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Gloves in a Bottle Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give Gloves in a Bottle a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

As a veterinary technician, hand hygiene isn’t just routine – it’s essential. Between ear cleanings, anal gland expressions, assisting in surgery, dental cleanings, and everything in between – I largely contribute to the hospital’s water bill by constantly washing my hands.

The result? Hands that are dry, cracked, and begging for hydration. Regular lotions either wash off at the next trip to the sink or have harsh chemicals that are not doing my skin any favors.

I am excited to say that I think I finally found the solution with Gloves in a Bottle. If you’re someone who’s always up to their elbows in soap and water, working in the elements, or just looking for a better way to moisturize, this product is about to become your new best friend.

What sets this product apart from the rest is its unique selling point – it doesn’t just hydrate; it shields your skin like an invisible pair of gloves (hence the name).


About Gloves in a Bottle

Gloves in a Bottle - product bottles

The idea of Gloves in a Bottle started back in the early 90s when founder, Dan Mueller, was involved in the mining industry. Miners would apply a thick paste before putting their gloves on as a secondary defense against the acids and chemicals used in mining.

Fast forward to today and with the help of doctors and chemists, Gloves in a Bottle was born. Not only did Gloves in a Bottle serve its original purpose by creating a protective layer for those working with hazardous materials, but the product quickly caught the attention of dermatologists who had patients struggling with dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and irritated skin.

Unlike conventional lotions where the skin becomes dependent on them, Gloves in a Bottle enhances the skin’s protective qualities, keeps irritants out, and the body’s natural moisture in.

Gloves in a Bottle is proudly made in the USA, dermatologist-approved, and FDA-approved.


In a market flooded with regular lotions that offer moisturization but lack the comprehensive benefits of Gloves in a Bottle, this product not only delivers superior hand protection but does so at a price point that’s budget-friendly.

With its long-lasting shield that reduces the need for frequent reapplication, it’s not just a cost-effective choice, but a wise investment in maintaining healthy and soft hands even in the most challenging situations.

Gloves in a Bottle offers varying sizes from travel-friendly to an entire gallon jug! The most popular size, the 8oz bottle, comes reasonably priced. When you consider the added benefits and lack of harmful substances found in other lotions, it’s obvious why it’s worth spending a couple extra bucks.

How Gloves in a Bottle Works

Traditional lotions and moisturizers coat your hands with wax-based substances. Pores become clogged and the skin loses the ability to breathe and perspire. With Gloves in a Bottle, the product literally becomes part of the outer layer of skin. The product binds to the epidermis and prevents the loss of natural oils and moisture while keeping irritants out. Additionally, because the product essentially becomes part of your skin, it doesn’t wash off the next time you wash your hands. The lotion comes off naturally as your skin exfoliates as it normally would.

As an added bonus, the company provides a variety of information on ingredients and clinical trials regarding the success and integrity of the product on their website.


  • Purified water
  • Dimethicone – Helps seal moisture on your skin
  • Stearic Acid – A saturated fatty acid found in plants that acts as a waxy substance
  • Glycerin – Helps attract moisture to your skin
  • Cetyl Alcohol – Helps keep skin moisture from evaporating
  • Stearyl Alcohol – Used as an emulsifier, thickener, and a pearlizing agent
  • Isopropyl Myristate – A lubricant that reduces the greasy feel of products
  • Triethanolamine – An organic chemical compound used as a pH balancer
  • Xanthan Gum – A binding agent to keep individual ingredients from separating
  • Hypromellose – A polymer that acts to swell and absorb water
  • Eicosene Copolymer – Improves adherence to the skin
  • Steareth-21 – A substance that keeps two or more ingredients from separating
  • Phenoxyethanol – A preservative

Gloves In A Bottle is 100% free from all parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol, salicylates, gluten, latex, dairy, wheat, soy, peas, corn, animal products, animal testing, added fragrance, colorants, peanuts, and all other nuts.

In other words, every ingredient in Gloves in a Bottle is on the FDA’s most safe list!

Gloves in a Bottle shielding lotion - trying out the product

Variety of Gloves in a Bottle

Gloves in a Bottle offers a versatile range of protective skincare solutions to cater to a variety of needs. Their product line includes different formulations, each with its unique focus. The original Gloves in a Bottle shields and hydrates the skin effectively, making it a go-to choice for daily hand care.

For individuals with specific concerns, there’s also a specialized version called “Gloves in a Bottle with SPF 15,” which not only protects but also provides added sun protection for outdoor activities.

The Gloves in a Bottle for Extremely Dry Hands uses a formula that alleviates even the discomfort associated with eczema-prone skin. The variety of Gloves in a Bottle products suit different skin types and address specific concerns, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of users seeking long-lasting skin protection and hydration.

