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How Much Are Chinchillas at PetSmart? 2024 Price Update

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Chinchillas are clever, friendly, and oh-so-soft! These small mammals are among the most popular exotic pets, and they are on the cheaper end to buy and keep. Chinchillas are available from rescue organizations, breeders, and many PetSmart locations across the US. Many people go to PetSmart to buy animal supplies and live animals. A chinchilla will set you back around $149.99. Chinchillas at PetSmart are available at mid-range prices and generally only available in gray coloration.


Is PetSmart the Best Place to Buy a Chinchilla?

When you are deciding to buy a chinchilla, there are a few different factors to consider. One is the cost of adoption, another is the availability of choices, and finally, you should consider the health and well-being of the animal.

PetSmart isn’t the cheapest or the most expensive option for buying a chinchilla. Buying a chinchilla from a breeder can cost anywhere from $150–$400. You can also often rescue or adopt a chinchilla for anywhere from free to about $100. At Petsmart, buying a chinchilla will set you back around $149.99 as of the time of writing.

One drawback of buying a chinchilla from PetSmart is the lack of options available. Live animals are only available in-store, and if your store has chinchillas available, you might be highly limited when it comes to color and gender as compared to a breeder.

Finally, it is important to consider your chinchilla’s well-being. Chain pet stores have a reputation for unethically sourcing animals from mill breeders or improper conditions. Buying an animal from a pet store makes it impossible to know its background and health.

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Image By: benjamingross83, Pixabay


What Other Costs Are Involved When Buying a Chinchilla?

Whatever you pay for your chinchilla is going to be only a small percent of the lifetime cost of pet ownership. Feeding, equipment, and healthcare are also major costs to account for when you are buying a chinchilla.

Chinchilla Feeding Costs

Chinchillas eat a combination of hay and pelleted food. The costs depend on the brand of food and your chinchilla’s appetite, but you should expect to pay between $50 and $150 a year.

Chinchilla Equipment Costs

A chinchilla’s cage should have plenty of room to run around in, especially vertical space. Many quality cages will cost more than the chinchilla, in the range of $200 or more. It should be at least 30 inches wide and 40 inches high, with multiple levels made from climbing ledges, ladders, and ramps. You also need to provide toys, dust bathhouses, feeders and water bottles, and bedding. If the cost of a cage is prohibitive, you can always look for used setups that are cheap or free.

Chinchilla Vet Care Costs

Chinchillas need regular vet care. Yearly checkups will cost around $50 to $100, with additional costs like insurance, parasite treatment, and emergency funds adding up beyond that. Chinchillas are healthy animals, but putting aside an emergency fund in the form of a few hundred dollars in savings or an insurance plan is never a bad idea.

fluffy gray chinchilla runs in a wheel in its cage
Image By: rossiaa33, Shutterstock


Do I Need More Than One Chinchilla?

Chinchillas are social creatures that need a lot of interaction. They are often healthiest if kept with one or more other chinchillas. Chinchillas can be kept as breeding pairs (one male/one female) or as same-gender groups (two or more chinchillas of the same gender). If you choose to buy only one chinchilla, expect to spend extra time socializing and interacting with your pet so that she doesn’t become lonely.

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