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30 Most Searched Pet Brands in the US: 2024 Statistics

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Note: This study is focused on independent brands in the pet space, excluding large pet care retailers.

The pet industry is booming. The international pet market is currently worth a staggering $261 billion, with Americans predicted to have spent close to $110 billion on their pets in 2022. Naturally, this makes the pet industry very competitive in almost every sector, from pet tech and pet insurance to pet consumables, gear, and more. We want to know which pet brands are the most in-demand among US pet owners by analyzing each brand’s web search traffic, the estimated search volume for each brand as a keyword, and their overall social media popularity.

We grabbed our research hats and gathered data about 150 well-known, independent US pet brands. Our main goal was to establish the 30 most popular pet brands in the US today based on five metric categories; estimated monthly search traffic and search volume in the US over a period of 12 months (May 2022–May 2023), collective social media following, domain rating (DR), and Instagram hashtag volume.

We were also curious about which US states have the highest search interest over a period of 12 months for each particular brand in the top 30. And we decided to award the top 10 most popular US pet brands, each with a unique title that boasts their most significant achievement as a pet brand!

Who will be crowned the most searched pet brands in the US today? Let’s dig in!


Top 30 Pet Brands

1. Rover

PetKeen_Rover stat article infographic_v2-1_Jul 11 2023_Artboard 1

Founded In: 2011
Estimated Team Size: 600
Instagram Handle: @roverdotcom
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 3,765,908
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 261,000
Collective Social Media Following: 1,121,568
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 83
Instagram # Volume: 227,000
Total score out of 150: 146

Rover is an online pet marketplace founded in 2011 by Aaron Easterly, Philip Kimmey, and Greg Gottesman. The marketplace was designed to connect cat and dog parents with excellent pet sitters and dog walkers in locations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company’s mission? To simplify life for pet parents so more people could adopt and enjoy the love of pets. Rover boasts the largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers around, and available services of the company have grown to include doggie daycare, dog boarding, house sitting, and dog training. Rover also completes background checks on all walkers and sitters, offers 24/7 support for pet parents, and the Rover Guarantee.

2. BarkBox

PetKeen_BarkBox stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2011
Estimated Team Size: 450
Instagram Handle: @barkbox
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 261,634
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 162,000
Collective Social Media Following: 3,972,480
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 78
Instagram # Volume: 4,100,000
Total score out of 150: 137

BarkBox believes dogs make life better, so why shouldn’t we make our pups as happy as can be? Founded in 2011 by Matt Meeker, Carly Strife, and Hendrik Werdelin, BarkBox offers a subscription box full of dog products sure to delight any canine. The traditional BarkBox provides treats, toys, and more based around a monthly theme, while the Super Chewer box supplies chews, durable toys, and treats for dogs that chew through things quickly. The company now also offers a Dental Box with a monthly dental kit to keep your pet’s teeth looking great and a Food Box containing delicious food and helpful supplements. BarkBox also aims to give back to its community by advocating for more dog-friendly public spaces and surrender-prevention services.

3. Trupanion

PetKeen_Trupanion stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2008
Estimated Team Size: 1,187
Instagram Handle: @trupanion
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 402,582
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 84,600
Collective Social Media Following: 219,084
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 86
Instagram # Volume: 38,300
Total score out of 150: 121

Though Trupanion has only been around in the United States since 2008, it got its start in 1998 (under the name Vetinsurance International, Inc.). The idea for Trupanion came even earlier than that, though, when 15 years previous, a teenaged Darryl Rawlings lost his beloved pup because it couldn’t receive surgery, as his family couldn’t afford it. He knew there must be a way to make healthcare for pets more affordable; thus, the idea for pet insurance was born. Far from its humble beginnings, Trupanion now has insured half a million pets in North America and paid over $1 billion in medical claims for its clients. The company’s continuing mission is to insure even more pets in North America!

4. Litter-Robot

PetKeen_LitterRobot stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2000
Estimated Team Size: 77
Instagram Handle: @thelitterrobot
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 362,848
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 83,900
Collective Social Media Following: 600,700
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 71
Instagram # Volume: 25,400
Total score out of 150: 114

The idea for the Litter-Robot came into being in 1999 when founder and inventor Brad Baxter decided there simply had to be a better way to clean a litter box than via scooping. It took a bit of time and many prototypes, but eventually, the Litter-Robot was born in 2000. Over 20 years later, the Litter-Robot is still going strong with new iterations that help relieve pet parents of the daily minutiae of caring for their favorite felines. The Litter-Robot works by rotating each time a cat leaves the litter box and dumping out all the clumped litter that has gathered before replacing the unused litter. Used litter is collected in a tray beneath the Litter-Robot, which is then dumped by the owner every 2–3 days (depending on the number of cats using it).

