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Portrait My Pet Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Portrait My Pet Dog Portrait

Our Final Verdict

We give Portrait My Pet a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. 

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Turnaround Time: 5/5
Value: 4.7/5

If there’s one thing every pet owner loves, it’s a hand-crafted portrait of their pet. But what if you could get a custom portrait of your pet dressed up in a fun costume? With Portrait My Pet, you can!

Portrait My Pet is a pet portrait company that creates custom art for pet parents. Unlike traditional pet portraits, Portrait My Pet humanizes your pet by showcasing their personality through fun themes and costumes. This means you can deck the halls with a Santa paws portrait for the holidays, showcase your pet for what they really are … royalty, or outfit them in a fun costume, like an astronaut or a Jedi (may the fluff be with you!). The options are almost endless and the portrait style is totally up to you!

Your beloved companion deserves to be celebrated, and what better way to do so than to have a personalized portrait made in their honor? I ordered a custom painting of my dog, Micah, and it turned out amazing! Keep reading to find out which portrait style best fits your pet.


About Portrait My Pet

Portrait My Pet Dog Portrait - micah holding the portrait

Who Makes the Portraits and Where Are They Produced?

Portrait My Pet is a pet portrait business dedicated to transforming ordinary pet photos into handmade portraits. The company is based in the UK and the USA and is run by a team of artists and designers across the globe. As pet lovers, Portrait My Pet knows how important pets are in your life and wants to help strengthen the bond between you and your animal companion through art. By offering a wide selection of styles and mediums, Portrait My Pet is on a mission to capture your pet’s personality and spread happiness through the portraits they make.

Who is Portrait My Pet Best Suited For?

If you’re in need of a good laugh or looking for a way to honor your furry friend, these portraits are for you. With over 150 pet portrait styles and a variety of different themes, you’re bound to find a portrait that fits your liking and your pet’s personality. Better yet, Portrait My Pet creates artwork for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and exotic pets, so you can cherish your best bud regardless if they have fur, feathers, or scales.

You can also spread love, laughter, and happy tears by gifting a pet portrait to the ones you love. Personalized gifts are the best kind of gifts, and it really doesn’t get better than receiving custom art of your pet decked out in a fun costume.



Portrait My Pet Dog Portrait - portrait on table

Creating a portrait with Portrait My Pet is a lot of fun, especially since there are so many creative styles to choose from. I enjoyed looking through the collections and picking out a theme that matched Micah’s personality. I was also impressed with how fast my order arrived. 

How it Works

There are three quick and easy steps to follow to create your custom art. You’ll first want to browse the large collection of portrait styles. This is the fun part where you can choose from a variety of different themes like Royal and Renaissance, Military, and Funny, and imagine your pet dressed up in fun outfits.

After deciding on a theme, you’ll choose a portrait size and style (canvas, frame, or poster). This is also where you’ll upload a photo of your pet. While every photo of your fur friend is model-worthy, the best pictures to upload are those taken in natural light where your pet is forward-facing and at eye level with the camera. Don’t worry about the background or your pet’s collar since those can be removed during the digital editing process.

The final step is placing your order. Once your order is placed, Portrait My Pet will send you a digital preview of your portrait within 24 hours. If you’re not completely satisfied with the preview, Portrait My Pet offers free unlimited revisions to ensure you love every detail.

Shipping and Returns

Orders are processed within 2-3 business days and delivered within 2-7 days. If you live in the USA, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, your order will arrive within 2-5 business days, and for the rest of the world, delivery takes between 3-7 business days.

If you receive your portrait and aren’t completely happy, no worries! Portrait My Pet will give you a full refund as long as you return the product within 30 days.

Portrait My Pet Dog Portrait - holding portrait with micah in background


Themes: Funny, Royal and Renaissance, Military, Family, Christmas and Halloween, Artwork
Portrait Styles: Premium Poster, Canvas, Framed Poster Black, Framed Poster White
Sizes: 12”x8”
Number of Pets: Up to four
Additional Materials: 4ft string, 2 nails, 6 screws, 2 triangle ring picture hangers, 1 sawtooth picture hanger


The cost depends on several factors, like portrait style, theme, and size. Many of the portraits start at $73.00, but the larger sizes and styles with more characters can be over $250.00. When looking at other pet portrait companies, Portrait My Pet is comparable in price.

In Summary

  • Hand-painted
  • Free shipping
  • Free unlimited revisions
  • Preview of artwork in 24 hours
  • High-quality
  • Lots of styles and themes
  • Can get expensive


Everything from the frame to the artistic features is expertly crafted and of great quality. I ordered a canvas-style portrait and love how it turned out. The canvas is a thick material that’s securely fastened to a wooden frame, and the painting itself is beautiful. The artist perfectly captured all of Micah’s doodle fluff and did a great job of humanizing Micah to make the art look natural and realistic.


