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11 Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers in 2024 – Reviews and Top Picks

Fluffy dog getting belly rub under Christmas tree

Christmas shopping can be both fun and challenging. While looking for gifts can help usher in the Christmas spirit, it can be stressful if you’re having difficulty finding the perfect gift for someone. Fortunately, when it comes to dog lovers, you can always score big if you find a gift that’s dog-themed or useful for both them and their dogs.

We have reviews of some of the most popular Christmas gift options for dog lovers. Our list is diverse, and you’ll find a mix of gifts that are practical, decorative, or humorous. We’ll also go over some trending gifts this year so that you can find something useful or unique for the dog lovers in your life. So, make sure to keep reading to get inspired and give the best presents this Christmas.

A Glance at Our Winners in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Mud Pie Leash & Mug Set Mud Pie Leash & Mug Set
  • High-quality cotton rope leash
  • Travel mug comes with removable lid
  • Great accessory for hiking and camping
  • Best Value
    Second place
    The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Dog Treats The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Dog Treats
  • Budget-friendly gift
  • Good stocking stuffer
  • Clean and simple ingredient list
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Paint Your Life Custom Dog Portrait Paint Your Life Custom Dog Portrait
  • Realistic custom dog portrait based on any photo
  • Choice of artist and medium
  • Creative & unique option
  • Eufy D605 Dog Camera Eufy D605 Dog Camera
  • 1080p camera lens and strong zoom function
  • AI technology automatically tracks dog
  • Free Doggy Diary
  • Best for Puppies
    Frisco Holiday Wreath Squeaky Tennis Ball Frisco Holiday Wreath Squeaky Tennis Ball
  • Set has eight squeaky tennis balls
  • Comes in Christmas wreath-shaped container
  • Long-lasting gift
  • The 11 Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

    1. Mud Pie Leash & Mug Set – Best Overall

    Mud Pie “My Dog” Leash & Mug Set

    Material: Ceramic, cotton rope
    Suitable for: Outdoor adventurers, coffee and tea lovers

    This dog mug and leash set is the best overall Christmas gift for dog lovers because it’s practical, thoughtful, and benefits both dogs and dog lovers. This gift makes daily walks more enjoyable as dogs walk with a fashionable, high-quality leash that keeps them safe, and walkers can enjoy a nice beverage during the walk.

    We also love the rope leash because it’s durable and can keep up with larger dogs. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size and may be too thick and heavy for smaller dogs and toy breeds. However, the mug itself is a great gift. It comes with a removable lid, so it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s a great travel item and is perfect for hiking and camping trips.

    • High-quality cotton rope leash
    • Travel mug comes with removable lid
    • Great accessory for hiking and camping
    • Leash is too large for small dog breeds

    2. The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Stocking Dog Treats – Best Value

    The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Coconut Snowballs Stocking Dog Treats

    Main ingredients: Rolled oats, honey, palm oil, whey
    Suitable for: Dog owners, gift bag gifts, stocking stuffers

    There are very few dog owners that won’t accept a bag of free dog treats. These Christmas-themed dog treats are the best Christmas gift for dog lovers for the money, and they’ll make both the dog owner and dog happy. You can use these treats as stocking stuffers or purchase an assortment and present them as a gift set.

    This particular treat has a very clean and simple recipe, so it’s a safe choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies. It also uses all-natural ingredients that are also nutritious for dogs. The only potential downside to these treats is that it doesn’t contain any meat, so meat lovers may not enjoy them.

    • Budget-friendly gift
    • Good stocking stuffer
    • Clean and simple ingredient list
    • Uses all-natural ingredients
    • Meat lovers may not like this recipe

    3. Paint Your Life Custom Dog Portrait – Premium Choice

    portrait of a dog

    Material: Choice of oil, acrylic, pastel, and more
    Suitable for: All dog lovers!

