Volcano Rabbit

volcano rabbit

The volcano rabbit is the world’s second-smallest rabbit after the pygmy rabbit and is found only in Mexico. Interestingly, it is the most primitive rabbit or hare species in the world. Unfortunately, estimates show that there are only about 1,200 volcano rabbits in existence. This makes them some of the rarest small mammals on the … Read more

What Do Hamsters Like to Play With? 10 Toy Ideas Hamsters Love


Hamsters are pretty adorable and relatively easy pets to take care of, but they are also industrious and, like every pet out there, need some entertainment. There are a few staple entertainment devices that pretty much everyone is aware of (like the hamster wheel and ball), but maybe you’re looking for some new ideas. This … Read more

European Hare

european hare

The European Hare is striking and easy to distinguish from their smaller rabbit cousins. While you might be fascinated by the thought of bringing one home, the European Hare isn’t a pet that you’ll often see for sale. Owners usually rescue a baby hare or leveret from the wild and raise them at home, although … Read more

Pygmy Rabbit Breed

Pygmy Rabbit_USFWS Mountain Prairie_flickr

Teensy tiny, fuzzy, and near extinction, the Pygmy rabbit is peculiar in its size and in its situation. They’re so cute, you just want to pick one up and take it home with you. Sorry, these little creatures cannot be kept as pets. Once you learn more about them, though, you will want to help … Read more

Sussex Rabbit Breed


The Sussex rabbit breed is well known for its “teddy bear” features. Out of all the rabbit breeds out there, it is arguably one of the most adorable. This rabbit has a cream or golden-colored coat, which resembles the color of a traditional teddy bear. It is also relatively docile and the right size for … Read more

Swiss Fox Rabbit


The Swiss Fox Rabbit is a rare rabbit breed that resulted from a cross between the Havana rabbit and the Angora rabbit. They have not caught on globally but are well-known throughout Europe and are used as show rabbits. In this article, we share everything that you need to know about the Swiss Fox Rabbit, … Read more

What Do Rats Like to Play With? 9 Toy Ideas Rats Love

rat and train

Even though rats are portrayed as disgusting and scary creatures in the media, they’re actually really intelligent and playful. They need a variety of toys so that they can remain amused and active. Luckily, finding toys for your pet rat is relatively easy. You can search pet stores for rat toys or make your own. … Read more

Cremello Horse

Two Cremello

If there are horses in paradise, they have to be cremellos. Cream color, pink skin, white mane, and blue eyes are the defining characteristics of this horse. The cremello horse is, no doubt, a thing of beauty. But contrary to popular belief, cremello is not a horse breed but a color. This means that it … Read more

17 German Horse Breeds (with Pictures)

chestnut oldenburg horse

Germany has had a massive impact on the equine world and is the native land of many popular breeds today. The country has its fair share of ponies, warmbloods, and coldbloods that serve incredibly beneficial purposes to owners. Throughout the ages, duties might have changed—but their spirits have not. If you want to brush up … Read more

Falabella Horse

Falabella Horses

The Falabella horse is a miniature horse, rather than a pony, and it will usually only average a height of between 6 and 7 hands high. Although the precise origin of the horse is contested, the Falabella likely originates from Argentina. Today’s Falabella is considered friendly, gentle, affectionate, and loyal. It comes in a variety … Read more