Paint Horses

painted palomino horse

You’ve likely passed a pasture with an incredible Paint horse galloping around the field. They are instantly recognizable due to their patched patterns and unwavering grace. Because of their sought-after traits, they have soared in popularity—which makes them easily attainable if you’re in the market. If you’re an equine-lover looking for a new horse to … Read more

11 Best Dressage Horse Breeds for All Levels (with Pictures)

dressage horse-pixabay

Dressage is one of the highest forms of horse training, where the horse responds to very slight movements from its rider to perform certain tasks. The directions from the rider are so slight, anyone with an untrained eye will be unable to tell that a signal was given to the horse. It’s a very elegant … Read more

Dun Horse

Dun_horse_Commons wikimedia

If you are new to horses, you’ve probably heard of a dun horse before, but not knew what it was. Simply put, a dun horse simply refers to a specific coloration due to a genetic mutation. It is not a certain breed, and many horse breeds can have this mutation. With this in mind, dun … Read more

5 Swedish Horse Breeds (with Pictures)

swedish horse-pixabay

While Sweden is a relatively small place, several horse breeds have originated from Sweden. As you might expect, these horses are all somewhat similar since they originated from the same geographical area. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the horse breeds that originate from Sweden. While there are many extinct horse breeds … Read more

Australorp Chicken

australorp chickens

People decide to keep chickens for various reasons. Some want them for the eggs, others want solid meat birds, and others simply want companion animals. If you’re looking to add a dual-purpose chicken with a ton of character—consider the beautiful Australorp as your newest flock addition. The Australorp is an Australian chicken that’s a worldwide … Read more

Rosecomb Bantam Chicken

rosecomb bantam

The Rosecomb Bantam is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of “true” bantams. They originated in England – the black Rosecombs were kept at the Angel Inn in Grantham, Lincolnshire, as far back as 1483. It was here that King Richard III discovered these birds and took a fancy to them, which ended … Read more

6 Chinese Chicken Breeds (with Pictures)

silkie chinese chicken

Many people don’t realize that there are different breeds of chicken, much less that different countries have raised their own unique breeds. However, you’ll find different varieties of clucker in just about every country on the map. As you might expect, given its vast size, China has gifted the world with several different chicken breeds, … Read more

13 Gaited Horse Breeds That You Would Love Riding (with Pictures)

person riding American Standardbred Horse

A gaited horse can move each of its legs independently of one another, which allows them to maintain a smooth and steady pace. The stable pace of a gaited horse makes for a fun and comfortable ride that anyone can appreciate, especially those with back problems or who ride horses every day. Not all horses … Read more

11 Common Black & White Horse Breeds (With Pictures)

Mustang horse

There are many black horses in existence and plenty of white ones too. But there are only a few horse breeds that are both black and white. They each have their own unique personality traits, temperaments, and levels of independence. Some are popular breeds, while others are obscure. Many are easy to ride, but some … Read more

13 Rarest Horse Breeds in 2021 (with Pictures)

Caspian Horse

Horses have been used for millennia to enhance humanity’s way of life. There are currently more than 350 horse breeds on the planet, and new ones are being developed every year. Some of these breeds are well-known across the world. However, others are so rare that very few people have ever heard of them. On … Read more