    Every dog lover enjoys the sight of their furry friend, so why not treat them to an amazing custom portrait? Paint Your Life has a wide range of artists working in different mediums (including oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and charcoal) who can paint a fun, realistic portrait based on a photo you provide. These portraits are a lot of fun and take less than a month to create!

    Keep in mind that this is our premium pick, so a portrait this great won’t come cheap. Still, we think Paint Your Life is very fairly priced, and you get to approve the portrait before you finish paying. Any dog lover will adore this thoughtful, creative gift!

    • Realistic custom dog portrait based on any photo
    • Choice of mediums like oil, watercolor, and charcoal
    • Get to approve before you finalize the purchase
    • Creative & unique option
    • Takes less than a month
    • A pricier gift

    4. Eufy D605 Dog Camera

    Eufy D605 Dog Camera

    Material: Plastic
    Suitable for: Dogs with separation anxiety, puppies, tech enthusiasts

    This Eufy D605 Dog Camera is extremely useful, especially for dog owners that are frequently out of the house. It helps people have peace of mind in knowing that they can check up on their beloved dogs at any given moment.

    The D605 model has a 1080p wide-angle lens and a 4x zoom function. It also rotates 270° and has AI technology that learns to automatically identify and follow your dog around. The AI technology can identify barks and other activities and will send alerts to your phone.

    The Eufy app also comes with a free Doggy Diary, which records a dog’s day while the owners are out. So, while this camera may be more expensive than its competitors, it offers a lot of useful features and is an overall thoughtful gift for any dog lover and parent.

    • 1080p camera lens and strong zoom function
    • AI technology automatically tracks dog
    • Free Doggy Diary
    • A lot more expensive than competitors

    5. Frisco Holiday Wreath Squeaky Tennis Ball – Best for Puppies

    Frisco Holiday Wreath Fetch Squeaky Tennis Ball Dog Toy

    Material: Felt, rubber, synthetic fabric
    Suitable for: Puppy’s first Christmas, athletes

    Just like with treats, there are very few dog lovers that won’t appreciate cute dog toys for their beloved pets. Tennis balls are a great option for puppies as they may go through them quickly with teething. They’re an excellent toy for helping excited puppies expend their energy.

    This particular gift comes in a cute Christmas wreath-shaped box. The tennis balls also squeak for added fun. Due to their flexibility, these toys aren’t for heavy chewers as they can bend and get punctured more easily than a regular tennis ball.

    Fortunately, there are eight Christmas-colored tennis balls per pack, making this a gift that’ll last way past Christmas and provide many hours of entertainment and fun memories for both dogs and their owners.

    • Set has eight squeaky tennis balls
    • Comes in Christmas wreath-shaped container
    • Long-lasting gift
    • Not for heavy chewers

    6. PajamaGram Christmas Pajamas for Family

    PajamaGram Christmas Pajamas for Family

    Material: Polyester microfleece
    Suitable for: Families, Christmas photoshoots

    This matching pajama set is the perfect gift for dog lovers who also enjoy taking photos. It’s the perfect excuse for having a family photo shoot, and most people won’t make a fuss because the clothes are so comfortable. The pajamas are made with flame-resistant fleece and are very warm and cozy. The pants come with an elastic drawstring waist, and the infant styles come in an easily wearable onesie style with non-skid feet.

    The dog pajamas come in sizes XS-XXL, so you’ll be sure to find a size that fits any dog. They all have Velcro closures, so it’s super easy to put them on a dog.

    While you can find an extensive selection of sizes for both people and dogs, it can be a little tricky to find the right size because the pajamas tend to run a size up. So, it’s important to know proper measurements before purchasing a set.

    • Great for family photoshoots
    • Wide range of sizes
    • Comfortable, soft, flame-resistant material
    • Difficult to find the right size

    7. Mud Pie “Dog” Hook Pillow

    Mud Pie “Dog” Hook Pillow

    Material: Wool, natural fabric
    Suitable for: Home design, homebodies

    This adorable throw pillow is the perfect accessory in a dog lover’s home. The pillowcase is made with durable washed canvas, and it has a raised hooked wool applique in the shape of a furry dog. The neutral gray tone of the pillow makes it a great fit for a lot of interior design settings. You can also find several other matching pillows from the same designer and gift this pillow in a set.

