100+ Western Horse Names: Ideas for Classic & Country Horses

cowboys with horses

Western, as an idea, encompasses many things and can also be interpreted differently by everyone. Being Western could appear as desperados and corset wearing ladies with tightly curled updos, maybe it’s a term for modernized civilization. It could even be as easy as one who simply loves farm life and country music. However you see … Read more

100+ Greek Horse Names: Ideas for Resilient & Momentous Horses

Greek Horse Santorini

Greece has so many wonderful things to offer the world. The Colosseum, baklava, and the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology are a few of our favorites. Their traditional and unique names happen to another!  So deciding on the perfect name for your horse should be a great experience and we hope to offer you … Read more

100+ Chicken Names: Ideas for Cooky & Friendly Chickens

Sunset chickens

Chickens are a fairly typical part of a farm. Whether they’re providing eggs for your family, or exist simply as a pet, we know they add a bit of charm to country life. Some people in the city may even have a chicken coop in their backyard or have a little chick roaming free in … Read more

100+ Grey Horse Names: Ideas for Airy & Spirited Horses

grey horse

Adopting a horse is a wonderful experience especially if you have found the one who speaks to your soul! Grey, despite is lack of vibrancy, is truly earthy and whimsical. Horses with monochrome textures and patterns are some of the most beautiful to roam. As grey is not necessarily the coat color, rather the result … Read more

100+ Arabian Horse Names: Ideas for Distinct & Smooth Horses


Of all the breeds, Arabian Horses are likely the most recognizable. They have petite heads, sleek faces, and protruding chins. Their slender bodies are smaller than most but make for smooth riding companions. They are also distinguishable by their high set tails and arched necks and are among the most intelligent breeds who happen to … Read more

100+ Brown Horse Names: Ideas for Natural & Tanned Horses

brown horses

Brown is a fairly common color for horse coats. However, they can be vastly different from one another depending on their breed, genes, and distinctive patterns and markings. This might include, but is not limited to, light brown horses with white patches, dark brown with black points, and chestnut offering up some variations of reddish-brown … Read more

100+ Palomino Horse Names: Ideas for Golden & Royal Horses

Palomino refers to a coat color created by the cream genetic dilution of a chestnut horse. This results in a gorgeous golden coat color or some variation thereof. These fair beauties are also admired for their stark white manes and tails. Although some horses may appear Palomino, they must have the cream gene in order … Read more

Top 25 Pet Blogs for Animal Lovers in 2020

top pet blogs

Even the most seasoned pet owners could use a tip now and then. That’s where we come in! To help you find the best pet advice, funny videos, and cute pictures, we’ve put together this list of the top 25 pet blogs of 2020. Whether you have a goldfish, parrot, or Siamese cat, these great … Read more

100+ Funny Horse Names: Ideas for Comical & Silly Horses

Funny horse with tongue out

Horses are wonderful and magical creatures, geared for dedicated and mature pet owners. There are many breeds that we can choose from when searching for not only a new pet but a new best friend. Whether your heart is set on a trailblazer, a show-stopper, a free-spirit, mini-mane or gentle giant, there is sure to … Read more