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7 DIY Ferret Hammock Plans (With Instructions & Pictures)

ferret with a hammock in its cage

One of the best accessories you can put inside your ferret’s cage is a hammock. Ferrets love hammocks because they provide a fun place to lounge, but they also offer comfy, cozy sleeping locations too. In other words, a hammock is one of the most useful accessories to put inside your ferret’s cage.

Instead of buying a premade hammock, you could simply make your own. Not only is this often more affordable, but it also allows you to customize the hammock to match the decor or your ferret’s personality.

Below, we have eight fantastic DIY ferret hammock plans that you can make today. Each one of these plans is completely free. Even though some of the plans are designed for rats and other similar animals, you can easily adjust the plans to make them the perfect size for your ferret instead.


Do Ferrets Like Hammocks?

No. Ferrets do not just like hammocks. They love them.

Hammocks provide some of the best lounging locations for your ferret. When your ferret is just hanging out, the hammock can be a fun place to explore on and crawl all around. When it comes time to go to sleep, most ferrets love to sleep inside hammocks that close completely.

In fact, ferrets love hammocks so much that most will appreciate having multiple hammocks inside their house. If you have more than one ferret you should certainly add an equal number of hammocks to ferrets. That way, each ferret is sure to have a hammock to relax in.

The 7 DIY Ferret Hammock Plans

1. DIY Ferret Sleepsack by Kellechu

DIY Ferret Hammock
Image Credit: Instructables

The Ferret Sleepsack by Kellechu is one of the best plans on the Internet. This hammock is designed with a pouch so that your ferret can lay on top or inside the dark pouch, depending on its preferences or the time of day.

The plans are thorough and easy to follow. The plans include step-by-step instructions, as well as pictures to show you every step of the process. Note that you will need a sewing machine per the instructions, but you can technically hand sew it if you prefer.

2. DIY Honeycomb Hammock by The Rat Lady

DIY Ferret Hammock
Image Credit: The Rat Ladys

Rats are very similar to ferrets in their love of hammocks. The DIY Honeycomb Hammock by The Rat Lady is a great hammock with many hides and places for your ferret to enjoy. Although this plan is specifically made for rats, it can easily be adjusted by extending the size to fit your ferret.

The instructions are very thorough and include dozens of pictures. The pictures are accompanied by step-by-step instructions that you read along with. You will need a sewing machine to perfect this hammock since it has so many parts and layers.

3. Cage Hammock by Jgodsey

DIY Ferret Hammock
Image Credit: Instructables

The Cage Hammock by Jgodsey is the perfect option if you want just a standard hammock. It’s made from polyester fleece and swivel clamps. The instructions require a sewing machine, but you can freehand it if you are willing to force-feed the needle through multiple layers of the material.

All of the instructions provided are very clear and thorough. They come with pictures so that you can see how your hammock should look every step of the way. These instructions even include some tips for making this hammock on a budget.

4. DIY Pet Hammock by Inspirational Momma

DIY Ferret Hammock
Image Credit: Inspirational Momma

So far, every pet hammock we have looked at is designed to go inside your ferret’s cage. If your ferret has outside time, the DIY Pet Hammock by Inspirational Momma is a great option. It looks very classy, and it’s designed to be placed directly on the floor.

The instructions are incredibly thorough, come with a complete tools list, and include numerous pictures. Inspirational Momma notes that it only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

5. DIY Fuzzy Cozy Ferret Hammock by Vera Karimova

DIY Ferret Hammock
Image Credit: Oy Boy Stuff

Most of the classic ferret hammocks we have looked at require a sewing machine. If you want a classy and well-put-together-looking hammock but don’t have a sewing machine, we recommend the DIY Fuzzy Cozy Ferret Hammock by Vera Karimova.

What makes these plans so great is that the instructions provide tips for sewing with both the machine and by hand. That way, you can make sure that you are sewing the hammock correctly even without a sewing machine. The instructions are very simple to follow and include pictures for demonstration.

6. DIY Suspended Crochet Bridge by Lariath

DIY Ferret Hammock
Image Credit: Lariath

If you don’t like sewing but enjoy crocheting, try out the Hamster DIY Suspended Crochet Bridge by Lariath. This plan is simple enough for even beginner crocheters. It primarily only uses single chains and simple turns. Make sure to crochet each chain very tightly.

Technically, this plan is designed for hamsters. As a result, this crocheted bridge will be way too small for a ferret. All you need to do is extend each chain so that it’s long enough for your ferret to lay in.

7. DIY Basic Pet Hammock by DIY Pets & Life

Every single one of the instructions we have looked at only include written out instructions and pictures. If you are a visual learner, you will probably like the plans for DIY Basic Pet Hammock by DIY Pets & Life. Instead of being written out, you can watch the hammock being made on YouTube.

This hammock is made for rats, but the designer specifically made it so that it can easily be adjusted to other small animals. As a result, you will likely want to make it slightly larger for your ferret.


Final Thoughts

Instead of wasting your money on a premade ferret hammock that may break in next to no time, try out one of the plans above. We hope that one of these plans offers exactly what you’re looking for in terms of skills, appearance, and customization for your ferret hammock.

Featured Image Credit: AJSTUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY, Shutterstock

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