    One important thing to note is that while the pillow is super soft, it’s not machine washable. It can only be spot cleaned, so it’s probably not an ideal gift for families with young children where spills are more common.

    • Neutral colors make it blend in any home setting
    • Durable canvas pillowcase
    • Super soft dog-shaped raised hook wool applique
    • Not easy to clean

    8. Primitives by Kathy “Define Good” Wall Countdown

    Primitives by Kathy “Define Good” Wall Countdown

    Material: Wood, fabric
    Suitable for: Christmas decoration collectors, Advent enthusiasts

    This adorable and humorous Advent calendar is another great way to include dogs in Christmas traditions. Each date has pockets that can hold a dog’s favorite treats. The calendar is held by a sturdy wooden rod, and the long fabric loop makes it easy to hang and adjust to prevent crookedness.

    Aside from the deep red, the rest of the colors on the calendar are neutral. So, this calendar can fit in well with all kinds of other Christmas decorations. The only downside is that it’s probably a better gift for dog lovers with smaller dogs. Larger dogs may get over excited with the dog treats and try to pull or tug at the calendar to get to them.

    • Gift includes dogs in Christmas traditions
    • Easy to hang
    • Neutral colors blend with other Christmas decor
    • May not be ideal gift for larger dogs

    9. Scamper & Co Yellow Gold Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

    Scamper & Co 18k Yellow Gold Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

    Material: Sterling silver, cubic zirconia
    Suitable for: Jewelry collectors, fans of specific dog breeds

    This beautiful and charming necklace is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves jewelry and has a specific dog breed. While the selection of breeds is a bit limited, it does include some of the most popular and common dog breeds.

    The necklace itself is made with 18K gold-plated sterling silver, and the pendant is made with cubic zirconia gemstones. The design is both elegant and durable for everyday wear. The backplate of the pendant also has a fun bone design, so you could flip it over if you’re looking for a more subtle and simple look.

    • Has pendants of different popular dog breeds
    • Made with gold-plated sterling silver
    • Pendant has front and back designs
    • Selection of dog breed pendants is limited

    10. Frisco Colorblock Bone Accent Dog Sweater

    Frisco Colorblock Bone Accent Dog & Cat Sweater

    Material: Acrylic
    Suitable for: Shorthaired dogs, fashionistas, frequent walkers

    A fun Christmas sweater is a great way to make dogs feel more included in the holiday festivities. While this sweater has an adorable design, it’s also functional and will keep dogs warm while they go outside in colder winter weather. It also has a high belly cut, so dogs can go potty without dirtying it.

    The sweater has a convenient leash hole at the neckline that’s perfect for walks. Keep in mind that the leash hole works well with dogs that use collars, but it may not work with harnesses. So, dogs will have to wear the harness over the sweater, and if the harness isn’t adjustable, it may be too tight for the dog.

    Dog lovers will love the idea of doing a photo shoot with their precious dog in a cute sweater. So, not only is this a practical gift, but it’s one that has the potential to help create some fun winter memories as well.

    • High belly cut makes potty easy
    • Leash hole at neckline
    • Capable of cold weather protection
    • Doesn’t work well with harnesses

    11. Chilly Dog Corgi Ornament

    Chilly Dog Corgi Ornament

    Material: Wool, natural fabric
    Suitable for:
    Fans of specific dog breeds, families with children, Christmas ornament collector

    This thoughtful gift is a great option for true Christmas enthusiasts that love unique décor or collect Christmas ornaments. You can find several different popular dog breeds in this collection of ornaments. However, the variety is limited, so you may be unable to find your gift recipient’s favorite dog breed.

