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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli? What You Need to Know!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat_broccoli

Guinea pigs can eat a variety of different foods, specifically, many fruits and vegetables. This may lead you to share a small portion off of your salad plate when your guinea pig is nearby, staring at you longingly. But before you share your dinner, it’s always a good idea to check if that food is safe for your cavy.

When it comes to broccoli, you can feed your guinea pig broccoli in small amounts. It’s got some great benefits like fiber, vitamin C, and more. But if you feed your guinea pig too much of this fibrous green veggie, you could end up causing issues such as bladder stones.

So, how much is safe to give to your compact furry friend? What benefits can it provide and what negative effects should you be wary of? Great questions.


How Much Broccoli Can I Feed My Guinea Pig?

As mentioned, broccoli is safe for your guinea pig, but there’s a limit to this. If you feed your guinea pig too much broccoli it can have negative effects instead.

For guinea pigs, about half of one full-size broccoli floret is a proper serving. This is enough to provide all the health benefits that you want to offer for your pet without causing any of the negative side effects that can arise when you overfeed your guinea pig broccoli.

Because broccoli is so high in calcium and oxalates, you have to be careful how much of it you feed to your cavy. Though calcium is good for humans and guinea pigs need some, overeating these can result in kidney stones and bladder stones as well.

How Often Can a Guinea Pig Eat Broccoli?

Similar to feeding your guinea pig too much broccoli, feeding them broccoli too often, even if it’s the suggested serving size, can still be detrimental. Like all good things, broccoli is best in moderation for your guinea pig.

A good rule of thumb for feeding broccoli to your cavy is to offer it no more than two or three times per week. Instead of treating it like a staple in your guinea pig’s diet, use it as more of a semi-regular treat.

guinea pig eating brocoli
Image By: Sylvie Corriveau, Shutterstick

Is It Safe for a Guinea Pig to Eat All Parts of Broccoli, Such as the Stalk and Leaves?

With many fruits and veggies, only part of the plant is safe for a guinea pig to eat. But broccoli is different. For a guinea pig, all parts of the broccoli plant are safe to eat.

You can feed your cavy the main broccoli floret, the stalk, and the leaves. But you’ll want to keep the portions moderate in size for all parts of the plant to avoid any negative effects that can arise from overfeeding.

With the leaves, you’ll want to limit the serving to a smaller portion. They are very high in folate and calcium, which can contribute to bladder and kidney stones. 

Is Broccoli Beneficial to Guinea Pigs?

Most people know that it’s a good idea to include more broccoli in their diet. But is the same true for guinea pigs? Yes. Broccoli contains plenty of helpful nutrients that can improve your guinea pig’s health.

To start, broccoli is high in fiber. This can help ensure your guinea pig’s digestive system continues to function correctly. But fibrous foods are also essential in helping to grind down your guinea pig’s teeth, which will continue growing for its entire life.

Broccoli is also high in other vitamins and minerals that are essential for your guinea pig’s health. For instance, vitamin C can help prevent scurvy. There’s also lots of potassium in broccoli, which can help prevent kidney stones in your cavy. 

sliced broccoli
Image Credit: ImageParty, Pixabay

What Negative Effects Can Result If I Feed My Guinea Pig Too Much Broccoli?

Though broccoli is healthy overall and can be a beneficial treat for your guinea pig, too much can have the reverse effect.

Broccoli is very high in calcium. Too much calcium can cause bladder stones. That said, they need some calcium, but too much is detrimental. Oxalates are also known for creating bladder stones in guinea pigs. Unfortunately, broccoli is very high in oxalates as well as calcium.

Both of these have the ability to cause kidney stones and bladder sludge as well. 

How Should You Prepare Broccoli for Guinea Pigs?

Lucky for you, guinea pigs prefer raw vegetables. This means that preparing broccoli for your guinea pig is as simple as it could be.

All you have to do is cut off a piece of the proper size, wash it off to make sure there are no harmful bacteria or pesticides, and then feed it to your guinea pig. They’ll prefer it natural instead of cooked or seasoned, so just cut off a piece and hand it over.



Broccoli can make a great treat for your guinea pig, as often as three times a week. But if you feed it too often, you can contribute to kidney stones and bladder stones in your small, furry friend.

But occasional feeding can help add healthy doses of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, fiber, and more into your guinea pig’s food regimen. So, don’t be afraid to offer some of this leafy green to your little friend, just be sure not to overdo it!

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