5. The Farmer’s Dog

PetKeen_TheFarmersDog stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2014
Estimated Team Size: 389
Instagram Handle: @thefarmersdog
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 453,659
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 94,500
Collective Social Media Following: 598,839
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 72
Instagram # Volume: 5000
Total score out of 150: 112

The Farmer’s Dog was founded by a couple of dog parents who know from experience that highly processed dog foods aren’t as healthy as they claim to be. When Brett’s dog, Jada, had severe digestive issues that weren’t being cleared up by switching foods, Jada’s vet suggested he cook her meals. So, he did, and the problems disappeared quickly. He realized mass-market dog foods could be entirely unhealthy for our canine companions and decided to turn unconditional love into simple care by reimagining pet food. Today, the company delivers millions of freshly prepared meals to dog parents via a subscription service. Meals come in pork, chicken, turkey, and beef flavors and are made from fresh, human-grade ingredients.

6. Trusted House Sitters

PetKeen_Trusted House Sitters stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2010
Estimated Team Size: 152
Instagram Handle: @trustedhousesitters
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 359,948
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 24,500
Collective Social Media Following: 409,636
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 74
Instagram # Volume: 50,200
Total score out of 150: 107

If you‘ve ever gone on vacation but worried the entire time about leaving your pet and house behind, then Trusted House Sitters is the service you need. Founded in 2010 by Andy Peck, this pet-loving community is on a global mission to ensure pets enjoy their parents’ vacations and pet parents don’t have to worry about their animals left at home. Trusted House Sitters works by connecting pet parents with people who will come watch their pets while they’re gone in exchange for a free place to stay. Pet sitting and house sitting rolled into one! This service is currently operating in over 130 countries and offers accident and home protection, plus 24/7 vet advice (for free!).

7. Tractive

PetKeen_Tractive stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2012
Estimated Team Size: 202
Instagram Handle: @tractive
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 322,695
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 33,500
Collective Social Media Following: 207,632
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 74
Instagram # Volume: 38,900
Total score out of 150: 103

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that pets can sometimes go missing, but with Tractive, you can make finding them that much easier. Founded in 2012 by three Michaels (Hurnaus, Tscherneuth, and Lettner), Tractive makes GPS trackers for not just dogs but also cats. These trackers allow pet parents to monitor their pet’s activity, see real-time location info, track sleep patterns, and put up virtual fences, all via smartphone! The tracker fits on your pet’s collar, is waterproof, and can be recharged in only about 2 hours. Plus, tracking is available in 175 countries, so even if you travel with your pet, they should be covered.

8. Bring Fido

PetKeen_Bring Fido stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2005
Estimated Team Size: 26
Instagram Handle: @bringfido
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 783,012
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 22,100
Collective Social Media Following: 93,724
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 77
Instagram # Volume: 103,000
Total score out of 150: 97

Bring Fido was founded by Melissa Halliburton after she was unable to find a pet policy for a hotel she was considering using. Within a year, she and her friends called every single hotel located in the United States to determine their pet policies regarding dogs, and Bring Fido was born. Designed to make traveling with pets simpler for pet parents, Bring Fido has grown to be the biggest pet travel brand around, featuring over half a million places to stay, eat, and play with your pup in 14,000 cities across the world. Using an app and website, Bring Fido makes it easy for dog owners to not only compare but book hotels and rentals (with no booking fees). Other accommodations searchable with this company include restaurants, vets, hiking trails, sitters, shopping, groomers, and dog parks.

9. Lemonade Pet Insurance

PetKeen_Lemonade stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2016
Estimated Team Size: 1233
Instagram Handle: @lemonade_inc
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 420,689
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 188,700
Collective Social Media Following: 135,680
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 78
Instagram # Volume: 100
Total score out of 150: 94

Founded by Shai Wininger and Daniel Schreiber, Lemonade’s mission states it is “transforming insurance from a necessary evil into a social good.” As such, the company offers a wide range of insurances, including car, homeowner, renter, and most importantly, pet. Intending to provide the most transparent insurance one can find, Lemonade offers a digital experience with quick turnarounds on claims and gives you only the coverage your dog or cat needs. Lemonade’s basic plan covers everything from accidents to diagnostic services and provides some of the cheapest monthly premiums on the market. The company is also a public benefit corporation, giving back to its community when possible.

