • Locks onto the side of any wire cage
  • High backed to accommodate ferrets’ natural habits
  • Durable plastic is easy to clean
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter
  • Wired floor panel
  • Stain and odor-resistant
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Kaytee Hi-Corner Small Animal Litter Pan Kaytee Hi-Corner Small Animal Litter Pan
  • High corners help prevent messes
  • Made from odor and stain-resistant plastic
  • Fits in the corner to keep stable
  • Ware Lock-N-Litter Ware Lock-N-Litter
  • Locks into the corner of any wire cage
  • Low front for easy entry
  • Resists smells and staining
  • Kathson Ferret Litter Box Kathson Ferret Litter Box
  • Upper tray separates animals from their mess
  • The plastic grate is easier on their feet
  • Prevents urine splashing
  • The 8 Best Ferret Litter Boxes

    1. Marshall Ferret Litter Pan – Best Overall

    Marshall Ferret Litter Pan

    To make sure that your ferrets’ litter box won’t be tipped over and the mess spread everywhere, the Marshall Ferret Litter Pan locks to the side of any wire cage. This ensures that your ferret can’t spill it since it’s securely fastened in place. But ferrets are smart and wily creatures. Some of them figured out how to unlock this pan from the cage!

    The way this pan is shaped is intentional; the back is very high, but the front is low. This allows for easy entry, but it also serves another purpose. Ferrets like to back into a corner to do their business, which this design allows. But when they do that, there’s always the possibility of the mess making it over the back wall, which is why this pan has such a high back.

    Regardless, there’s going to be a mess inside of the litter box, so this one is made from plastic that’s durable and very easy to clean. Even after several weeks of constant use, it still looked and performed just as it did on day one.

    • Locks onto the side of any wire cage
    • High backed to accommodate ferrets’ natural habits
    • Durable plastic is easy to clean
    • Can’t be tipped over
    • Some ferrets can unlock it from the cage

    2. Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter – Best Value

    Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter

    Many ferret litter boxes opt for the high-back, low-front design, and the Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter pan is no exception. Where this one differs is in the two locking mechanisms that help secure this litter box into the corner of any wire cage. With this design, even if your ferrets manage to unlock both sides, the corners of the cage will still keep it secure.

    Another difference between this litter box and others we’ve tested is the wired floor. This makes it possible for your ferrets to relieve themselves without having to step in the mess. Naturally, this means that less mess is spread throughout the cage, resulting in a cleaner, far less stinky ferret enclosure.

    We really liked the wire floor, but it fills up very quickly. You can expect to empty this pan every day. But that’s a minor complaint. There was plenty more we liked about this litter box, including its affordable price. Plus, it’s stain and odor-resistant, easy to clean, and durable, which is why we think it’s the best ferret litter box for the money.

    • Affordably priced
    • Wired floor panel prevents feet from getting messy
    • Stain and odor-resistant
    • Easy to clean and durable
    • Dual cage locks to secure in the corner
    • Fills up very quickly

    3. Kaytee Hi-Corner Small Animal Litter Pan – Premium Choice

    Kaytee Hi-Corner Small Animal Litter Pan

    The Kaytee Hi-Corner Small Animal Litter Pan is shaped like a triangle, which allows it to snugly fit into the corner of any cage. Once there, the walls will hold it in place and prevent it from being moved around or overturned. But there are no locking mechanisms on this pan, unlike some of the others we tested. We’re not sure they’re really necessary though since many ferrets manage to unlock them anyway.

    This litter box follows the high-back and low-front design of other ferret litter boxes, but it’s even more pronounced. The back is very high and the front very low, allowing for easy entry and ensuring that no mess ever makes it over the back wall.

    Odors are always a big concern with ferrets, so this litter box is made from odor and stain-resistant plastic that won’t hold onto any foul smells. But another concern is the price, and this litter box is expensive, especially considering that it has no locking mechanisms. Still, it’s effective at containing the mess and reducing odors, so it has earned our premium choice recommendation.

    • High corners help prevent messes
    • Made from odor and stain-resistant plastic
    • Fits in the corner to keep stable
    • Very low front for easy entry
    • Doesn’t lock into place
    • More expensive than other options

    4. Ware Lock-N-Litter

    Ware Lock-N-Litter

    Combining the corner-style litter pan with cage-locking mechanisms, the Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan by Ware is a good mixture of designs. But like other locking litter boxes we’ve tried with our ferrets, they were able to unlock this one from the wall. Luckily, since it’s still wedged in the corner, they weren’t able to overturn it.

    This litter box is made from a plastic that resists smells and staining, helping to keep your ferrets’ habitat clean and odor-free. It’s got a low front for easy entry and a high back to keep all of the messes inside. Compared to other similar products, this one is priced reasonably.