In Summary

  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Effective skin protection and hydration
  • Needs regular reapplication
  • Can make hands slippery


Is Gloves in a Bottle a Good Value?

Gloves in a Bottle proves to be an excellent value when considering its unique protective and hydrating properties. While the initial cost might seem slightly higher than conventional hand lotions, its value becomes apparent with use. Since only a small amount is needed to create an effective protective barrier, a single bottle tends to last a considerable amount of time, offering a budget-friendly alternative to frequent reapplication of traditional moisturizers. This, coupled with the product’s ability to significantly reduce the need for additional skincare products, makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Gloves in a Bottle on table



Is Gloves in a Bottle safe to use alongside latex or nitrile gloves?

Yes, Gloves in a Bottle is compatible with latex, nitrile, and other types of gloves. It won’t interfere with the gloves’ integrity, making it an ideal choice for people who need to wear gloves regularly.

Can I use Gloves in a Bottle on other parts of my body besides my hands?

Absolutely! While it’s designed for hands, Gloves in a Bottle can be applied to any part of the body where you need added protection and moisture, such as your arms, legs, or elbows.

Who should consider using Gloves in a Bottle?

Gloves in a Bottle is ideal for anyone with dry, sensitive, or overworked skin. It’s especially beneficial for healthcare professionals, food service workers, gardeners, mechanics, artists, and individuals who frequently wash their hands or encounter harsh conditions.

Gloves in a Bottle - hand holding the product bottle


Our Experience With Gloves in a Bottle

As a veterinary technician, I’ve always prized myself on maintaining impeccable hygiene standards. However, this commitment came at a cost: the constant handwashing, glove changes, and exposure to various cleaning agents left my hands dry, irritated, and often in discomfort.

Gloves in a Bottle creates a unique, protective layer on the skin’s surface, acting as a barrier to keep irritants out while locking in natural moisture. The result? My hands stayed hydrated even in the face of frequent handwashing. The product’s long-lasting hydration worked like a charm, offering me soft, moisturized hands even after the most demanding shifts at the veterinary clinic. It is recommended to apply the product every 4-12 hours. Applying it at the beginning of my 12-hour shift and again about halfway through worked perfectly.

The true test of Gloves in a Bottle’s effectiveness, however, came when my husband, a plumber with hands equally affected by the relentless cycle of handwashing and glove-wearing, decided to try it. The results were equally impressive. It provided him with the same level of protection and moisture retention, effectively combating the dryness and irritation he faced daily.

What was even more astonishing was the product’s versatility. While initially designed for hands, we discovered it worked wonders on other dry and rough areas of our bodies. My husband, in particular, decided to experiment by applying it to his stubbornly dry knees and elbows. The product delivered the same level of hydration and skin-soothing benefits, effectively transforming these problem areas.

One of the unique aspects of Gloves in a Bottle is its formula, which differs from traditional moisturizers and creams. Instead of merely offering surface-level hydration, it creates a protective layer that bonds with the outermost layer of the skin. This protective barrier acts as a shield, locking in natural moisture while preventing the penetration of harmful elements. The product’s effectiveness lies in its ability to shield the skin, ensuring that moisture is retained even in the most challenging of conditions, such as my constant handwashing and my husband’s exposure to a range of abrasive substances.

It didn’t take us long to realize that a little goes a long way. Applying too much of the product initially made our hands a bit slippery. But once we got the hang of the right amount to use, it wasn’t an issue anymore. This was an important lesson to learn: a small amount of the product is incredibly effective, making it a cost-efficient choice compared to frequently reapplying traditional lotions and creams.

What makes Gloves in a Bottle truly remarkable is its compatibility with gloves, a feature that proved to be essential for both of us. In our respective professions, gloves are a vital part of our daily routines, and Gloves in a Bottle does not interfere with the integrity of the gloves. This means we can continue to benefit from the product’s protective properties without any disruption to our work.

Gloves in a Bottle hand shielding lotion



Gloves in a Bottle’s unique protective and hydrating formula provides a reliable shield against the harshest elements, making it an ideal choice for professionals in fields that demand frequent handwashing and glove usage. The natural ability to lock in the body’s moisture also makes it a great asset for those suffering from dermatologic diseases. The lotion’s versatility, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with gloves set it apart as a comprehensive and practical solution.

Once you find the right amount of product to use, it becomes an invaluable part of one’s daily routine. Whether you’re a veterinary technician like me or a plumber like my husband, Gloves in a Bottle is a reliable ally in maintaining healthy, hydrated, and protected skin. It’s a skincare solution that not only lives up to its promises but exceeds expectations, making it an essential addition to any daily skincare regimen.

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