One of my favorite things about Portrait My Pet is the variety of themes. There are so many fun costumes to choose from, which makes the whole ordering process an enjoyable experience. You can dress your pet up in everything from Renaissance attire to a sweater vest, which is not only adorable but guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And if you have more than one pet, Portrait My Pet offers multi-pet portraits so no one gets left out. They even offer traditional portraits in their Artwork Collection for those wanting a beautiful portrait of their animal without the costume.

Turnaround Time

Portrait My Pet is a highly efficient company that works fast without compromising on quality. I loved being able to preview my artwork within 24 hours after placing my order and found the two to three-day processing period to be really fast. From start to finish, my portrait arrived within about a week, which is much faster than competitor companies.


Is Portrait My Pet a Good Value?

Portrait My Pet is a good value. Custom pet portraits always hold a lot of value, and the artwork from Portrait My Pet is no different. While the portraits can get expensive, there is a large price range, which means you can choose a lower price point and still get a great quality product. The portraits also come with everything you need to hang them up, so you don’t have to go out and buy extra materials, like screws and picture hangers, which saves you time and money.

Portrait My Pet Dog Portrait - micag lying next to the portrait



Which kinds of pets can be featured in the portraits?

Portrait My Pet will create a portrait of any animal regardless of the species or breed. While pets like dogs and cats are the most popular, their artists have created designs with birds, horses, micro-pigs, and hedgehogs! So, don’t be shy if you have a scaly, hoofed, or prickly family member living under your roof.

Can I request a custom design?

Yes. If you looked through Portrait My Pet’s themes and designs and didn’t find what you were looking for or have a great design idea, Portrait My Pet is open to creating custom designs. You can reach out to their customer service team with your idea and they’ll see what they can do to bring your vision to life.

Does Portrait My Pet ship worldwide?

Yes, free shipping is available worldwide. 

What if I need to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order. If your order is canceled after 24 hours, you will still be refunded but you’ll have to pay a fee.

Portrait My Pet Dog Portrait - portrait on the table


Our Experience with Portrait My Pet

I love having personalized products of my pets, so I was really excited to order a custom portrait of Micah from Portrait My Pet.

The first thing I noticed about the company was their unique designs. A lot of pet portrait companies transform your pet into art without adding additional features. While I’m all about having a beautiful rendition of Micah, Portrait My Pet creates a beautiful rendition of your pet and gives you the option of adding costumes and outfits to showcase their personality. The outfits were a selling point for me because of how creative and comical they are.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a portrait of their furry friend dressed up as a princess, an admiral, or a superhero? These portraits really are designed to make you smile, and that’s what I love about the company.

I ordered The Gentlepaw portrait of Micah in a 12”x8” size and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Micah is a high-energy, fun-loving Goldendoodle, and he’s also a very polite boy. In daycare, he’s known for getting along with all of the humans and pups (Mr. Social Butterfly) and was asked to be a helper on puppy days because he’s a good role model. He’s also been called a gentleman several times for his polite behavior, so when I saw The Gentlepaw portrait, I couldn’t pass it up.

The portrait arrived in a standard cardboard box and was covered in plastic wrap to keep it protected. It also came with everything you need to hang it on a wall, which I found to be incredibly helpful and convenient. The size is a little small for the walls in my house but it makes for the perfect desk accessory for my office or side table décor for my living room.

When considering artistic design, I thought the artist did a great job of capturing the serious nature of the photo. While Micah is anything but a serious pup, I love how the portrait gives off a mature, ballroom-ready, esteemed professor vibe.

I was impressed with the quality too. The painting has considerable attention to detail, and everything from Micah’s fur to the bow tie is expertly crafted and carefully painted. Even the shirt has creases to make it look natural and like it’s being worn. The digital editing was amazing as well, especially since the original photo had Micah wearing a collar and sitting in front of a blue and yellow wall.

Given the human-like nature of the portrait, I was concerned about Micah’s head looking photoshopped and awkward, but that’s not the case at all. The whole painting looks incredibly realistic (a little too realistic!) and does a fantastic job of conveying Micah as the handsome gentleman he is. Let’s just say, if you ever wanted to know what your pet would look like as a human, Portrait My Pet will give you a pretty good idea.

Portrait My Pet Dog Portrait - micah looking at the portrait



If you’re looking for a unique way to capture your pet’s personality, Portrait My Pet is a great option. Not only does the company offer high-quality artwork but they do so in a way that is unique to the brand and personalized to you and your pet. This is definitely a company I’ll keep in mind for future pet portraits for my walls and gifts for my pet-owner friends.

The bottom line is that these aren’t just any portraits. They’re heartfelt, personality-packed, laugh-out-loud artwork that captures your beloved animal companion in all the best ways.

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