    The Lock-N-Litter pan comes in two sizes — regular and jumbo. We ordered a regular first, which was a bit tight and might be too small for some ferrets. Unfortunately, the jumbo size turned out to be too large for our needs. And we also don’t like that you can’t choose your color! This litter box comes in a variety of colors, but the one you get is random. We’d prefer to pick our own color so it can match the rest of the cage.

    • Locks into the corner of any wire cage
    • Reasonably priced
    • Low front for easy entry
    • Resists smells and staining
    • Color choice is random
    • Some ferrets can unlock it
    • Might be too small for some ferrets

    5. Kathson Ferret Litter Box

    Kathson Ferret Litter Box

    A rectangular litter box with a plastic grate to separate your ferrets from their mess, the Kathson Ferret Litter Box looks like a great choice. The grate is made from plastic, which is much easier on your ferret’s feet than a metal grate. Plus, its shape prevents urine splashing.

    But you’re paying a lot for those features. In fact, you’ll be paying twice as much as what you’d pay for some of the other litter boxes that we think performed better.

    We also weren’t thrilled with the overall design of this litter box. The back isn’t very high and it’s not conducive to the way ferrets like to do their business. Because of this, some of the mess would be projected over the top, creating a foul-smelling mess that needed attention. Moreover, the litter box is not very durable. Ours started to show signs of stress after just a few days with our ferrets.

    • Upper tray separates animals from their mess
    • The plastic grate is easier on their feet
    • Prevents urine splashing
    • Twice as expensive as some other litter boxes
    • The back isn’t very high
    • Not the most durable litter box

    6. IRIS FG-330 586295 Small Animal Litter Box

    IRIS FG-330 586295 Small Animal Litter Box

    The IRIS USA Small Animal Litter Pan features a high-back and low-front design that’s similar to most of the ferret litter boxes we tried out for this list. This one goes a step further by even including a litter scoop to help make your life a bit easier.

    As soon as we put this litter box in our ferrets’ cage, we knew it wasn’t going to work out well. Its shape doesn’t work very well, and it takes up too much space. It’s not a regular triangle or it would fit snugly in the corner.

    Because of the way it’s shaped, this litter box is too small for most fully grown ferrets. Once they back in, they’re running out of space very quickly, which means some of the mess inevitably ends up inside the cage. We’d recommend skipping this one and instead, opting for something like the Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter in the second position of this list.

    • High-back low-front design
    • Includes litter scoop
    • Too small for fully grown ferrets
    • The shape isn’t very space-conscious

    7. Van Ness CP0 Small Litter Box

    Van Ness CP0 Small Litter Box

    Sometimes simple is the way to go. Not everything needs to be complex! Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Van Ness CP0 Small Litter Box. This litter box is as basic as it gets. It’s just a plastic rectangle, devoid of any special features. Of course, the advantage to that is that this litter box is dirt-cheap!

    Since it’s made from a highly-polished plastic, the finish of this litter box is odor and stain-resistant. But that’s everything we love about this litter box. So, let’s talk about what we didn’t love.

    This litter box has no low side, making it much more difficult for ferrets to enter. You might think that means the walls are high, but you’d be mistaken! They’re not actually high enough to prevent our ferrets’ mess from exploding over the top when they try to do their business! We only had to see it once to know we didn’t want to keep using this litter box and cleaning up repeated messes.

    • Very budget-friendly
    • Odor and stain-resistant
    • No low side for easy entry
    • Walls aren’t high enough to prevent messes

    8. RUBYHOME Triangle Ferret Litter Box

    RUBYHOME Triangle Ferret Litter Box

    The RUBYHOME Triangle Ferret Litter Box looks like a great candidate. It’s got a triangular shape that fits snugly in the corner and even latches to the wire of your cage. Inside the litter box, a plastic grate separates your ferrets from their messes below.

    Of course, the mess doesn’t stay below if the litter box is overturned, which is our biggest complaint with this one. It’s just too light and doesn’t lock securely into place, so our ferrets flipped it over again and again.

    The grate locks in the front, but because the back doesn’t lock, our ferrets managed to get it off pretty quickly, which meant that their mess soon spread throughout the cage. Even the back walls were too low, despite being raised. They weren’t high enough to stop the excrement from sailing directly over them and onto our once-clean floor.

    • Fits in the corner
    • Has a grate to separate your ferrets and their mess
    • Too light, it gets overturned
    • Grate only locks in the front and can be removed by ferrets
    • Back is too low to prevent messes


    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Ferret Litter Box

    Below are several tips to help you make the best choice and allow your ferret to use the bathroom without making a big mess.

    Use a Triangular Litter Box

    One of the interesting traits of ferrets is that when they urinate or defecate, they back their body into a corner to do it. That makes a triangular-shaped ferret litter box a great call since it will fit perfectly into the corner your ferret will inevitably choose as their toilet space. Also, a triangular litter box takes up less space, which might be at a premium if your ferret has a small enclosure.

