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Can Parrots Eat Bananas? What You Need To Know

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Parrots are beautiful and interesting animals that make great pets for families of all types. In the wild, parrots know what to eat and what to avoid by learning from their parents and pack members. However, they rely on us humans to direct their diets when living as pets in captivity. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what we should and should not be feeding our parrot pets. Most know that parrots should eat fresh fruits for good health, but the types of fruits to offer are not as well known.

So, can parrots eat bananas? This is an excellent question that every parrot owner should know the answer to when designing a diet for their pet. The short answer is yes, parrots can eat bananas. Learn all you should know about feeding your parrot bananas.


The Benefits of Feeding Bananas to Parrots

There are many good reasons to feed bananas as snacks to your pet parrot throughout the week. First and foremost, bananas contain important nutrients that parrots require for long-term good health. This fruit is full of vitamin A, which aids in eye and reproductive health. Parrots tend to be deficient in vitamin A when living in captivity.

Bananas are also loaded with vitamin B6, which is an important nutrient for parrots because it helps them properly digest their food. Without enough vitamin B6, a parrot can suffer from diarrhea, constipation, and malnutrition due to the inability to effectively digest food and nutrients. Magnesium is also present in bananas, which is what helps a parrot grow strong bones and healthy brains.

Blue and yellow Macaw eating banana
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Can Parrots Eat Banana Peels?

Parrots can eat the peel of a banana, but it is not recommended to offer the peel unless you know exactly where the bananas came from and how they were grown. Most bananas get sprayed with pesticides and other toxins that are dangerous for humans and animals to digest.

Bananas are not easy to scrub clean because scrubbing can break down the peel and ruin the banana inside. Therefore, any pesticides or toxins on the peel would be consumed by your parrot and could potentially cause health problems. Unless you grow the bananas yourself or are confident about where and how they were grown, it is best to remove and discard the peel before serving your parrot any banana.

Can Parrots Eat Banana Chips and Banana Bread?

Parrots should not eat food that includes added sugars, so unless you dehydrate or bake banana chips yourself, they should always be off-limits for your parrot. When it comes to banana bread, your parrot can eat a small amount occasionally. However, make sure that the bread is made with whole grains and natural fruit sweetener instead of white flour and sugar. Any banana bread that your parrot eats should make up a very small percentage of their overall diet.

Banana Serving Suggestions

You can simply break a piece of banana off and give it to your parrot during meal or snack time, but there are fun ways to offer bananas that will keep your parrot from getting bored with their food and help stimulate their brain while they eat. Here are a few serving suggestions to consider:

a grey parrot playing with a toy
Image By: jaanasaksman, Pixabay
  • Make a Mash: Using a fork, mash up a banana in a little bowl, then stir in sunflower seeds. Give your parrot a small scoop of the mash during snack time.
  • Blend it Up: Create a parrot smoothie by blending a banana, a 1/4 of an orange, and a teaspoon of almond butter. Pour a small amount into your parrot’s feeding dish once or twice a week.
  • Hide it in Toys: Break off small pieces of banana, and hide the pieces inside toys, between wooden blocks, and on swings so your parrot can hunt for their food.

Try each option to determine which your parrot enjoys the most. Try different combinations of fruit in the mash and smoothie too.


In Conclusion

Bananas are an excellent food option to regularly include in your parrot’s diet. They are inexpensive and easy to source and do not require any more work than peeling to prepare. It is a rare circumstance when a parrot turns up their beak at a banana offering. Have you tried feeding bananas to your parrot? If so, what is your pet’s favorite way to eat the fruit? Let us know in the comments section.

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