10. Pretty Litter

PetKeen_Pretty Litter stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2015
Estimated Team Size: 40
Instagram Handle: @prettylitter
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 214,833
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 153,000
Collective Social Media Following: 341,473
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 58
Instagram # Volume: 5,000
Total score out of 150: 90

Founder Daniel Rotman was always a pet lover, having grown up with several pets, including his cat, Gingi. However, Gingi was diagnosed with a terminal illness later in life that was caught too late to do much about it. The experience reaffirmed for Rotman that felines are naturally stoic, making it more difficult to tell when they are ill. That’s why he created Pretty Litter. This litter helps you be proactive with your kitty’s health by changing color when something is off to warn you of potential health problems. This way, you can have your pet checked by a vet sooner rather than later, hopefully saving their life (and yourself money and heartbreak in the long run). Pretty Litter also promotes feline health by giving back to and being involved with their community by working with several partners, including The Humane Society and Animals for Armed Forces.

11. Fi Dog Collar

PetKeen_Fi Dog Collar stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2017
Estimated Team Size: 123
Instagram Handle: @fi.dogs
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 204,543
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 25,500
Collective Social Media Following: 394,365
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 64
Instagram # Volume: 19,400
Total score out of 150: 87

Fi was founded by Loren Kirkby and Jonathon Bensamoun in 2017 and is a tech company that makes smart dog collars. Unlike Airtags, which require your dog to be within at least 200 feet of your iPhone, Fi uses GPS and the LTE-M cellular network to track lost canines. The collar boasts a battery life of 3 months and a built-in night light so you can see your dog even when it’s dark. Fi also claims it can detect if your pup escapes your yard or home, so you can be alerted immediately. The collar will also keep track of your dog’s activity, such as how many steps your pet takes each day, so you know just how much exercise your pet is getting. The collar comes with a mobile app that can be used to keep track of your pet and even set safe zones for them, so you always know where your dog is!

12. Embark Vet

PetKeen_Embark Vet stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2015
Estimated Team Size: 141
Instagram Handle: @embarkvet
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 107,685
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 12,600
Collective Social Media Following: 254,550
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 75
Instagram # Volume: 35,400
Total score out of 150: 85

Ever wondered just what breeds your dog is made up of? Embark Vet can help! This company, founded in 2015 by Ryan and Adam Boyko, Embark offers the most accurate and comprehensive DNA tests for dogs. Not only does this enable one to find out more about their dog’s ancestry, but it also allows owners to discover possible health issues that can arise from genetics. Health testing was the reason the company was created in the first place, as Ryan Boyko wanted to make health testing for dogs more accessible. The tests are easy to use—you only need to swab your pet’s mouth—and results are extensive, including everything from a list of breeds that compose your dog to genetic markers to potential health issues.

13. Healthy Paws

PetKeen_Healthy Paws stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2009
Estimated Team Size: 93
Instagram Handle: @gohealthypaws
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 157,956
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 40,250
Collective Social Media Following: 148,481
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 72
Instagram # Volume: 12,500
Total score out of 150: 83

Started in 2009 by Rob Jackson and Steve Siadek, Healthy Paws’ goal is to help animals, both homeless and adopted, and enable pet parents to save valuable dollars on health care for their pets. Thus, the pet insurance portion of Healthy Paws and the non-profit foundation portion that helps shelters care for sick animals were born. Over the years, Healthy Paws has worked to make pet insurance for cats and dogs even easier to get and deal with for pet owners. The company created the first app for pet insurance, made it easier to manage insurance digitally, and did away with claim forms. Healthy Paws gives you a simple plan that covers a variety of conditions, accidents, and more, with no caps on payments for claims and quick turnarounds for those payments.

14. Freshpet

PetKeen_Freshpet stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2006
Estimated Team Size: 382
Instagram Handle: @freshpet
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 100,884
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 32,500
Collective Social Media Following: 233,709
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 65
Instagram # Volume: 12,700
Total score out of 150: 79

Freshpet is a pet food company for dogs and cats that is dedicated to bringing delicious and fresh food to pets. Created in 2006 by John Phelps, Scott Morris, and Cathal Walsh, Freshpet sources its ingredients locally whenever possible and supports their local farmers to bring your dog or cat nutritious foods that will keep your pet feeling their best. The company offers numerous product lines (though there are more options for canines than felines), including non-GMO, homestyle recipes, grain-free, and more. Freshpet has partnered with Petco on a food subscription service, but you can also purchase its products from other partners, such as Amazon or Chewy.

