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Easy Coops Chicken Coop Plan Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give Easy Coops Chicken Coop Plans a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Usability: 4.8/5
Variety: 5/5
Value: 5/5

When it comes to furry friends and feathery animal companions, chickens are not the most demanding house guests. They don’t need your full undivided attention and they don’t ask for a lot. But if you love your chickens like you love your family (or you love your chickens for their eggs), building a second home for your feathery family members is not only important but essential for keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. That said, finding the right chicken coop can be hard, and building the right chicken coop can be even harder, especially if you’re not an expert DIY-er.

That’s where Easy Coops comes in. Easy Coops is an online platform dedicated to helping you craft the perfect home for your chickens. With a variety of digital plans and online resources, Easy Coops is a one-stop shop for all things chicken coops. From comprehensive materials and hardware lists to step-by-step instructions, Easy Coops is there to make your home construction project a little easier and the lives of your chickens a little better. Whether you’re a proud owner of chickens or a proud owner-to-be, Easy Coops has you and your beloved chickens covered.

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About Easy Coops

Easy Coops - coop with chickens

Who Designs the Chicken Coop Plans?

The chicken coop plans are created and sold by Easy Coops. Easy Coops is an online platform that sells digital blueprints and resources for DIY chicken coops and sheds. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Easy Coops is known for creating user-friendly guides and crafting the most comprehensive chicken coop plans on the market.

As experts in the industry, Easy Coops is on a mission to provide you with a dream chicken coop and your chickens with a safe, comfortable, and loving home.

Who is the 20’x9’ Chicken Coop Plan Best For?

The 20’x9’ chicken coop is great for passionate bird lovers who have a flock of up to 12 chickens and are looking for a walk-in design with a spacious interior. As an all-in-one chicken coop, this plan is best for those who want a large chicken run attached to a hutch for easy maintenance and egg harvesting. Since the chicken coop is relatively large, you will need ample space in your yard to accommodate the structure. Easy Coops also markets this chicken coop as being beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to be a crafty woodworker to successfully build it.

If this plan doesn’t fit your style, or if you’re looking for something a little smaller or larger, Easy Coops has a variety of different (and uniquely luxurious) designs to choose from on their website and their Etsy shop.

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Easy Coops 20’x9’ Chicken Coop Plan Overview

Easy Coops - finished product

In addition to keeping your flock happy, there’s a lot to consider when building a chicken coop, including cost, size, structural features, and design. Luckily, Easy Coops streamlines the building process so you can create a beautiful, budget-friendly chicken coop without the stress of starting from scratch.


Easy Coops’ plans are competitively priced at $19.99 per digital product (or even cheaper with discounts!). While their prices are comparable to many digital chicken coop plans on the market, several factors set them apart from other companies, like their money-saving shopping list, foundation plans for structural integrity, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you buy a chicken coop plan from Easy Coops, you’re not just getting a blueprint, you’re also receiving a comprehensive guide to building a home for your chickens with access to online resources and 24/7 customer support. And the best part? The team at Easy Coops has already done the research to save you money, so all you have to do is focus on building.

Easy Coops - structural dimensions

What to Expect

If you’re looking for a high-quality, easy-to-build chicken coop, head over to Easy Coops’ website to pick out a plan. From there, you can filter the plans based on your preferences, like the size of the coop you want or how many chickens you have, and then pick out a style that fits your liking (and the liking of your chickens). Once you choose a design and checkout, the plan will be delivered to your email. The process is quick and easy and the delivery is instantaneous. After you download the PDF, it’s time to start building!

All of Easy Coops’ plans are also offered on Etsy, so you can check out their digital products on their Etsy shop and read the hundreds of rave reviews from successful DIY builders and happy chicken owners.

Structural Features

The 20’x9’ Chicken Coop plan is a walk-in design with 180 square feet of space. The structure is divided into two sections, a chicken run, and a hutch, with each section having its own 6-foot door for easy access. The door to the hutch has a ramp to make it easy for you to bring in feed and supplies, and the run has plenty of space for your chickens to roam while providing them with protection from predators.

