Alpaca vs Llama: What are the Differences? (With Pictures)

alpacha vs llama

Alpacas and llamas are becoming very popular pets for people who have the space to keep large animals. However, to see an alpaca and a llama side-by-side, you might wonder, which is which? You might even be surprised to learn that both animals are members of the Camelidae (camel) family. Closely related, the differences aren’t … Read more

10 Beautiful Types of Huskies (With Pictures)

three siberian husky dogs

The Husky is a popular dog that was bred in the far North to make a superb sled-pulling dog. The term was given to the dogs by English sailors when they encountered a people who they inaccurately called “Eskimos.” The sled dogs that the Inuit people kept were broadly named “Huskimos,” and the more common … Read more

17 Different Types of Hedgehogs (With Pictures)


Did you know that all hedgehogs are considered exotic pets? It’s true! Some regions of the world even have bans on owning hedgehogs as pets, including the domesticated breeds. In fact, there are only four domesticated breeds of hedgehogs that can be kept as pets. We’ll introduce you to 17 different types of hedgehogs, including … Read more

10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Autimatic Cat Feeder

Automatic cat feeders are a timesaving, cost-effective, and convenient way to feed your feline. Cats are creatures of habit, and these feeders allow your cats to get their meals exactly on time! Automatic feeders are also a great investment if you are going to be away for a couple of days — you can rest … Read more

100+ Rabbit Names: Ideas for Hoppy & Fluffy Bunnies 

bunny in one hand

There is a number of great reasons to adopt a bunny rabbit. Firstly, they’re adorable. Secondly, they make excellent pets. They provide a consistent source of entertainment, companionship, and general enrichment. But we know that you already know this, as you have come here to find your fur baby a name!  There are a few … Read more

5 Best Carpets for Pets in 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

puppy on dirty rug _Africa studio_shutterstockk

When you put carpet down in your home, you likely solicit opinions from a wide range of sources: your family, your friends, and even your neighbors. But did you ever think about asking your pet? After all, your pet will spend more time digging into your carpet than any other member of the family, so … Read more

Male vs Female Betta Fish: Visual & Behavioral Differences

female vs male betta fish

Bettas are one of the most charismatic and interesting tropical fish you’ll find at your local pet store. The characteristic long fins of the male are striking enough on their own. Like many of its type, the colors are magnificent. They serve a useful purpose for identifying the fishes to other creatures and members of … Read more

Hamster vs Guinea Pig: Which Pet Should You Get? (With Pictures)

Guinea-Pig-vs-Hamster copy

Many people think of small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs as good starter pets. They are a manageable size and require less care when compared to a dog or cat. Parents often get their children these pets to teach them responsibility. Over 5 million American households have invited small animals into their homes. The … Read more