15. Furbo

PetKeen_Furbo stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2014
Estimated Team Size: 115
Instagram Handle: @furbodogcamera
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 11,189
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 25,000
Collective Social Media Following: 557,523
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 70
Instagram # Volume: 21,800
Total score out of 150: 79

The Furbo dog camera was dreamt up in 2014 when founders Steve and Victor Chang and Maggie Cheung found it was getting increasingly difficult to leave their dogs at home while they left the house. After talking to other dog parents who had the same issue, the group came up with the idea of a dog camera that would not only let you see what your pup was up to while you were away but let you talk to them from wherever you were, too. Plus, the Furbo dog camera would allow you to remotely give treats to your pet and even let you know if your dog was getting barky. Their current cameras also provide dog activity alerts, emergency alerts, short videos, and more! With the Furbo, you never have to feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone again.

16. Embrace Pet Insurance

PetKeen_Embrace stat article infographic_v1_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2003
Estimated Team Size: 170
Instagram Handle: @embracepetins
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 188,321
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 52,600
Collective Social Media Following: 99,802
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 73
Instagram # Volume: 1,000
Total score out of 150: 75

The idea for Embrace Pet Insurance came about in 2003 and won the Wharton Business Plan Competition that year. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that the first policy was sold. With a mission of giving pet owners the ability to prioritize the health of their pets without being put into debt, Embrace has built a company that makes claims easy and gives customers support throughout the entire insurance process. Plans cover almost everything (minus pre-existing conditions), including dental, orthopedic, and chronic conditions. You can even get coverage for medications, acupuncture, and specialist care through Embrace (depending on the plan you opt for). The company also gives back, with approximately a half million dollars being donated to date.

17. Good Dog

PetKeen_Good Dog stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2018
Estimated Team Size: 97
Instagram Handle: @gooddog
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 254,626
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 16,400
Collective Social Media Following: 112,456
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 78
Instagram # Volume: 5,000
Total score out of 150: 72

If you aren’t a dog parent yet, but you’d like to be, Good Dog is the site for you. Founders Lauren McDevitt and Josh Wais created Good Dog to help end irresponsible and unethical sourcing of canines. Instead of not knowing just who you’re adopting your dog from, with this site, you can rest assured you’re getting a pup from a vetted source. All breeders on this site are evaluated in five areas and screened thoroughly; rescues and shelters are similarly vetted. And for potential dog owners, there is a Code of Ethics to follow. Good Dog has options for dozens upon dozens of dog breeds, so you’re liable to find just the dog you want through them!

18. Just Food for Dogs

PetKeen_Just Food for Dogs stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2010
Estimated Team Size: 253
Instagram Handle: @justfoodfordogs
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 84,350
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 44,800
Collective Social Media Following: 139,273
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 55
Instagram # Volume: 15,500
Total score out of 150: 71

Shawn Buckley founded Just Food for Dogs in 2010 with the aim of increasing the nutrition and quality often found lacking in traditional dog foods. He began cooking for his dogs, saw how much healthier they became, and decided to create the first “pet food kitchen” so other dogs could benefit. All of Just Food for Dogs’ recipes are made fresh with human-grade ingredients and created with the help of a team of vets and specialists. When it comes to prepared meals, you have several options, such as fresh frozen, pantry fresh, custom meals, and even supplements. And though the name of the company is Just Food for Dogs, they do offer a couple of products for felines now. Best of all, the company keeps its fresh meals more affordable with mission-based pricing.

19. PupBox

PetKeen_PupBox stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2014
Estimated Team Size: 11-50 > Acquired by Petco
Instagram Handle: @pupbox
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 26,606
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 10,600
Collective Social Media Following: 435,847
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 51
Instagram # Volume: 501,000
Total score out of 150: 68

When you’re in need of some help training a new puppy, PupBox is one website you want to check out. Launched by Ariel and Ben Zvaifler after they realized they needed help figuring out how to train their new puppy and what sort of food and toys were safe for it, PupBox is designed to help you with your pup every step of the way to adulthood. This monthly subscription box comes with hand-selected toys, accessories, treats, and training guides for your pet to help you both through the early years. The fun doesn’t end there, though! You can also continue getting monthly goodies for your dog all the way to its senior years. Pricing for monthly boxes varies by how long you sign up for the service.

