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Goldendoodle Grooming: 6 Expert Tips

Goldendoodle Puppy getting sink bath

Goldendoodles are stunning, affectionate dogs that are mixes of Poodles and Golden Retrievers. These dogs are extremely intelligent, friendly, social, and generally low maintenance, which is why even first-time dog owners can easily care for Goldendoodles.

However, one step of Goldendoodle care could be tricky for people without previous experience: These dogs require regular and adequate grooming to keep their coats healthy and in good shape.

But what does a Goldendoodle grooming routine look like?

In this article, we provide six grooming tips that will enable you to maintain your Goldendoodle’s overall appearance, contribute to their overall well-being and health, and help your furry companion look their best.


The 6 Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

1.  Know Your Goldendoodle’s Coat Type

Goldendoodles can have three different types of coats, depending on the genetics that they inherit from their parents. Most Goldendoodles have either wavy or curly coats, though there’s also a rare possibility of these dogs having a straight coat.

This is important because some coat types are easier to care for than others.

Here is a list of Goldendoodle coat types according to maintenance difficulty:
  • Straight coat — A Goldendoodle with a straight coat is usually easy to care for and requires minimal brushing. However, this type of coat is the most impacted by Golden Retriever genetics, so Goldendoodles with straight coats will usually have undercoats and shed excessively. Also, due to their straight fur, these Goldendoodles don’t have that unique teddy bear appearance.
  • Wavy coat — This is the most common coat type for Goldendoodles, representing the mixture of both parents’ genes. Goldendoodles with wavy coats usually require less grooming than those with straight coats. They’re also often low shedding and only require weekly grooming.
  • Curly coat — Goldendoodles with curly coats have inherited more genes from their Poodle parent. This type of coat is usually demanding and requires frequent grooming to keep it free of tangles and mats.

2. Gather All the Necessary Grooming Tools

pet grooming tools
Image Credit: hurricanehank, Shutterstock

You’ll need various tools to upkeep your Goldendoodle’s coat and keep it in good shape. Gather all the items that you’ll need in advance. Although the maintenance needs of your Goldendoodle can vary based on their coat type, you will likely need the following items to groom them adequately:

  • Slicker brush
  • Metal comb
  • Clippers, clipper blades, and guards
  • Grooming scissors
  • Thinning shears
  • Pet nail clippers
  • Detangler spray and shampoo
  • Dog hair dryer

Grooming large Goldendoodles can often be more challenging than grooming small ones. In such instances, it might be useful to also invest in a grooming table.

3. Know How to Care for Your Goldendoodle’s Coat

When you’re caring for your Goldendoodle’s coat, multiple grooming tools are essential to give them a sleek appearance and to untangle all mats. Also, use a detangler spray while brushing, and first use a slicker brush to brush the coat, followed by a metal comb.

Combined, these canine grooming tools will enable you to keep your Goldendoodle’s coat healthy and good-looking. The slicker brush will help you brush out any mats and tangles from the fur, while a metal comb will help prevent future knots and get rid of dirt and loose hair.

The brushing frequency will depend on your Goldendoodle’s coat type; most Goldendoodles need weekly brushing.

4. Bathing and Blow Drying Are Essential

Asian woman dog owner are bathing furry dogs
Image Credit: MT.PHOTOSTOCK, Shutterstock

Besides grooming your Goldendoodle’s coat, you should engage in regular bathing and blow drying, which will help keep your dog’s coat healthy, clean, and shiny. As a rule of thumb, most Goldendoodles need bathing once a month unless they get dirty in between bathing.

When bathing your Goldendoodle, use dog shampoo, preferably one with a no-tear and untangling formula. After the bath, use a dog hair dryer to blow out the wet fur and make drying less time consuming.

5. Trim Your Doodle When Necessary

Goldendoodles have fast-growing coats, which is why many dog parents use clippers to trim their Doodles and keep their coats neat.

Trimming your Goldendoodle on your own is not essential, but if your furry friend becomes too “hairy,” trimming at home can be easier and more affordable than going to a groomer. That said, you should be the most careful when trimming the area around their head, neck, and face.

Remember to be calm and patient and not rush the process. Take your time to do the job thoroughly to prevent overheating or hurting your dog.

6. Don’t Forget About Ear, Nail, and Dental Care

brushing dog teeth
Image Credit: DWhiteeye, Shutterstock

Besides fur care, Goldendoodles require regular ear, nail, and dental care in order to stay healthy, maintain their well-being, and develop properly. Here’s what you need to know about these parts of Goldendoodle grooming.

Goldendoodle Ear Care

Goldendoodles are prone to ear infections, which is why it’s crucial to keep their ears clean and to regularly inspect them. The ear canal can easily become clogged due to dirt, debris, wax, hair, and sebum, leading to itchiness, redness, and swelling. If you notice that your Goldendoodle’s ear needs cleaning, it’s best to use a dog-appropriate ear cleaner to eliminate the ear canal build-up.

Goldendoodle Nail Care

Goldendoodles are generally active dogs that love to run around and play, which is why they do a good job at keeping their nails neat. However, you should still check your Goldendoodle’s nails every now and then and trim them if necessary.

Most Goldendoodles require nail trimming every 3–4 weeks to keep their claws in good shape, prevent overgrown nails, and enable them to move comfortably.

Goldendoodle Dental Care

Caring for your Goldendoodle’s teeth will keep your furry friend’s mouth smelling fresh and prevent dental problems in the future.

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  • Daily brushing with a canine toothpaste
  • Adding dental powder to your Doodle’s food
  • Occasionally offering chewable dental treats
  • Taking your Goldendoodle to regular vet dental cleanings


Do Goldendoodles Shed?

Like all dogs, these Doodles do shed, though their shedding levels will depend on their fur type. Goldendoodles with wavy and curly coats generally shed less than those with straight coats, which is why many people view them as a “hypoallergenic” dog breed. There’s no such thing as an entirely hypoallergenic dog, but Goldendoodles indeed shed less than many other popular dog breeds.



Goldendoodles are low-shedding, low-maintenance dogs that anyone can care for with little preparation. These canines have moderate grooming needs that may vary slightly based on the type of their coat. Wavy-coated Goldendoodles usually require less maintenance than straight-haired Goldendoodles.

Featured Image Credit: Asbacon, Shutterstock

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