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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pets Too? 2024 Update

House Insurance

When insuring your home, it’s sensible to question whether the same insurance policy will also cover any family pets. Homeowners insurance covers some aspects of pet ownership, but not what you may expect. This type of insurance covers two aspects of pet ownership and is more aligned with what your animal could do to someone else’s property or what damage it could cause to another person (not their owner).

Homeowners insurance usually covers:
  • Liability for damage to other’s property, such as destruction inside a house
  • Liability for damages to other people, such as in dog attacks.
What homeowners insurance doesn't cover:
  • Damage to your property
  • Any veterinarian visits for your pet (pet insurance is needed for this)

Most policies will have some exclusions in terms of coverage, such as scratches, bites, or other minor damage to property, as well as restrictions on breeds or species.

divider-multipetDo All Homeowners’ Insurance Policies Cover Pets?

Not all homeowners insurance policies cover pets; some have higher premiums than others. Coverage depends on several factors, including species, breed, and the age of your pet, and some will cover more exotic pets (horses are sometimes included in this group), but that is rare.

Usually, this is because of risk profile, as in how much financial risk is presented to the company if they cover a large exotic pet, and how likely it is that something may happen that needs to be claimed for if they cover it.

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What Pets Do Homeowner’s Insurance Policies Not Cover?

Which pets are and aren’t covered will depend on individual policies and pets, but usually, more exotic breeds such as snakes or larger exotic animals, as well as some more “dangerous” dog breeds, aren’t covered by most homeowners insurance policies.

Types and breeds of pets commonly not covered by homeowners policies include:
  • Pit Bull Terrier/Staffordshire Bull Terrier or mixes
  • Doberman Pinchers
  • Chow chows
  • Rottweilers
  • Wolf dogs or wolf-dog mixes
  • Presa Canario
  • Akitas
  • Exotic pets (usually defined as needing a license or being found in the wild, or needing special accommodations), including many bird species, big cats, and primates
  • Lizards, snakes, and amphibians such as frogs

Some separate policies cover exotic species or banned dog breeds, depending on your geographical area. Dogs with a history of bites are also mostly excluded from coverage.

Is There Additional Coverage I Can Get for My Dog if They’re a Banned Breed?

Umbrella insurance policies are an excellent way to protect you and your dog from potential lawsuits and hefty financial losses if they hurt someone or damage property. Umbrella policies can offer coverage of over $1 million and are a good option for those wanting additional coverage.

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divider-multipetFinal Thoughts

Homeowners insurance does cover certain aspects of pets and pet ownership, including injuries to others caused by your pet and damage to someone else’s property. However, there are exclusions to this, including breed type, species, and type of damage.

There are specialized policies available for the owners of banned and exotic pets. If extra protection is needed, there are umbrella policies that offer much more in terms of coverage for your pet to keep your mind at ease.

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