    Fortunately, you can purchase an assortment of different dog ornaments and gift them as a set. All the ornaments are made from 100% wool and are hand-crafted. So, no two ornaments look alike, and you’ll be giving a true one-of-a-kind gift.

    • Made from 100% wool
    • All ornaments are hand-made and unique
    • Can be gifted as a set
    • Limited number of breeds

    divider-dog paw

    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

    The pet industry is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s easy to get lost in all the products that are available for dog owners these days. Our buyer’s guide is here to help you stay focused so that you can have an easier time finding the right gift for the dog lover in your life. Here are some trending items for dog lovers in 2024.

    Apparel and Accessories

    Dog lovers are usually thinking about their dogs whenever they leave the home. So, a portable gift that reminds people of their dogs is an ideal gift. Jewelry, like the Scamper & Co 18K Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, is always an excellent choice. However, you can always find a lot of fashionable shirts, bags, and socks with dog prints or themes on them.

    Matching Clothing

    Most dogs in American households are viewed as valued family members. So, many dog lovers will find matching outfits with their dogs delightful. You can find a lot of Christmas pajamas that include dog sizes. Matching Christmas sweaters are also pretty easy to find. If you want to be even more practical, you can gift a set of matching casual t-shirts for everyday wear.

    Dog with christmas backdrop
    Image Credit: Karsten Winegeart, Unsplash

    Training Tools

    Many dog owners will appreciate a gift that simplifies caring for dogs, including training tools. Dog treats are always a safe choice, especially if they’re low-calorie. Dog lovers may also appreciate training tools, like books, clickers, and cute treat pouches.

    Talker buttons and soundboards are also becoming more popular because they can help strengthen communication between dog owners and their dogs. So, if the dog lover in your life also has a knack for training or understanding dog behavior, training tools are ideal gifts that they’ll be sure to use.

    The Latest Technology

    Many advancements have been made in dog care and technology. You can find a lot of high-quality security cameras with amazing cameras and fun features, like the Eufy D605 Dog Camera. GPS collars and automatic feeders will also make great gifts. Dog lovers may also appreciate a nice vacuum cleaner designed to pick up pet dander and fine hair.

    Travel Gear

    With more and more places becoming dog-friendly, dog lovers can now travel with their dogs more frequently. So, products designed to make travel easier are becoming more popular. Some practical gifts you can purchase are portable feeding bowls, car harnesses, or travel backpacks and carriers. The Mud Pie “My Dog” Leash & Mug Set is a great gift for travelers because it combines practicality and aesthetics, and it’s something that both dogs and dog lovers can use.

    Fun Toys

    Playtime is extremely important for a dog’s well-being, so fun and engaging toys are extremely useful gifts. Some dog lovers will enjoy receiving dog toys that enable them to play with their dogs, like tennis balls and rope toys. Dog owners with busy schedules will appreciate dog toys that will keep their dogs entertained on their own. Treat dispensing toys, puzzles, and tennis ball launchers will be more ideal gifts for these types of dog owners.

    Many monthly dog subscription box services provide the option to gift subscriptions to other people. These boxes often contain cute, unique toys and high-quality treats, so they’re fun surprises that both dog lovers and their dogs can enjoy together.

    Subscription pet Box with Organic Treats, Fun Toy, Bully Sticks, All-Natural Chews, skincare or wellness item, gadgets and seasonal gear
    Image Credit: Iryna Imago, Shutterstock



    There are so many great Christmas gifts for dog lovers. Out of our reviews, the Mud Pie “My Dog” Leash & Mug Set is the best gift. It’s functional and fashionable, and dog owners will appreciate the sentiment of spending more time with their dogs outdoors.

    The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Coconut Snowballs Stocking Dog Treats are an excellent budget-friendly gift. They’re high-quality treats that will ensure dogs are included in Christmas festivities. Lastly, if you’re looking to splurge, a Paint Your Life custom dog portrait is a thoughtful gift that any dog lover will absolutely adore.

    Featured Image Credit: Elina Fairytale, Pexels

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