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How to Calm Your Guinea Pig During 4th of July Fireworks (Vet Approved Tips)

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The 4th of July celebrations are fun for most people, but for animals, the holiday can induce stress and be downright frightening for your pets, including guinea pigs.

Fireworks are inevitable on this day (and sometimes a few days leading up to and afterward), and it’s best to have a plan in place before the festivities start. In this guide, we’ll list five tips on how to calm your guinea pig during this stressful time. Your guinea pig will be very much appreciative!


The 5 Tips for Calming Your Guinea Pig During Fireworks

1. Provide Extra Bedding

Guinea pigs like to hide when they are stressed or scared. They are prey animals and have the instinct to hide, but this is especially true for stressful situations (fireworks). Provide extra hay in their hutch so that he can burrow down. You can even place a cardboard box full of hay inside the cage, just be sure to cut holes for exits.

Fleece is a popular bedding option for guinea pigs. Fleece is great because it does not allow urine to soak in. Instead, it wicks it, which means it allows the urine to pass through the fabric. Your guinea pig will be nervous already, making a fleece option ideal for nervous trickles.

guinea pig eating hays
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

2. Move Cage to a Quiet Room

If you have a room in your home that shuts out noise, place your guinea pig’s cage in that room. You can even try shutting other rooms in your home close to your guinea pig’s vicinity to help drown out the noise of the fireworks. The quieter you can make the room, the better. If you usually have your guinea pig outside, bringing it inside during the fireworks is imperative.

3. Play Soothing Music

In addition to placing your guinea pig in a quiet room, you can play soft, soothing music to help drown out the noise of the fireworks. If you choose this method, ensure the music is not too loud for your guinea pig, as loud music may cause even more stress. The idea is to keep the environment as calm and soothing as possible while drowning out the booms of the fireworks.

man playing music
Image Credit: Spencer Selover, Pexels

4. Close Blinds and Shades

The loud booms of fireworks are not the only stressor for guinea pigs; the flashes of light can cause stress, too. Ensure you close the blinds or shades in your guinea pig’s room so that it doesn’t see the flashes. Odds are your guinea pig will be hunkered down, but it’s a good idea to take this extra precaution to be safe. If you don’t have blinds or shades on your window, you can always cover your guinea pig’s cage with a sheet. Ensure the sheet is opaque in order to block the flashes of light. Also, be careful not to use a heavy material that may block airflow to the cage.

5. Provide a Pigloo or Hut

Placing a comforting or familiar object inside the cage can help. Try placing a pigloo, hut, or some other form of hideout for your guinea pig (if you haven’t already). It’s vital to provide places in the cage for your guinea pig to retreat to when scared or nervous, and this will help with any type of situation and not just fireworks.

guinea pig in a wooden small house
Image Credit: Elya Vatel, Shutterstock



There are no stopping fireworks on the 4th of July, but that doesn’t mean your guinea pig has to suffer. In practicing these tips, your guinea pig will not be as stressed and can remain calm throughout the night. Be sure to check on your guinea pig after the fireworks have died down and provide hugs and snuggles if your guinea pig allows it. You can also provide safe treats to let it know everything is fine and swell.

Featured Image Credit: The Escape of Malee, Shutterstock

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