20. Open Farm

PetKeen_Open Farm stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2014
Estimated Team Size: 90
Instagram Handle: @openfarmpet
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 36,520
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 25,800
Collective Social Media Following: 201,343
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 59
Instagram # Volume: 5,000
Total score out of 150: 64

When you’re looking for healthier meals for your pet but are also concerned about the environment, Open Farm is there to help with ethically and sustainably sourced meals. Open Farm is a family affair founded by a husband-and-wife team, along with the husband’s brother. With a mission of creating positive changes in the industry of pets through respecting the welfare of farm animals and creating better food for our beloved pets, Open Farm offers products for both cats and dogs. Whether you’re looking for dry, wet, raw, or fresh food, bone broths, or delicious treats, this pet food company has something for everyone. They provide grain-free and meat-free options, as well as products that are lower carbon. With Open Farm, you know you’re feeding your pet the best while also respecting the environment.

21. Pumpkin Pet Insurance

PetKeen_Pumpkin Pet Insurance stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2020
Estimated Team Size: 139
Instagram Handle: @pumpkincares
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 458,112
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 18,000
Collective Social Media Following: 74,811
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 70
Instagram # Volume: 1,000
Total score out of 150: 63

This pet insurance company was launched by Zoetis, which is the largest animal health company in the world. Pumpkin’s mission is to make the best pet health care available affordable to more people. To that end, the company helps make essential preventive vet care more affordable for pet parents while offering some of the most extensive illness and accident health care coverage. They have individual insurance plans for puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats that cover a range of services, such as exam fees, behavioral issues, accidents, illness, and more. Insurance plans also provide you with 90% cashback on all items covered by the plan!

22. Sniffspot

PetKeen_Sniffspot stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2016
Estimated Team Size: 9
Instagram Handle: @sniffspots
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 192,659
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 24,600
Collective Social Media Following: 105,227
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 59
Instagram # Volume: 5,000
Total score out of 150: 59

Founder David Adams started Sniffspot with one simple idea—to make the world a little dog-friendlier. In a world where too many dogs don’t have enough room to run and play, Sniffspot offers an easy solution: renting land to let your pup run off-leash. What began as crowdsourcing of people’s yards for this has now grown to rentable dog parks of all kinds in all 50 states in the US. Locating a space for your pup to play is easy; all you need to do is search your area, along with the date you want to rent the land. These parks are rented by the hour, and prices vary for how much you pay per dog per hour. You can even sign up to be a host for a private dog park if you have some land you don’t mind renting out! Sniffspot now also offers listings for the top dog trainers in the United States.

23. Instinct Dog Food

PetKeen_Instinct Dog Food stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2002
Estimated Team Size: 214
Instagram Handle: @instinctpetfood
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 19,151
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 12,000
Collective Social Media Following: 694,869
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 56
Instagram # Volume: 5,000
Total score out of 150: 58

Instinct’s mission is to transform the lives of our pets, so they can all live life to their fullest and healthiest potential. And because the company believes a pet’s best life begins with food, they’ve created raw diets that feature real meat, veggies, and fruit. All meals prepared by Instinct meet the highest food safety and quality standards. Why raw food? Because Instinct believes raw food diets offer a noticeable improvement in an animal’s health and well-being, from keeping coats shiny to helping digestion improve. This company offers a variety of foods for dogs and cats, including frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, and even kibble. You can purchase Instinct’s food lines online or at neighborhood pet stores.

24. Zesty Paws

PetKeen_Zesty Paws stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2014
Estimated Team Size: 58
Instagram Handle: @zestypaws
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 14,015
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 50,700
Collective Social Media Following: 381,703
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 45
Instagram # Volume: 1,000
Total score out of 150: 56

Concerned about some aspect of your dog or cat’s health? Then Zesty Paws might have a solution. This brand of pet supplements aims to inspire a “zest for life” in pet parents and pets alike. Featuring premium ingredients and backed by extensive research, Zesty Paws supplements for dogs and cats keep your fur baby healthy and happy. Whether your pet could use a boost in the joint department, gut health, or with allergies, this company has you covered (though products for felines are quite a bit more limited than those for canines). Some of their best-selling products include Scoot Away (for gut health), Calming Bites (for anxiety), and Salmon Oil for Cats and Dogs (for healthier coats and skin).

