Best Cat Food for Ferrets 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

eating brown ferret in front of white background_cynoclub

Despite their small size and playful personalities, ferrets are highly capable predators. As obligate carnivores, they require a consistent supply of meat protein to stay happy and healthy. Additionally, your ferret’s digestive system can’t handle complex carbohydrates like grains and sugars — which may leave you wondering just what they can eat! While there are … Read more

14 Popular Types of Molly Fish

golden sailfin molly fish

Molly fish or a great addition to any aquarium, but which breed do you choose? Most Molly breeds are hardy fish that can live in a wide range of environments, so there is a great chance that you will find one suitable for your aquarium. However, a few breeds have special needs that you want … Read more

Baldwin Guinea Pig

Baldwin Guinea Pig

The Baldwin Guinea pig is a unique and rare breed of guinea pig that has no hair. Besides requiring a warmer environment than most other breeds, there are very few other differences in their physiology or their behavior. The skin is susceptible to sunburns and fungal infections if not properly maintained. A recessive gene is … Read more

4 Alternatives to Snake Bedding Found in Your Home

Corn Snakes

Snakes can make great pets and they don’t require an excessive amount of care. A properly sized cage with adequate bedding and a secure lid is the bulk of what you will need. Bedding from a pet store is nice and may look attractive, but it is often expensive, and there are many products you … Read more

5 Alternatives to Hamster Bedding Found in Your Home

In addition to being a safe place for your hamster to dig and burrow into for warmth, bedding does double duty as your hamster’s bathroom, too. It’s an essential element for your hamster’s cage – so what can you do if you run out and don’t have anywhere nearby to buy more? Take heart: there … Read more

5 Alternatives to Rabbit Bedding Found in Your Home

Rabbits on window

Unlike their smaller guinea pig and hamster cousins, rabbits do not absolutely require bedding in their cages, since they don’t use it for burrowing or warmth. For litter training and general daily bathroom use, however, there’s no replacing the utility of a soft and comfortable material for your rabbit to get used to. If you’ve … Read more

6 Alternatives to Guinea Pig Bedding Found in Your Home

Guinea Pig bedding

A clean cage will always lead to a happier guinea pig – so what can you do if you’ve run out of guinea pig bedding, but your little buddy needs his cage cleaned? Whether you’re waiting for a delivery of fresh bedding or can’t order more until payday, you may be left scouring your home … Read more

7 Safe & Effective Alternatives to Guinea Pig Shampoo

Introduction Guinea pigs are fastidious little creatures that groom themselves and their family every day. But there might come the occasional time when your little pigger friend needs a bit more help. But if you’re out of guinea pig shampoo or the ones you’ve tried don’t agree with your furry buddy, you could be in … Read more

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

The Abyssinian Guinea Pig is an interesting animal that is unique among the guinea pig population. They have a long body with a small face. The fur is usually around three to four centimeters long and forms a rough spikey pattern referred to as rosettes. These rosettes give the guinea pig it’s unique look, and … Read more