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How Much Is a Turtle at PetSmart? 2024 Price Update & Alternatives

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PetSmart is one of the most convenient pet stores throughout America, making it a favorite destination for pet purchasing. Depending on your state regulations, you may be considering purchasing a pet turtle there.

Pet turtles from PetSmart are a bit expensive, but they aren’t outrageously priced. In general, you can get a turtle at PetSmart for $25 to $40. If you want to buy a turtle conveniently, PetSmart is one of the best options, but you might want to look elsewhere if you want the most affordable turtle or a turtle that possibly has been cared for better.

Keep reading to learn how much turtles cost at PetSmart and other stores, along with tips about choosing the best purchasing location for a pet turtle.


How Much Are Turtles at PetSmart?

The price of a turtle from PetSmart ranges from about $25 to $40. The exact price depends on your location and more importantly, the type of turtle you select.

pet turtle basking under the light in aquarium
Image By: Raz Bayragy, Shutterstock

Prices of Different Turtle Types at PetSmart

The turtles most often sold at PetSmart include red-eared sliders, painted turtles, and African sideneck turtles. All three of these varieties are common at pet stores in the U.S.

The red-eared slider is the cheapest of these three varieties because it’s the most common pet turtle. Red-eared sliders go for about $25 at PetSmart. They are named after the red stripe by their ears and are native to the U.S. and Mexico. You can find red-eared sliders at most pet stores that sell turtles.

Painted turtles are also common and affordable. They cost about $30 at PetSmart. They are widespread over North America, which is why they are so affordable. Much like red-eared sliders, you should be able to find painted turtles at most pet stores that sell turtles.

The African sideneck turtle is the most expensive type at PetSmart. It normally sells for about $40. The higher price is because it’s not common in the United States in the wild. But it is easy to raise in captivity, making it a relatively common pet turtle.

How Much Is a Turtle at Other Pet Stores?

In comparison to many other places, PetSmart is expensive for turtles. Although the turtles are not outrageously priced, you are still paying more at PetSmart than many other pet stores, especially those specializing in exotic pets.

You can find turtles for much lower prices online, such as at Backwater Reptiles. For example, red-eared sliders go for about $15 at most online stores, whereas they are about $10 more expensive at PetSmart. The same is true of turtles sold at specialty exotic pet stores.

Some stores offer turtles at the same price, though, including most other convenient pet stores. Petco, for instance, sells turtles for about the same price as PetSmart.

two turtle hatchlings in the aquarium
Image By: Rusinova Tatyana, Shutterstock

Why Is PetSmart More Expensive?

The reason that PetSmart, Petco, and other similar pet stores are more expensive is that you’re paying for the convenience that these stores offer. You can get the turtle the same day just by going to your local pet store.

In comparison, online stores typically specialize in various turtle breeds, which means they have more turtles to sell. This makes their prices more affordable and much fairer depending on the type. The downside of these websites is that you have to wait for your turtle to arrive.

Why Are Some Turtles Expensive?

A few factors impact how expensive a turtle is. Most importantly, the rarity of the species determines its price. The more common the turtle is, the more affordable it will be. Conversely, rare turtles will be more expensive and more difficult to find.

Another factor that impacts a turtle’s price is its natural location. Some turtles are common on certain continents, which makes them affordable there. However, they might be more expensive in areas of the world where they aren’t as common.

The last factor that impacts a turtle’s cost is its ease of breeding and care. Some turtles are easy to care for, whereas others are sensitive to the environment and care. Turtles that require more care will be more expensive because more money and care went into the turtle’s breeding and growth.

Most turtles from PetSmart are affordable breeds because they are common, found in the U.S., and easy to breed and care for.

a female hands holding a pet turtle
Image By: Ivan Smuk, Shutterstock

Where Is the Best Place to Buy a Turtle?

When it comes time to pick out a turtle, it’s important to carefully select where you purchase the turtle from. Not all stores and breeders are equal. If you select a bad breeder, your turtle is more likely to die prematurely.

It’s better to look for expos in your area that offer reputable and healthfully bred turtles. You can also trust certain online stores, but it’s important that you read the reviews to ensure that the turtles are shipped carefully and safely.

You could also consider looking on Craigslist for turtles. Many people are looking to get rid of their turtles and will even give them away for free. Most of the turtles from Craigslist will be a bit older, though, and the most common breeds.


Final Thoughts

PetSmart is expensive due to its convenience. Also, not all locations are well-known for responsibly breeding and caring for their pets. Therefore, you may want to avoid buying a turtle from PetSmart.

Instead, you can find healthier and more affordable turtles sold by individual breeders and online sites. Regardless of which breeder or store you choose, make sure you carefully consider the purchase location so you aren’t giving your money to individuals and companies that exploit turtles and refuse to care for them properly.

Featured Image Credit: Ivan Smuk, Shutterstock

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