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Does Pumpkin Pet Insurance Cover Dental Illnesses? Important Info!

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Your pet’s teeth, and dental health, are crucial if you want them to live a long and healthy life. If you’re comparing pet insurance policies, one question you might have is whether Pumpkin Pet Insurance covers dental illnesses. The good news is that Pumpkin covers many dental issues and illnesses in its standard policy, and most pet insurance companies do not.

Knowing that Pumpkin covers dental for your dog or cat, you may have more questions about the company’s dental policies and coverages. Does Pumpkin Pet Insurance cover tooth extractions, for example, and do they cover the medication needed when your pet has dental surgery? Read on to find out these and other important facts about Pumpkin Pet Insurance that can help you decide if it’s the best choice for your pet.


Does Pumpkin Pet Insurance Cover Tooth Extraction?

One of the pet services you’ll likely need for your pet during their lifetime is tooth extraction. You’ll be glad to know that, under their standard policy, Pumpkin Pet Insurance covers this service if it’s related to an injury. Pumpkin’s policy also covers the medication needed when performing a tooth extraction as well as any X-rays and other diagnostic procedures required to diagnose the tooth issue before extraction. However, you should note that Pumpkin’s standard policy does not solely cover tooth extraction for cosmetic services.

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Does Pumpkin Pet Insurance Cover Medication for Dental Issues?

Dental health often involves procedures that demand various types of medication, which, unfortunately, can be very expensive. Pumpkin’s standard policy covers medication for most dental illnesses, including periodontal disease. As we noted earlier, Pumpkin also covers the medicines needed for a tooth extraction. Better still, the company covers medications required to treat most dental issues your pet might experience in their lifetime. Since medications can be some of the costliest factors when your pet needs dental care, having them covered is a big plus.

What Dental Procedures Does Pumpkin Not Cover?

Although Pumpkin’s policies cover most dental issues, they don’t cover all of them. For example, annual teeth cleanings aren’t covered, nor are most elective and cosmetic dental procedures. If your pet needs these services, you’ll be forced to pay for them out-of-pocket. Thankfully, annual cleaning and dental maintenance are some of the least expensive veterinary services. You can also reduce your pet’s routine dental care costs by brushing their teeth regularly at home.

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Do All Pet Insurance Companies Cover Dental Issues?

While many pet insurance companies offer coverage for your pet’s dental issues, very few include dental coverage in their standard policy like Pumpkin Pet Insurance does. For example, some pet insurance companies offer standalone dental insurance plans that must be purchased in addition to the standard policy.

Other pet insurance companies include some dental procedures but not all of them. Again, the main difference between Pumpkin and most other pet insurance companies is that Pumpkin covers dental in their standard policy. Once your pet’s policy is approved, it will have dental illness coverage.

Is Dental Coverage Included in Pumpkin’s Standard Policy?

Every pet insurance policy Pumpkin approves covers most dental illnesses, diseases, and accidents and the medications and procedures needed to correct them. You should note that the amount you pay for any of your pet’s dental procedures will be affected by the annual limits you choose with the company and any deductible you take. No matter the limits and deductible you choose, however, your pet will be covered with a Pumpkin Pet Insurance policy if they have an issue with their dental health.


Final Thoughts

Pumpkin Pet Insurance covers dental illnesses and a host of other dental issues your pet might face. Aside from elective and cosmetic procedures, Pumpkin’s policies cover almost any dental health scenario, from extractions to accidents, periodontal diseases, and almost everything in between. Also, unlike most pet insurance companies that require extra coverage, dental coverage is provided in Pumpkin Pet Insurance’s standard policy. A Pumpkin Pet Insurance policy could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if your dog or cat needs care due to a dental illness.

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