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Do Ferrets Purr? Pet Sounds Explained

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Ferrets, scientifically known as Mustela furo, are small members of the Mustelidae Family native to North America. Ferrets are one of the most common pets in America but are still considered exotic. Unlike cats or dogs, some may not know what kind of noises a ferret makes.

Do Ferrets purr? Or maybe they bark? We are sorry to say that neither of them are noises a ferret does. Keep reading, and we’ll lay out for you which adorable noises the Ferret can produce.


Do Ferrets Purr?

Ferrets make several noises, but purring isn’t one of them. However, other members of the Mustelidae family do. Among the Mustelidae, badgers, minks, and otters purr. Animals that purr tend to do so when happy and content. Cats, squirrels, Guinea pigs, and even bears, purr when happy, so what noise do happy ferrets make?

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Image Credit: Anastasia Mokrenko, Shutterstock

What Noises Do Ferrets Make When Happy?

Ferrets make a whole host of noises depending on how they’re feeling. When happy or excited, ferrets make a noise called “dooking,” which sounds similar to a chirp or a chicken clucking.

Another easy way to tell what a ferret is feeling is to pay attention to its body language; happy ferrets hop around and dance excitedly, and some wag their tails like dogs. Another noise ferrets make when excited or while they’re playing is squeaking.

It’s very common for ferrets to squeak occasionally while playing, but you should pay attention to the intensity and frequency of the squeaks. If the squeaks are loud and fast, the Ferret should be separated from its playmate.

What Noises Do Angry Ferrets Make?

If your Ferret is upset or angry, they will let you know. Ferrets that are scared or upset hiss; it is similar to a cat’s but sounds deeper and choppy. Of course, like with the Ferret’s happy noises, body language is very important.

A scared ferret will cower and take lots of quick glances behind it, and they may also run away and find a place to hide. Ferrets also tend to hiss when playing with other ferrets, so make sure they’re angry before you take action. If the Ferret seems agitated, it’s safe to assume they need help.

Hissing isn’t the only noise ferrets make when angry. They’ve also been known to bark. This bark is not at all like a dog’s bark and sounds more like a shrill, high-pitched chirping.

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Image Credit by: katya-guseva0, Pixabay

What Noise Do Hurt Ferrets Make?

A hurt or distressed Ferret will make a loud screeching sound. The screech is very concerning, and a screeching ferret should be immediately removed from wherever they are. Following the screech, the Ferret may become aggressive for a little while.

If the Ferret isn’t hurt, their distress is being caused by something else; look around the area where they became distressed and figure out what bothered or scared them. Once you’ve worked out what stressed out your furry friend, take them away from it and let them calm down.


Closing Thoughts

Ferrets make a wide array of sounds, but they do not purr. However, noises aren’t the only way to find out how your Ferret is feeling. A ferret that is scared looks anxious and cowers, while a happy ferret will dance, hop, and sometimes wag its tail. Now that you know how to tell how your Ferret is feeling, you know when to play and when it needs your help.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Tsang, Unsplash

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