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How To Get Rid of Pet Bird Smell (4 Ideas & Tips)

african grey parrot on perch

Birds, such as parrots, make wonderful pets. They can be talkative, love to play, and are incredibly friendly. The smell that comes from having a bird in your home is less desirable, though. Pets, in general, can be a bit stinky, and birds are no exception.

However, you’ll be glad to know there are ways you can get rid of that parrot or pet bird smell in your home. It will just require a bit of willingness to do some work. You’ll be surprised at how big a difference these ideas and tips make!

Below are four great ideas, plus a few extra tips on how to get rid of pet bird smell.


The 4 Tips on How To Get Rid of Pet Bird Smell

1. Bathe Your Bird

Birds need to take baths, just like other pets, but how often your pet bird bathes will vary. Some birds enjoy daily baths, others not so much. If your bird is not a big fan of bathing, encourage them to bathe more often. Not only will it help with the pet bird’s odor, but it will keep their feathers and skin looking great!

You can put a birdbath in their cage or put them in a sink and mist them; you might even convince them to shower with you! If you go the birdbath route, be aware that it can become a cause of bad odors if it isn’t changed regularly—at least every other day is recommended.

a bird on the edge of a bird bath
Image Credit: Lindell325, Pixabay

2. Cage Maintenance

You should already be maintaining your parrot or pet bird’s cage, but you may find there’s a step you’ve been missing.

When it comes to keeping their cage nice and clean, you should first lay down birdcage liners or newspaper along the bottom of the cage in layers. With layers, you can get rid of the top layer each day and won’t have to refresh the linings until all the layers run out.

Next, be sure you remember to sweep or vacuum underneath the cage each day. Lots of debris, feathers, and even bird poop can make their way to the floor, causing odors. Better yet, put a mat of some kind under the cage to make cleaning that area simpler.

Finally, clean the cage once a week for larger birds (or if you have more than one bird) or every couple of weeks for smaller birds. Cleaning the cage thoroughly means taking everything out and washing it all in hot, soapy water.

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3. Food Area Maintenance

Are you cleaning your parrot or pet bird’s food and water dishes each day? If not, this could be a major source of the bird smell. We’ve already mentioned that dirty water can smell but leaving fresh or wet food in your bird’s cage for several days can stink up the place too. Not only will fresh food rot, but both fresh and wet food can start to attract insects if not cleaned up in a timely manner.

parrots eating food
Image By: Dewald Van Rensburg, Pixabay

4. Bird Odor Remover

After cleaning your bird’s cage with hot, soapy water, you can use a specially-formulated bird cleaner and deodorizer to tackle nasty smells further. These deodorizers typically provide continuous odor control and are easy to use—just spray, then wipe! Because these products are made for birds, they’re perfectly safe, so long as you use them as directed.



Getting Rid of Pet Bird Smell Tips

And a few more things you should know about getting rid of parrot smells or other pet bird smells!

  • Birds can be sensitive to chemical odors, so avoid using scented candles or aerosol air fresheners to mask the smells they create.
  • Instead of using air fresheners, you can try misting undiluted white vinegar in the air to neutralize odors. It’ll be pungent at first, but once the vinegar smell is gone, you should be good!
  • If the thought of vinegar makes you ill, you can try mixing baking soda, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a bowl to freshen up the house.
  • If your bird makes a mess with their poop, don’t wait to clean it up! Always clean it up the moment you realize it’s there. Poop can get stuck in your pet’s wings or feet and be spread around if it isn’t taken care of right away.
Australian Cinnamon & Orange-Faced Lovebird in a cage
Image By: M.Gunsyah, Shutterstock



As bad as they can smell, there are ways you can get rid of parrot and pet bird odors. Most involve indulging in some extra cleanliness, but we think you’ll find it well worth it! You can also invest in a good deodorizer made for birds and use natural products in place of air fresheners to keep your house smelling nice. After a couple of weeks of using these ideas and tips, hopefully, your home will smell as good as new.

Featured Image Credit: wasi1370, Pixabay

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