    Smelly and Messy Hard to Clean Cat Litter Box
    Image Credit: Seika Chujo, Shutterstock

    Choose a Model with a Taller Back

    Ferrets aren’t dirty animals, but they don’t care where their waste goes when they relieve themselves. A litter box with a tall back is best to stop the mess and the clean-up time it will inevitably entail.

    Remember that your litter box only needs a high wall toward the back, not in front. If there’s a high wall in front, it might be difficult for your ferret to get in and out when they need to go potty.

    Get a Litter Box with a Hook to Attach to Their Cage

    Ferrets are active little creatures and move around all day. When they do, they usually move their litter box, which can cause problems during potty time. For example, the litter box might be in the wrong spot, but your ferret will still go in the same spot they always go, making a big mess.

    To prevent this, purchase a ferret litter box with a lock, clamp, or hook to attach to your pet’s enclosure. That way, no matter how active they might be, the litter box always stays in the same spot.

    Image Credit: Sharaf Maksumov, Shutterstock

    Use a Plastic Ferret Litter Box

    You might be able to find stainless steel ferret litter boxes, but frankly, they’re unnecessary and expensive. Plastic is your best choice because it’s less expensive, easy to clean, durable, and lightweight.

    Choose a Brand with a Raised Floor

    The biggest problem with litter boxes is that when your pet uses them, they almost always step in their waste and spread it throughout your home.

    Some ferret litter boxes, however, have raised floors made of rubberized metal or plastic. These allow your waste to fall through and into the litter below. One drawback, though, is that they fill up a bit faster. However, we think you’ll agree that ferrets with clean feet are worth the small amount of extra emptying.

    two cat litter boxes on wood floor indoors
    Image Credit: RacheeLynn, Shutterstock

    Avoid High-Sided and Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

    You can use cat litter boxes for your ferret, but some aren’t a good choice. One of the worst is a deep litter box with high sides. They are difficult for your ferret to use, which might cause them not to use the litter box.

    Another unsuitable model is the automatic litter box. The walls are too tall, and many brands have holes on the sides. Your ferret might try to squeeze through the holes, which could lead to injuries.

    Purchase Several Litter Boxes if Your Ferret Roams Free

    This last tip is for those who let their ferrets occasionally roam around their home; purchase several litter boxes. Ferrets relieve themselves when they see fit, and if a litter box isn’t nearby, they will go where they shouldn’t. Having several litter boxes around your home can prevent accidents and time spent cleaning up messes.


    What About Litter for the Litter Box?

    Once you’ve purchased a ferret litter box, you need to fill it with litter. Several types of litter are made specifically for ferrets, and all have pros and cons.

    Vegetable Litter

    While it’s non-toxic as well as biodegradable, vegetable litter can be expensive. It’s also dusty, which might be a problem if you have allergies.

    Cleaning cat litter box
    Image Credit: Zoran Photographer, Shutterstock

    Hemp Litter

    Hemp litter suffers from the same higher price as vegetable litter and can also cause allergic reactions in some humans. However, it absorbs urine and odors quite well.

    Cellulose Litter

    One of the easier litters to maintain is cellulose litter. It doesn’t create dust, is biodegradable, and is highly absorbent. It’s also comfortable for your pet but a bit expensive.

    paper cat litter
    Image Credit: Douglas Cliff, Shutterstock

    Cotton Litter

    One of the most comfortable choices for litter is cotton litter. One drawback is that cotton litter needs to be replaced much more frequently than other types. However, it’s excellent at absorbing urine and odors.

    Corn Litter

    One of the more economical litter choices is corn litter. It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and absorbs odors and urine.

    corn based cat litter
    Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

    The 3 Ferret Litters to Avoid

    The litter types below are not recommended for reasons we’ll list next to each.

    • Scented litter: Since it’s loaded with chemicals, it is a poor choice and could harm your ferret.
    • Straw litter: It’s not very absorbent, is dusty, and can prick your ferret’s sensitive feet.
    • Wood litter: The dust produced by wood litter is harmful to your ferret. Also, it can become toxic when it gets wet from urine. Yes, it’s sold everywhere, but wood litter is the worst choice.


    If you want to keep your ferrets’ odors to a minimum and prevent them from spreading through the entire house, then you need to get a good litter box that will contain the mess and stop it from ever escaping. Our reviews compared some of the best ferret litter boxes on the market, but we can only recommend three.

    Our top choice is the Marshall Ferret Litter Pan. It’s made out of durable plastic that is easy to clean and it locks onto the side of any wire cage, ensuring that it can’t be tipped over or spilled.

    For the best value, we suggest checking out the Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter. This litter box fits securely in the corner and even locks in place on two sides for maximum security. A high back prevents messes from going over the edge and the low front allows for easy entry.

    And if you won’t settle for less than a premium solution, we recommend the Kaytee Hi-Corner Small Animal Litter Pan. It wedges into the corner of any cage, utilizing high corners to stop messes from escaping. Plus, it’s made from odor and stain-resistant plastic so it never absorbs the foul odors from your ferrets!

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