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Hepper NomNom Food & Water Bowl for Cats and Dogs


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Mealtime is so exciting for many cats that they seem to forget their table manners! While we cat parents will do anything for our felines, it does get a bit tiring cleaning up bits of food and water splashes on the floor after your cat is done eating. We at Hepper completely understand this frustrating scenario, so we developed the NomNom Bowl. With two bowls set in a wide-lipped tray, the Hepper NomNom Bowl keeps any mess off your floor while allowing your cat to eat comfortably!



  • Comes with two bowls and wide lipped tray
  • Tray catches bits of food and water
  • Slightly raised tray allows for more comfortable eating
  • Wide bowls prevent whisker fatigue



  • Both bowls are made with stainless steel
  • Tray is made with PP plastic
  • Bowls and tray are dishwasher safe


Cleaner Floors and Healthier Eating

One of the main goals of the Hepper NomNom Bowl is to prevent mess. Having bits of cat food littered on the floor is unsightly, but it is even worse if you step on it! With the NomNom Bowl, any food that misses your cat’s mouth falls onto the tray, keeping it off the floor. And cleanup is easy! Remove the bowls and tip the stray bits of food and water into your trash can. An added bonus is both the tray and bowls are machine washable. 


But the Hepper NomNom Bowl was not just designed for cleanliness. We wanted to make a cat bowl that made eating easier and safer for your cat. The NomNom Bowl is slightly raised, making it more comfortable for the cat to eat from. Additionally, both bowls are wide to prevent whisker fatigue and cat acne. Deep, narrow bowls can put pressure on the cat’s whiskers and rub against the sides of their face. These problems can be very painful for your cat. The NomNom Bowl won’t cause whisker fatigue and reduces the risk of cat acne. 


The Hepper NomNom Bowl promotes a cleaner feeding area and a more relaxed eating experience for your cat. Cats deserve to have a comfortable mealtime, and you deserve to have a clean floor!

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