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9 Tricks You Can Teach Your Horse – Fun & Easy (With Videos)


Everyone knows that horses can be trained for riding and even competitions such as barrel racing. You can teach a horse to jump over obstacles, prance, and even walk in various gaits. But fewer people are aware that horses can learn tricks. Some tricks are cute, others are downright impressive. All of them will bring a little variety to your training.divider-horse

Top 9 Tricks to Teach Your Horse

1. Smiling

A horse’s mouth is capable of a wide range of maneuvers and is nearly as versatile as our hands are. Smiling is a pretty easy trick to teach that will make anyone smile in return.

2. Bowing

This is one of the most impressive tricks on this list. Anyone will be amazed to see your horse bow its head to the ground with one leg folded.

3. Shake Hands

You’ve probably seen a dog shake hands, but have you ever seen a horse do it?

4. Act Ashamed

Don’t worry; your horse isn’t really ashamed doing this trick. It just droops its neck in what looks like an ashamed posture to us.

5. Kiss Your Cheek

If you’re the type who loves to kiss your animals and you want one to kiss you back, your horse can learn to kiss you on the cheek.

6. Shake for “No”

Your horse might not be able to truly understand your questions, but you can teach it to shake its head for no on command.

7. Nod for “Yes”

Just like shaking for no, your horse can learn to nod its head, as if it were saying yes.

8. Hugs

Everyone loves hugs. But what could be better than a big old horse hug?

9. Come When Called

This is another trick that most dogs learn early on. If you’ve ever seen a horse perform this trick though, it was probably in a movie. Still, it’s something possible to teach your horse to do.divider-multiprint


Not all horses can learn every trick. It depends a lot on the horse. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on a trick if your horse doesn’t get it right away. Be patient and try using a treat like a carrot as a reward to incentivize your horse to perform the desired behavior.

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Featured Image Credit: wal_172619, Pixabay

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