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8 Rarest Crested Gecko Morphs (With Pictures)

Halloween Crested Gecko on leaf

Crested geckos come in different patterns and colors. They include dalmatian, pinstripe, and harlequin crested geckos and have developed into many others through generations.

Breeders keep experimenting and coming up with new morphs even with many crested geckos already existing. However, breeding a specific trait is quite hard for crested geckos because of the nature of their genetics.

Crested geckos do not breed true dominant and recessive genes. They have two or more traits present in a single gene.

These traits can only be bred into a crested gecko based on the number of traits that the lizard has. This makes the breeding process quite complex.

Here are some of the rarest crested gecko morphs in the world today.

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The 8 Rarest Crested Gecko Morphs

1. Moonglow Crested Gecko

The moonglow refers to the solid white crested gecko, which is quite controversial. Most reptile owners and breeders claim this morph is hard to achieve, while others say it isn’t. For this reason, moon glow has not been accepted as a morph because no breeder has produced a crested gecko that is all white when it’s both fired up and down.

Many breeders, however, still advertise moonglow for sale. Most of the moonglow photographs are not reliable because they have been retouched; hence, you cannot see the true color of the crested gecko.

2. Cream-On-Cream Crested Gecko

The cream-on-cream morph has been proven to exist, unlike the moonglow morph. This morph features a crested gecko with a solid cream color base and cream-colored markings in its body.

This color is standard on crested geckos that have a flaming pattern. The cream-on-cream is one of the rarest crested gecko morphs, which is also highly sorts after by owners.

3. Red Harlequin Pinstripe

The red harlequin pinstripe crested gecko is a rare morph because it has just recently been developed. There are very few red harlequin crested geckos in existence.

They range from vivid red to no dark coloration to bi-colors. The bi-color morph is of cream and red.

This red harlequin pinstripe morph is still relatively new, but it’s still being perfected. These crested geckos have at least 90% pinstriping, but breeders are trying to achieve 100% pinstriping.

The red harlequin pinstripe morph is rare and highly sort after by reptile owners and breeders.

4. Red Tiger Crested Gecko

Crested gecko morphs are determined by what they look like when they are fired up. A red tiger crested gecko is rare because it overrides the dark tiger stripe when the lizard is fired up.

However, the red tiger pattern is typical in juvenile gecko lizards, while it becomes less as the crested gecko gets older. This is part of the reason why the red tiger crested geckos are rare.

5. Dark Fire Crested Geckos

These crested geckos have a dark brown to black base with a cream-colored flame pattern. Most flame crested geckos have a red and olive base, so finding one that has a dark base is quite rare.

The base color must darken when the crested gecko is fired up to be considered a dark fire morph.

Reptile owners love this morph because of the high contrast between the flame pattern and the base color.

6. Green Flame Crested Gecko

pinstripe crested gecko
Image By: No-longer-here, Pixabay

The green flame is a rare morph that is quite controversial in the crested gecko community. Most reptile owners who put it up for sale do not do so when the gecko is in a fired-up state.

Unless the crested gecko is fired up, it cannot be considered a particular morph.

Accomplishing a true green is quite complex since crested geckos do not have the suitable pigments that make true greens and blues.

The green flame crested geckos have a dark olive color, but few others are pale green.

The green flame is rare since it is hard to predict whether a flame-crested gecko will fire up green.

7. Blonde Crested Geckos

These crested geckos have a dark flame patterning, and some may also have pinstripes. A blonde crested gecko may resemble a harlequin gecko but with a dark base color and light patterning.

Some blonde harlequin crested geckos may have a solid cream or white pattern with some markings on its head.

The light pattern appears as a stripe of color from the tips of the nose, extending to the dorsal scales at the base of its tail.

8.  Lavender Crested Gecko

The lavender crested gecko is relatively new and has just gained popularity in recent years. These crested geckos fire up the same way other crested geckos do. The lavender crested gecko is often pale grey or another muted color but slightly purple when fired up.

Some breeders and crested gecko owners believe that the lavender is not its true color but a crested gecko that has never been seen firing up to another darker color.

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When you decide to own a rare crested gecko, ensure that you purchase it from a breeder with an excellent reputation.

Some reptile owners may have deceptive photos of the crested geckos. Some may take them in low light to manipulate the color of the crested geckos.

Make sure you see the crested geckos in person when in their fired-down and fired-up states before purchase.

Featured Image Credit: Jeff McGraw, Shutterstock

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