The coop’s hutch has a window, which allows for optimal light, as well as protruding nesting boxes that give your chickens a secure place to lay eggs. The nesting boxes also have lids, which makes it easy for you to collect the eggs.

The roof is simple and slanted, offering a modern look that not only complements existing structures but prevents rainwater and dirt from accumulating on top of the coop. Overall, the design has all of the features necessary to keep a small to medium flock of chickens happy and healthy.

Easy Coops - dimensions of coop's back


Capacity 12 chickens
Dimensions 20 feet x 9 feet
Materials Cost $17 to $24 per square foot
Nesting Boxes 8
Interior Plywood sheathing
Exterior Plywood sheathing, siding boards, asphalt shingles

In Summary

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • 3D blueprints and drawings
  • Insulation down to -25°F
  • Walk-in access
  • Predator-proof design
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Instant download
  • 24/7 email support
  • Materials can get expensive
  • Instructions can be dense for a novice builder

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Key Features

Easy Coops - roost


Nothing says chicken coop quite like a bird resort, and when you order chicken coop plans from Easy Coops, you’ll get nothing short of a haven for your chickens. Every plan is meticulously designed and expertly crafted with easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams for every skill level. Not to mention, the coops are designed by passionate and dedicated experts who want nothing more than the best for your chickens. From the 3D blueprints to the materials list, you can count on Easy Coops to design a premium home for your feathery friends.


Easy Coops’ plans range from small and simple to large and complex and accommodate anywhere from three to 50 chickens, so you’re likely to find a plan that fits your yard and your lifestyle. When looking at coop designs, you can choose between a variety of different styles, including walk-in plans, moveable tractor plans, and chicken run plans. They also have insulated coops for those living in colder climates. Whether you are housing a few chickens or a large flock, Easy Coops has a plan tailored to every lifestyle and every need.

Easy Coops - coop's nesting boxes

Materials Lists

A great thing about Easy Coops is their detailed materials lists. In addition to providing you with a detailed shopping list, cutting list, and tools list, Easy Coops organizes the materials you need by type of material, unit, quantity, and size to help you stay organized throughout the building process. Each list is written with clarity and organized in a way that is easy to follow. They’ve even included the most cost-effective materials, so you can build a high-quality chicken coop without worrying about cutting corners to save money.


If you want to build a chicken coop and stumbled across Easy Coops, you’re off to a great start. Not only are Easy Coops’ plans thoughtfully and expertly crafted but they’re done so with you (the likely not-so-savvy builder) in mind. That means every plan is user-friendly and every step is written with clarity. They even have beautiful 3D drawings on almost every page to help you build your chickens the perfect home. So if you’re like me (a novice builder and visual learner), there’s a good chance you’ll read through the steps without feeling overwhelmed.

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Is the 20’x9’ Chicken Coop Plan a Good Value?

The company’s technical content is written by Joseph Truini, a home improvement expert, best-selling author, and DIY woodworking guru, and reviewed by Phillip J. Clauer, a Professor Emeritus in Animal Science and highly regarded educator, professional, and leader in the field of Poultry Science. And when it comes to the plans themselves, every chicken coop is meticulously designed by a team of engineers certified by Autodesk Inventor Professionals.

When considering the comprehensive blueprints, step-by-step instructions, and detailed hardware and materials lists, the 20’x9’ Chicken Coop Plan is a great value. In addition to being cost-effective, the plan is designed by professionals who want to help you create a nurturing environment for your chickens. Easy Coops also has 24/7 email support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which not only adds to the value of the digital product but ensures you’re happy with your purchase and getting the support you need throughout the entire building process.

Easy Coops - roof sheathing

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What makes Easy Coops different?

The team at Easy Coops has already done the research and heavy lifting, so you can spend more time focusing on the happiness of your chickens and less time building.

