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31 Types of Discus Fish (With Pictures)

discus fish featured_david6239, Pixabay

Discus fish are peaceful and exceptionally pleasing to look at in an aquarium. Their color variations and calm temperament are desired by many aquarium hobbyists. They generally are not good for beginner or even intermediate fish keepers, as they are overly sensitive to environmental changes and are not hardy enough to survive most beginner mistakes, so it is a great pride to be able to successfully keep freshwater discus fish. They come in a variety of color variations, mostly captive bred.

Care Level: Advanced
Temperature: 26 – 32 degrees C or 78 – 89 degrees F
Size: 10 inches
Water pH: 4.2 – 5.2
Diet: Carnivorous


Mild Patterned Discus Fish Types

1. Red Discus

Red discus fish
Image Credit: gans33, Shutterstock

Red discuss fish, also known as the Heckel discus, is a type of cichlid. They are rounder than other discus fish and display lines across their bodies, eyes, and caudal fins. They display a brilliant and vibrant red coloration, although some are commonly mixed with a bit of white by the head or ends of the fins and a few captive bred color mixes are mostly white, black and a faint red. They have a thick band in the middle of their bodies, followed by thinner and fainter bands on their bodies.

2. Blue Discus

Blue discus
Image Credit: nachbarsgarten, Pixabay

This is a relatively new coloring, displaying an eye-catching blue coloration. They come in a variety of vibrant blue colors, some commonly mixed with white or black patterned lines. Most of the shades of blue are classified as cobalt or royal blue on these discus fish. They also come in light shades of brown mixed with blue or white. Some also display a red and blue coloration.

3. Green Discus

Green Discus
Image Credit: Andrey Armyagov, Shutterstock

These are a strikingly green color, some appearing a mix between light blue and green and some a swampy almost luminous green. They can also be seen mixed with white and black patterned lines. Some commonly display a yellow and green pattern, with a thick dark green line over their eyes and vertically across their bodies.

4. Brown Discus

Brown Discus
Image Credit: Roberto Dani, Shutterstock

The brown discus is a subspecies of the green discus and has a brown and green hue as well as sometimes a yellow and brown color. They have almost transparent pectoral fins and display thin pelvic fins.

5. Heckel Cross Discus

This is a brand-new breed of discus. Heckel cross discus display an orange and blue pattern. The head is a deep orange; the ends of the fins and tails are tinged with yellow and is mixed with white dots. A dark blue or black band runs vertically down the middle as well as on the base of their tails.


Solid Color Discus Fish Types

6. White Butterfly Discus

White butterfly discus fish
Image Credit: Itsanan, Shutterstock

They display a blueish white color, with either red or orange eyes. Black lines can be seen on their face as well as yellow tints on the head and ends of fins. They are absolutely striking in an aquarium amongst other patterned discus. Although they are plain, their white adds a welcomed dash of color.

7. Ghost Discus

brown ghost discus fish
Image Credit: Wongwiri, Shutterstock

They are a solid grey color and they are not the most striking in an aquarium, but there is definitely some interest in them. The edges of their fins are transparent.

8. Albino Golden Discus

albino gold discus fish
Image Credit: Arunee Rodloy, Shutterstock

They are a mix of yellow and gold, they have light red markings around the pupils and have transparent fins. They almost resemble a fresh mango coloration.

9. Albino Platinum Discus

They display a creamy white coloring with opal fins. They also display red eyes and sometimes the white mixes in with a faint coloration of yellow or pink, but very lightly.

10. Red Sun Discus

Red Sun Discus fish
Image Credit: igor Litvyak, Shutterstock

They display translucent fin edges, and their red and yellow coloration blends in with their eyes, making them almost indistinguishable.

11. Blue Diamond Discus

Blue Diamond Discus
Image Credit: art nick, Shutterstock

They have a strong blue color, the white undertones make the blue appear to ‘glow’. They have red eyes, translucent fins, and dark red and brown fading in at the base of the fins.

12. Albino Green

The body is an opal white throughout their body and fins, showing a faint undertone of pink. They have red eyes and a blue green color on their heads.

13. Mercury Discus

Mercury discus in the water
Image Credit: LaMiranda, Pixabay

A vibrant light blue color, they have celestial looking scales and a transparent tail. Their eyes are red, and yellow can commonly be seen on the head. They make a fantastic color addition to aquariums.

