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Most Popular Dog Breeds in Kansas (Updated In 2024)

black cairn terrier in the grass

Every state has its favorite dog breeds. Since each state comes with unique living conditions and subcultures, it makes sense why the residents favor certain breeds over others. This post highlights 10 dog breeds most commonly seen in Kansas, so if you live in the area, this might be some fun and useful information!


The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Kansas

1. Labrador Retrievers

a long haired labrador retriever on grass
Image Credit: Angel Luciano, Unsplash

Labrador Retrievers are beloved nationwide, not just in the Sunflower State. This breed held the reigning title for most popular dog breed in the US for 31 years. That is until the French Bulldog took the crown. Still, Kansans keep this loving family breed as number one in the state and in their hearts.

2. German Shepherds

german shepherd dog in the forest
Image Credit: Osetrik, Shutterstock

Take a stroll down any Kansas road and you’re likely to run into a German Shepherd. In Kansas, some people have more than one German Shepherd per household, and for good reason. They make excellent guard dogs and are loving and loyal to their families. Although cautious around strangers, German Shepherds are your best friend when they get to know you.

3. Bulldogs

american bulldog standing on grass
Image Credit: MVolodymyr, Shutterstock

Kansans love bully breeds’ stout shapes and squished noses. It’s not just Kansas, either. America has made the Bulldog the number six most-owned breed in the country. They may be droopy and drooly, but they love everyone.

4. Terriers

Portrait of a cairn terrier on a dog walk
Image Credit: Francesca Leslie, Shutterstock

All terrier breeds can be found in Kansas, but the most notable is Dorothy’s dog from The Wizard of Oz, the Cairn Terrier. Terriers are notably stubborn dogs but have good problem-solving skills and a cheerful attitude. They make great family pets and require little to no brushing, depending on the terrier breed. No matter what terrier you see, they’re all welcomed in the Breadbasket state.

5. Golden Retrievers

Red Golden Retriever
Image Credit: Hollysdogs, Shutterstock

Not far behind the Labrador is the Golden Retrievers. Goldens are the poster dog for family pets. They’re intelligent, loving, and very devoted to their families. Need an eager-to-please dog who loves everyone? Goldens have you covered. Kansas is very much a family-centered state, making Golden Retrievers one of the ideal dog breeds.

6. Weimaraners

female weimaraner dog in the forest
Image Credit: Tosha174, Shutterstock

Weimaraners are friendly hunting dogs with a sleek appearance and eager-to-please attitude. They love exercise (especially out in the field hunting) but love their families even more. Weimaraners aren’t as commonly owned in Kansas as other breeds on this list. Surprisingly, they were one of the most Googled dog breeds for Kansas in 2023. Maybe Kansas will see a spike in Weimaraners adoptions in 2024.

7. Chihuahuas

chihuahua standing on the grass
Image Credit: Jairo Alzate, Unsplash

At the Forefront of several Wichita homes are feisty Chihuahuas barking at the door. Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, named the Chihuahua the most adopted dog breed. Even shelters adopt out more Chihuahuas than most breeds.

8. Goldendoodles

goldendoodle walking
Image Credit: Jennifer McCallum, Shutterstock

Kansas is known for a lot of things. Sunflowers, bread, farming—oh, and allergies. It’s no surprise that Kansas residents want a hypoallergenic dog. A mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle, Doodles are fun-loving dogs with adorable faces and personalities. Their quirkiness comes from both breeds, but their “hypoallergenic” fur comes from the Poodle. However, keep in mind that no dog is truly hypoallergenic.

9. Corgis

long-haired corgi
Image Credit: Alvan Nee, Unsplash

Adding to the pot of shepherding breeds is the Corgi, a gentle-natured and goofy family dog. Corgis are small athletic dogs who are affectionate without being clingy. As one of the world’s most popular herding breeds, they’ve won over Kansas with their little legs but big dog personalities. Corgis are high-energy dogs with an eagerness to please and do very well in the city or in the Kansas country.

10. Doberman Pinschers

black and tan female doberman pinscher dog standing on the bench
Image Credit: Michsa, Shutterstock

Doberman Pinschers are confident guardians seen all over Kansas. Although born with naturally floppy ears, Doberman Pinschers are often seen with cropped ears and tails. Dobermans are high-energy working dogs who excel in sports and training. They can be a bit stubborn, but with proper training, they make great family dogs.


What Is the State Dog of Kansas?

What famous movie can you think of that mentions Kansas and a dog? Yup. It’s The Wizard of Oz. The movie made such an impact on the state that the Cairn Terrier was named the state dog thanks to the adorable Toto.

What Is the Most Common Dog Name in Kansas?

As of 2023, the most common female dog name in Kansas is Bella. The most common male dog name is Max. The name Charlie ties with Max but is considered a unisex name.



There you have it—10 popular dog breeds in Kansas. Is this a comprehensive list? Of course not. Everyone has preferences when it comes to dog breeds. But these dog breeds will grace you with their presence far more than other breeds.

Featured Image Credit: Marina Plevako, Shutterstock

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