A few ways they’ve lightened your workload include:
  • Accurate measurements – All measurements are listed in actual size instead of nominal size.
  • Step-by-step instructions – All plans include detailed steps and bonus tips to ensure success.
  • Common tools only – Fancy, expensive tools are not needed to complete the project.
  • Structural integrity – Cement foundation plans are included to ensure safety and durability.
  • Cost-effective materials – All plans have been adjusted for the best price/quality ratio.
  • Predator-proof – All plans are designed to protect your chickens from predators.
  • Nesting box and flock size – All plans are designed to have three hens per one nesting box.
  • Adequate ventilation – All plans include blueprints for ventilation to keep your chickens healthy.

Can the chicken coops be moved once they are built?

Since permanent installation maximizes the structure’s stability, it’s recommended that you build the chicken coop for permanent installation. That said, you can skip the foundation and securement steps if you wish to move the chicken coop. Easy Coops also offers portable chicken coop designs under their Movable Chicken Tractor Plans if you want more flexibility with your coop. The mobile chicken coops are designed with portability in mind so you can easily move the coop whenever and wherever you want.

What is included in each chicken coop plan?

  • Printable PDF
  • Shopping list
  • Materials list
  • Cutting list
  • Tools list
  • Actual versus nominal lumber size chart
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 3D blueprints with drawings

Does Easy Coops have additional resources for learning about chicken coops?

Yes! Easy Coops has a variety of different How-to Guides on their website that are available to anyone free of charge. Whether you’re curious about the cost of building a chicken coop, predator-proofing your chicken coop, or the best location to build a chicken coop, Easy Coops has articles that cover a variety of different topics for all of your building needs.

Easy Coops - front of coop dimensions

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Our Experience with Easy Coops

My experience with Easy Coops has been amazing! I received a digital download of the 20’x9’ Chicken Coop Plan and have been thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the design and every page of the PDF.

The buying process was easy and it was fun to shop for a plan too! Easy Coops has a plan for just about anyone with a flock of chickens, and all of their plans are thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted to help you care for your chickens and help your chickens feel right at home. I enjoyed browsing the plans and looking at the different styles and configurations of each design, especially since each plan has its own unique charm and aesthetic. I favored the contemporary and modern designs, but if you’re looking for more of a traditional style or farmhouse look, they have options for those too. There’s even a plan that looks like a greenhouse for anyone wanting a chicken coop with a sustainable vibe.

When looking specifically at the 20’x9’ Chicken Coop Plan, I love the classic style and variety of different features. The entire plan is designed with you and your feathery friends in mind, which means it has plenty of room for your chickens to roam, roost, and nest, and allows you to access every inch of the structure with ease. I especially love the walk-in design and standard-size doors. It’s one thing to build a happy home for your chickens, but when your life is made a little easier (even if it’s as simple as standing upright), it makes a world of difference.

I’m not going to lie, when I opened the PDF and saw there were eight pages dedicated to materials and 72 pages total, I was a little intimidated (okay, maybe very intimidated). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good project, but hard-core construction projects are not my forte, and building a chicken coop is not something I would do on a whim for some pastime entertainment. That said, the instructions are incredibly detailed and user-friendly, and the materials lists are extremely helpful and organized in a way that makes shopping and cutting so much easier. The plans even include intricate drawings that not only help as visual aids but walk you through each step of the construction process.

My advice to a novice builder: Open the PDF and breathe. It’s not as daunting as it looks, and Easy Coops does a fantastic job of hand-holding you through the entire process. They even have 24/7 email support to answer any questions or concerns you may have. And if you’re an expert builder, you already know this is going to be a fun project.

So if you’re looking to build a loving and practical home for your chickens, you really can’t go wrong with Easy Coops. Between their meticulous designs, vivid diagrams, and comprehensive instructions, you’re destined to construct a beautiful bird haven that is safe for your chickens and accessible for you.

Easy Coops - close up of coop

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You want what’s best for your chickens. You love their personalities, their quirks, their photogenic nature, and their eggs, and building a structurally sound, five-star resort is your way of saying thank you and keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. And with Easy Coops, you’re not just providing a shelter for your chickens, you’re investing in a home for your feathery family members. From humble abodes to bird-loving sanctuaries, Easy Coops will help you build a haven for your chickens that not only fits your space but nurtures your chickens’ lifestyle.

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