14. Red Diamond Discus

Red Diamond Discus
Image Credit: Andrej Jakubik, Shutterstock

They have translucent fin edges as well as an orange and yellow face. Their primary color is a deep red that covers most of their body. The rich and vibrant red is quite eye catching.

15. Yellow White Discus

Yellow white discus
Image Credit: Arunee Rodloy, Pixabay

This is a discus coloration mix between yellow and white, although the yellow is more dominant. The eyes are red or yellow and the tail and fin edges are transparent, with the head being a white hue with faint yellow coloration.

 16. Red Marlboro Discus

They display a blue tail, dark red fins, and a body that fades into a vibrant orange and yellow color. Their eyes are red, and the head is a dark yellow/mustard color.

17. Red Cover Discus

Red color discus are one of the most interesting looking type of discus. They have a deep red body with  fins and a tail that are transparent towards the ends. The face is a light yellow mixed with white and they show a dark band vertically over their eyes.

18. Solid Blue Discus

Solid blue discus have red eyes and a light blue face. They display some white undertones and have a dark grey and blue tail. The caudal fins fade into a darker blue the same color as the head.


Prominent Pattern Discus Fish Types

19. Tiger Turkish Discus

Possibly one of the most sought out discus in the aquarium community, Tiger Turkish discus display a light vibrant blue with red tinged fins and tail. They have a unique and intricate pattern design: a mix of squiggles, dots, and lines.

 20. Brilliant Blue Discus

The main coloring is a metallic blue, and they have red eyes and dark blue bands vertically on their bodies. The fins and tails are a mixture of red, dark blue, and metallic blues.

21. Albino Turquoise Discus

An ocean blue coloring covers their bodies. The head is a luminous green and yellow color and they have red patterns covering their bodies as well. The eyes are ringed with red and ocean blue.

22. Pigeon Blood Discus

An astonishing pattern of red rounded squiggles cover the body. They have light blue streaks through their fins and tails and have a pattern of white and orange on their heads.

 23. Rot Turkish Discus

Rot Turkish Discus have a rounder body than other types of discus. They have multiple-colored bodies with red and blue patterns, and orange tail and fins, as well as a white and orange patterned head. Their eyes are black with the pupils barely distinguishable.

24. Blue Snakeskin Discus

A red and white patterned head is displayed and the tail is yellow and has a faint dark band by the base. The primary turquoise color is dotted with dark red.

 25. Leopard Spotted Discus

leopard spotted Discus Fish
Image Credit: Aqua Cichlid Paradise, Shutterstock

Leopard Spotted Discus fish have striking, thick, dark bands vertically on their light blue body. They are covered with a red spotted pattern. A dark band crosses over their red and blue eyes.

 26. Checkerboard Red Valentine Discus

A contrasting and intricate red and white pattern is displayed on this discus, and the pattern gets more entangled lower on the body. The eyes are a dark yellow and the tips of the fins and tail are transparent.

27. Spider Leopard Discus

Tiny patterns are displayed, a mixture of blue and red almost appearing to be dots. The tail is a light blue with tiny, unruly white dots that appear transparent. Their eyes are dark black with a ring of light blue.

28. White Leopard Discus

White Leopard Discus are quite appealing to the eye. They display a white and blue head with red and dark yellow eyes. The rest of the body such as the tail and parts of the fins are covered in a deep dark red color.

 29. Checkerboard Red Map Discus

This fish has an orange head and very dark red eyes. The tail is a transparent white and the body coloration is mainly made up of thick red and blue striations on the body, including the fins but not the tail.

30. Albino Leopard Discus

Albino Leopard Discus have a patterned orange head with dark eyes surrounded by a deep orange ring. The body is made up of a white and blue hue undertone with red dots and patterns.

31. Fineline Snakeskin Discus

fineline discus_Andrej Jakubik, Shutterstock
Image Credit: Andrej Jakubik, Shutterstock

The tail is transparent, and the eyes are red. The body has an undertone of whitish-blue and the head is a solid orange color towards their mouth. The patterns are made up of red dotting and squiggles.



We have now established that discus fish come in a bunch of interesting colorations and varieties, some displaying intricate patterns and mixed colorations. They make a peaceful and colorful addition to most freshwater tropical aquariums.

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Featured Image Credit: david6239, Pixabay

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