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Does Trupanion Pet Insurance Cover X-Rays, MRIs & Other Imaging? 2024 Update

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Having pet insurance for your pet can really be a lifesaver for both your fur baby and your wallet. Owning a pet can be expensive, especially if they get injured or sick. But if you have pet insurance, you won’t have to fork out nearly as much for veterinary services.

When it comes to pet insurance, you have options, with one being Trupanion pet insurance. If you’re looking to see if Trupanion covers x-rays, MRIs, and other imaging, you’ve come to the right place. Trupanion covers diagnostic testing, including x-rays, MRIs, and other imaging. However, you can customize your plan to cater to your pet’s needs. Read on to learn the specifics of Trupanion pet insurance.

divider-multipetHow Does Trupanion Pet Insurance Work?

Trupanion covers dogs and cats, and they work differently compared to other pet insurance plans in that they offer a “lifetime per condition” deductible. This means you only pay a deductible per new condition.

For example, if your dog or cat has seasonal allergies and is treated, once you pay the deductible for that condition, Trupanion will pay 90% of all vet bills pertaining to that condition. You only pay another deductible if your pet develops a new condition.

You can choose to have no deductible or customize your deductible from $50 to $1,000. The general rule of thumb is the higher the deductible, the more the insurance will pay out on a vet bill. You can also opt for reimbursement rates from 75% to 90%.

When you check out from your vet’s office, you only pay the part of the bill you’re responsible for, and Trupanion pays the rest by sending the payment directly to your vet’s office.

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Does Trupanion Have an Annual Limit?

Thankfully, Trupanion does not have an annual limit. What this means is it doesn’t matter how many claims you submit or how high the vet bills are; you never have to worry about running out of coverage with Trupanion pet insurance.

Does Trupanion Have an Age Limit?

Unfortunately, Trupanion has an age cut-off of 14 years, but your coverage does not decline or alter in any way prior to that age, no matter the breed, as long as your pet isn’t past 14 years of age.

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What Is Covered With Trupanion Pet Insurance?

X-rays, MRIs, and other imaging are not all that Trupanion covers. They cover surgeries, hospital stays, medications, veterinary supplements, herbal therapy, and prosthetic devices and carts. They also cover breed-specific conditions, such as cherry eye, hip dysplasia, and diabetes.

Does Trupanion Cover Wellness Exams?

Trupanion does not cover wellness exams, which means you will be responsible for your pet’s yearly check-ups. They also do not cover vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchips, parasite prevention, routine lab work, or dental cleanings.

Trupanion feels that pet parents do not get a true value when paying for such services when these services are something that can be saved for. In short, Trupanion is an excellent option for injuries and illnesses, with an excellent payout of 90%.

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Does Trupanion Cover Putting a Pet Down?

The saddest and most inevitable part of being a pet owner is when our furry friends pass away. Some pet insurance companies pay for euthanasia, burial, and cremations, but Trupanion only covers euthanasia. However, they will cover burials and cremations if you add on the Pet Owner Assistance Package.

This package also covers boarding fees in case you are hospitalized, advertising and rewards due to lost pets, holiday vacation cancellation costs, and liability coverage for third-party property damage.

What Are Trupanion’s Waiting Periods?

Most insurance plans have waiting periods you must meet before services are paid. In regards to Trupanion, they have a 5-day waiting period for injuries, and a 30-day waiting period for illnesses, meaning if your pet acquires an injury before the 5-day waiting period is up for an injury, services for that incident will not be covered.

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Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Safe

Being a pet owner comes with the responsibility of keeping them healthy and safe. Always feed your pet a high-quality pet food that contains no preservatives or fillers, and opt for one that includes a high-quality protein as the first ingredient, such as lamb, chicken, or beef.

Ensure you exercise your pet daily and provide mental stimulation. Take your pet for a yearly veterinarian exam and be sure to give a monthly Heartgard medication. Keep fleas and ticks at bay, and always provide your pet with fresh drinking water.

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divider-multipetFinal Thoughts

Trupanion is an excellent pet insurance company to consider. You can customize your plan according to your budget, and they cover X-rays, MRIs, and other imaging. They offer a 24/7 hotline and live chat but do not cover pre-existing conditions, which is standard within the pet insurance industry.

Bear in mind that they do not offer a wellness package, and if that is important to you, you may want to look elsewhere. However, the 90% payout is among the best in the industry, and we feel Trupanion is a contender to check out for pet coverage.

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