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Do Parrots Like Music? The Interesting Answer

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When we listen to music, we can respond in many ways, most of which are positive, as it induces feelings of happiness, joy, nostalgia, and even gratitude. It causes us to sing along and leaves us feeling inspired, which is why we love to listen to it.

If you own a Parrot, you may have noticed its positive response to music. Sometimes they bop their heads and flap their wings, indicating they may have the same feelings. But do Parrots like music? As a general answer, yes they do! However, it will all depend on your pet’s personality and taste. In this article, we’ll discuss how Parrots respond to music.


Do Parrots Like Music?

Like all humans and songbirds, Parrots have a gene that is activated when a beautiful sound begins to play. Along with this gene and the fact that Parrots are happy creatures, it is safe to say that Parrots love music. In fact, they also love to sing and dance. They are capable of moving to the rhythm of the music, but you need to find out what type of music they love.

Music can help your Parrot feel relaxed or energized, but some music or loud sounds can also cause your Parrot stress.

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What Music Do Parrots Like

Generally speaking, Parrots enjoy music that is catchy and has a melodic beat, like modern pop and rock songs, but some have particular tastes. Some may even reject a specific type of music by displaying behavior that the owner can recognize as negative. Some may prefer upbeat music, while others prefer a calmer and more classical sound. However, this may not be surprising since Parrots, like humans, are unique.

Gray Parrot Research

A study performed with two African Gray Parrots showed that they had varied musical tastes. Both Parrots reacted positively to the rock music but showed no movements or interest in electronic music. Interestingly, they responded negatively by screaming and appeared to be frightened.  Pop music was tolerated, and music by Joan Baez, UB40, and U2 was enjoyed, along with some classical music from Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Image By: Tracy Starr, Shutterstock

Touchscreen Studies

In another small study, several Parrots were allowed to choose songs on their own. Touchscreens were installed into their cages, allowing them access to various musical sounds and genres. This study revealed their unique preferences. The Parrots chose their favorite tunes at least 1,400 times in a month.

Parrots have a taste for particular music types, and for your Parrot, you will need to find out what music it likes by playing a selection of songs to see how it reacts. If your Parrot sings, talks, or whistles along to the song playing, it means it is enjoying what it hears. However, it’s best to skip the track if it screams or hisses.


Do Parrots Dance?

According to studies, Parrots are the only animals with the rhythm to move with the music. Some may say that Parrots can feel the music, much like humans do, while others may say they are just feeling the vibrations in the air. Either way, a Parrot that bops its head to music is enjoying it and dancing to it. Studies showing how Parrots have different preferences for various types of music point toward the Parrots hearing and feeling the music rather than just vibrations.

Another argument is that the Parrots are just mimicking their owners. While this may be true to some extent since they may pick up on movements from their owners, they can dance without being taught. People who own Parrots have noticed that their Parrot will only dance to a song they enjoy, and if they were only mimicking, they would do it regardless of which song is playing, and it would stop dancing when the owner leaves the room. It’s safe to say that Parrots love to dance.

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Image By: Piqsels


Your Parrot’s Safety and Music

As a pet owner, keeping your pet safe and happy is always important. While it’s proven that Parrots like music, that doesn’t mean you can move its cage into your bedroom and blast your favorite playlists. Parrots enjoy music, but they also have preferences.

  • Loud music is unacceptable to most birds. Continuous loud noise can cause damage to their auditory receptors.
  • Chooser peaceful and calm music.
  • The right music can help distract from other sounds that may stress your Parrot, such as fireworks.
  • If your Parrot enjoys listening to nature sounds, ensure the track doesn’t include any predator calls!
  • When listening to music around your Parrot, choose songs you know your Parrot will enjoy.
  • If you decide to play new music or leave music on for your Parrot, make sure you are around to turn it off or skip the track if your Parrot hates it.
  • It may be fun to join in a duet and dance around with your Parrot, but make sure to allow your Parrot to rest if it appears out of breath.



It is safe to say that Parrots like music. They may even have their own preference for a specific genre. Generally, Parrots are known to enjoy classical and pop music, but electronic dance music seems to make them feel uneasy and a little scared, possibly because of the fast beats. Parrots can also feel the music’s tempo and dance to the rhythm. If you want to know which music your Parrot enjoys, you can play DJ and play a selection of songs and see how it responds. Whistling and head bopping indicate your bird is happy, but screaming is a sign to push next on your playlist. Your Parrot will appreciate and enjoy some background music, but watch the volume and monitor your Parrot’s response to keep it happy.

Featured Image Credit: Galina Zhilinskya, Shutterstock

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