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7 Most Expensive Betta Fish in the World (2024 Guide)

male koi betta fish

Betta fish are a perennial favorite freshwater fish because of their beautiful fins and colors, as well as their interactive personalities and intelligence. Most Bettas retail for under $20, with some selling for as little as $3. However, that doesn’t mean that all Bettas are affordable for the average person in the market for a fish. Some of these fish can sell for hundreds of dollars. Here are some of the most expensive Bettas you can find.


The 7 Most Expensive Betta Fish in the World

1. Kachen Worachai

Kachen Worachai
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Colors: Blue, white, red
Tail Fin Shape: Halfmoon
Top Price: $1,570

The Kachen Worachai Betta is a Halfmoon Plakat Betta that sports the colors of the Thai flag. This fish has a blue body with a white belly and red fins. This Betta is breathtaking! It has deep, eye-catching colors that are second to none.

Like all Plakat Bettas, the Kachen Worachai has short fins that give it the appearance of a large body. It can be larger than other varieties of Bettas, but this is true of all Plakats. In one auction, the Kachen Worachai sold for a whopping $1,570.

2. Halfmoon Plakat

Betta Black Copper Halfmoon Plakat
Credit: happymay, Shutterstock
Colors: All
Tail Fin Shape: Halfmoon
Top Price: $1,500

The most expensive Betta ever sold was a Kachen Worachai, which is a specific type of Halfmoon Plakat. There are lots of colors that these fish can show up in, with many unique and interesting patterns. Their colors and patterns tend to be reliant on their environment, as well as genetics. They are the most similar to wild Bettas’ appearance, so some are duller or more neutral in color than others. Halfmoon Plakats can sell for upwards of $1,500.

3. Crowntail

Crowntail Betta Fish
Image Credit: arif saifuloh, Shutterstock
Colors: All with iridescent scales
Tail Fin Shape: Crowntail
Top Price: $500

The Crowntail Betta is a unique Betta with fins that tend to be longer than most other varieties. Their fins feature distinctive fringing and are available in crossed, single, and double-ray fins. They come in all colors but tend to have dark bodies. They have iridescent scales that typically shine with a blue or green coloration. Depending on market availability and the uniqueness of an individual fish, these Bettas can retail for upwards of $500.

4. Rosetail

dancing golden halfmoon rosetail marble grizzle betta_Macro stud_shutterstock
Credit: Macro Stud, Shutterstock
Colors: All, primarily red, white, and pink
Tail Fin Shape: Rose Halfmoon
Top Price: $50

The Rosetail Betta is a variant of the Halfmoon Betta, so it features a halfmoon-shaped tail that has a full 180° fan. The tail’s shape is slightly different from the traditional Halfmoon, though, instead taking on an appearance similar to a rose petal. While they can come in any color, most Rosetails are some combination of white, red, and pink.

They tend to darken with age, often starting with more white and pink and darkening to a deeper red as they age. Rosetails typically sell for $50 or less unless they’re an exceptionally rare color.

5. Feathertail

feathertail betta fish in black background
Image Credit: Digital Art Studio TH, Shutterstock
Colors: All
Tail Fin Shape: Feathered Halfmoon
Top Price: $50

The Feathertail Betta is unique because its tail fin is split into multiple sections that are all delicate and almost hair-like in texture. These Bettas are available in any color, although koi patterns are uncommon in this variety. Some fishkeepers prefer to avoid the Feathertail due to its high level of aggression. These fish are not suitable for tanks with any tankmates. Feathertails tend to cost $30–$50.

6. Dumbo

dumbo betta fish in an aquarium
Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock
Colors: All
Tail Fin Shape: Halfmoon
Top Price: $25

The Dumbo Betta is also sometimes called the Elephant Ear. This variety has oversized pectoral fins, giving it the appearance of large, elephant-like ears. These fish can come in most colors and patterns, but marble and koi patterns are rare. Like Feathertails, Dumbos tend to be very aggressive and unsuitable for tankmates. Due to breeding difficulties and their aggression, these Bettas can be challenging to find and can cost up to $25.

7. Koi

koi betta fish
Image Credit: Paisit Teeraphatsakool, Shutterstock
Colors: All
Tail Fin Shape: All
Top Price: $20

The Koi Betta is a pattern, not a specific variety, so they are available in all tail shapes and color combinations. What differentiates Koi Bettas from others is their distinctive marble-like pattern. Each scale can be its own color, giving a unique design to each fish and making every scale visible. In pet stores, the most common Koi Betta is a Plakat. The variety of Betta that has Koi patterning can significantly impact the price of the fish, but in general, they don’t cost more than $20.


What Are the Rarest Betta Fish Colors?

There are some Betta fish colors that you’re unlikely to spot in your local pet store. Some of them can even be difficult to find from specialty shops and Betta breeders. One of the rarest colors is albino, which is a complete lack of color. These fish are pure white, giving them an almost ghostly appearance. However, they tend to be plagued with health problems and have short lifespans.

A fully or mostly purple Betta is very difficult to find, but they do exist. You have to go to a specialty shop or breeder to find this color. Lemon yellow is an uncommon color, especially if you’re looking for a Betta that is primarily yellow. Orange Bettas don’t exist, but some have a tangerine orange coloration on their body. True green Bettas also don’t exist. Sometimes, you might find Bettas with a pretty turquoise coloration, but bright or dark true green doesn’t occur.



If you’re looking for an everyday Betta fish, you won’t have trouble finding one in your pet store. If you’re looking for an expensive specialty Betta, you will have to turn to specialty fish stores, special orders, and breeders. Be prepared to shell out considerably more for a rare or unusual Betta than you would for the average pet store Betta fish. Bettas only have a life expectancy of 2–5 years, so an expensive Betta is quite the investment.

Featured Image Credit: Ron Kuenitz, Shutterstock

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