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Can Horses Find Their Way Home on Their Own? The Surprising Answer!

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Anyone who has spent time around horses can tell you just how intuitive and intelligent these majestic animals can be, but horses are also known for being a little bit flighty. This trait aside, horses are actually exceptionally intelligent animals that tend to act pretty reasonably.

Horses are so intuitive and intelligent that the phrase “horse sense” was coined as an alternative to common sense. There are a lot of intelligent things that horses do, but one thing that they’re often not given credit for is their uncanny ability to find their way home.

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Can Horses Find Their Way Home?

Horses are extremely efficient at finding their way home, as long as they are familiar with the environment. If you just recently moved your horse, then they may struggle to find their way home if they get out. Horses are so good at finding their way home when they are familiar with the territory that they have been known to independently take home injured or sleeping riders.

Horses are animals that tend to appreciate staying within their own familiar territory, so it’s no wonder that horses would want to get themselves home. They have a great sense of vision, as well as direction and hearing, all of which work together to help horses find their way home.

However, it is possible for a horse to become lost. Some horses may get turned around and struggle to find their way back, while others may have an ornery streak a mile wide that will keep them stubbornly straying further and further from home.

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Helping Your Horse Get Home

If your horse manages to get out, there are a few things you can do that can help them come home. While some horses may come when they are called, standing outside and yelling for your horse may also create a sense of anxiety or tension for your horse that will cause them to stray further. Make sure you stay calm and positive throughout the efforts to find your horse and get them home.

If your horse gets loose on your property, you will likely have success finding them if you go searching. Make sure to take a halter and lead and some of your horse’s favorite snacks so you can lure them closer and get them back home.

If your horse gets loose on public land or in an unfamiliar environment, then there are precautions you should take. The first thing to do is ensure that you are in a safe situation. Once you know that you’re safe, make sure you know what direction your horse is headed. If there is any chance your horse is heading towards a road or highway, it’s important that you call emergency services to let them know. A horse being hit by a vehicle can do a massive amount of damage to your horse, the vehicle, and any people inside the vehicle.

If they are headed towards private property, let the landowner know if possible. Stay calm and when you do find your horse, make sure to approach slowly and gently to avoid spooking them away.

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Image By: Terri Sharp, Pixabay

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Horses are exceptionally talented at finding their way home if they get out, although they are far more likely to find their way home if they are familiar with the area they get out in. Stay calm and positive, and make sure to approach your horse calmly to keep them from getting spooked further away.

Routinely check your fences to ensure they are secure enough to keep your horse in. Otherwise, you risk your horse getting loose without you realizing it.

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