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7 Fun Things for Cats to Do at the Beach (With Pictures)

Tabby cat sitting on the beach

Granted, you don’t see cats at the beach every day, but it happens. Some cats are so laid-back and easy to please that they’re happy to accompany their people anywhere—even if that’s a place with a huge body of water and a bunch of strangers.

So, if you think your cat might be the kind of cat to have an absolute ball on the beach, what activities can you prepare to keep them occupied? Read on to find out some fun activities for beach-loving cats and tips on how to keep your cat safe at the beach.


The 7 Things for Cats to Do at the Beach

1. Dig for Treasure

To a cat, the beach is a gigantic sandbox. You might want to consider bringing a box with you, filling it with sand, and letting your cat dig for hidden toys. Alternatively, you can just hide bits and bobs directly in the sand and let your cat dig them out.

If you’re worried your cat might use the box as a litter box instead of hunting for treasure, bring something flat like a plastic sheet to spread sand on instead. This also helps limit their search area.

cat beach sand
Image Credit: Uggswhiteguy, Pixabay

2. Play with Ice Cubes

Playing with ice cubes is a fun summer activity for cats and helps keep them cool. Bring an ice box with you to store the ice cubes in and pop them out onto a plastic sheet or into a low box for your cat to bat about. You’ll likely need to bring quite a few ice cubes, though, as they won’t last long in warm weather.

3. Eat a Cat Ice Lolly

Ice lollies are a classic beach treat and there’s no reason your cat should miss out—they’re also great for keeping your cat hydrated and cool. You can make cat ice lollies at home with ingredients like the liquid from a can of tuna and water. You can even use a stick-shaped cat treat to use as the “holder”.

blue tabby maine coon cat licking homemade ice cream treat popsicle
Image By: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

4. Go for a Walk

Some cats absolutely love the feeling of sand under their paws, so you might want to consider taking your cat on a little adventure across the beach on a leash. Just make sure the sand isn’t too hot for their paws before you head off.

5. Chill Out

For some cats, nothing beats taking a good long snooze on the beach. Remember to bring a towel or blanket for them to sleep on and always monitor them to make sure they aren’t getting too hot. It’s also a great idea to put up an umbrella to keep them in the shade while they take a nap.

Domestic Longhair Cat Beach
Image By: birgl, Pixabay

6. Play Fetch

Though your cat won’t be able to take part in the volleyball or badminton game that’s going on on the beach, they can certainly play fetch if that’s what they enjoy. Bring along your cat’s favorite ball and let them bring it back to you. Just be careful not to throw it too far away!

7. Play with Toys

If your cat prefers teaser toys like mice on a stick, why not bring them along with you to the beach? In addition to teaser toys, you could bring:

  • Interactive cat puzzles
  • Puzzle/obstacle feeders
  • String
  • Remote control toys
  • Butterfly chasers
  • “Flopping fish” toys
Calico cat lying down on a beach towel
Image By: Basje3990, Pixabay


Cats at the Beach: Safety Tips

If you plan on taking your cat to the beach, safety has to be the main consideration. Here are some top tips for keeping your cat safe and comfortable at the beach.

  • Make sure to bring along a water bowl, ice cubes, and plenty of water to keep your cat hydrated.
  • Don’t stay on the beach with your cat for too long to avoid overheating.
  • Rub water on your cat’s fur if they get too hot.
  • Apply sunscreen formulated for cats to avoid burns and blisters.
  • Avoid taking your cat to the beach when it’s extremely hot or windy.
  • Bring an umbrella for shade.
  • Think twice before letting your cat go in the sea—they can easily be swept away by waves or you can lose sight of them if they go too far out. An alternative to swimming is to put your water-loving cat on their harness and let them paddle at the shore.
  • Never force your cat to go into the sea.
  • Bring along a cat carrier that your cat can retreat to.
  • Wash sand out of your cat’s fur when you leave the beach.
  • Watch out for symptoms of overheating (panting, rapid breathing, vomiting, lethargy, stumbling, etc.).


Though dogs are more commonly found at the beach than cats, there’s no reason your cat can’t enjoy a day at the beach, too—if that’s their thing. As long as you take safety precautions, make sure they’re well-hydrated, have a shady spot to hang out in, and don’t spend too long out in the sun, it should be fine. Oh—and don’t forget to check that the beach you have in mind permits pets. Bon voyage!

Featured Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969, Pixabay

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