25. The Dog Bakery

PetKeen_The Dog Bakery stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2007
Estimated Team Size: 11-50
Instagram Handle: @thedogbakery
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 57,072
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 19,600
Collective Social Media Following: 96,617
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 50
Instagram # Volume: 11,200
Total score out of 150: 48

The Dog Bakery, located in California (but don’t worry, they ship to the entire US!), has a goal of creating the greatest and best-tasting dog treats for pups. After all, we aren’t the only ones who love a little dessert every now and again! After a decade of baking, The Dog Bakery has perfected the art of making fresh-baked and all-natural treats. Whether you’re looking for a cake to celebrate your favorite canine’s birthday or just a few treats or chews, you can find it here. Just a few of their best-sellers include bully sticks, jerky, apple pie wheat-free bone treats, and ice cream for dogs.

26. Ollie Dog Food

PetKeen_Ollie Dog Food stat article infographic_v2_Jul 5 2023

Founded In: 2016
Estimated Team Size: 146
Instagram Handle: @ollie
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 34,078
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 18,100
Collective Social Media Following: 136,791
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 67
Instagram # Volume: 500
Total score out of 150: 46

Founded by Gabby Slome, Benjamin Sun, Randy Jimenez, and Alexandre Douzet, Ollie is a pet wellness brand with a focus on making fresh, delicious meals for dogs. The company believes canines’ happiness, health, and longevity starts with their food, so they’ve come up with healthy, all-natural, human-grade meal recipes your pup will love. Whether looking for fresh, flash-frozen recipes to ensure a longer shelf life or baked kibble with whole ingredients, Ollie has what you need. And if you have a membership, there’s also a selection of treats and supplements you can get. Ollie is a subscription meal service with a handful of meal plans you can choose from, so you get just the right food for your dog.

27. Figo Pet Insurance

PetKeen_Figo Pet Insurance stat article infographic_v2_Jul 6 2023

Founded In: 2013
Estimated Team Size: 90
Instagram Handle: @figopet
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 36,636
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 13,800
Collective Social Media Following: 39,825
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 73
Instagram # Volume: 1,000
Total score out of 150: 44

Figo Pet Insurance was started by pet parents tired of searching for pet insurance that fit their lifestyle; in the end, they created their own. As such, Figo is designed to work with you and your pet’s lives with fewer barriers and more benefits than other insurance companies. Figo simplifies the entire process of insurance as much as it can and offers policies customizable to your pet’s exact needs. With Figo, you can be sure your cat or dog is covered in the case of emergencies, chronic conditions, illnesses, hereditary disorders, and more. Claim payments aren’t capped, so you save more money, and in some states, certain curable pre-existing conditions may be covered (which isn’t the norm for most insurance companies!).

28. Smalls

PetKeen_Smalls stat article infographic_v2_Jul 6 2023

Founded In: 2016
Estimated Team Size: 57
Instagram Handle: @smallsforcats
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 8,660
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 72,800
Collective Social Media Following: 70,482
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 45
Instagram # Volume: 1,000
Total score out of 150: 33

You’ve probably noticed a few dog food companies on this list; well, Smalls is all about cats. Smalls co-founder, Matt Michaelson, grew up with felines and came to the conclusion that pet food wasn’t always as healthy as claimed. When he got older, he saw there were plenty of companies that had started making fresh foods for dogs but none for cats. So, he teamed up with Calvin Bohn, a friend from high school, and Smalls was born. Smalls’ meals for cats were designed with cat biology in mind, are high in protein, and satisfy even the pickiest of felines. Four protein options are available, including cow, fish, bird, and other bird, and foods come in a variety of textures. Like several similar dog food companies, Smalls is a subscription meal service.

29. Catgenie

PetKeen_Catgenie stat article infographic_v2_Jul 6 2023

Founded In: 2007
Estimated Team Size: <25
Instagram Handle: @catgenie
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 16,699
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 9,000
Collective Social Media Following: 131,501
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 42
Instagram # Volume: 1,000
Total score out of 150: 22

CatGenie is dedicated to improving the lives of both felines and their parents. To that end, they’ve created an eco-friendly way to manage cats’ waste. Though the idea for the CatGenie sprouted in 1998, the first model wasn’t sold until 2007. So, how does the CatGenie work, and how is it eco-friendlier than other litter boxes? The CatGenie is a litter box that uses washable granules rather than the typical cat litter and is self-flushing and self-cleaning. After your cat uses the CatGenie, the litter box will drain any liquid and scoop out any solid waste. Solid waste is then liquefied before everything is flushed. Then, the CatGenie washes and dries itself! The whole thing is fairly ingenious and leaves your pets’ litter box cleaner than ever, plus it eliminates litter box odors in your home.

30. Cat Person

PetKeen_Cat Person stat article infographic_v2_Jul 6 2023

Founded In: 2020
Estimated Team Size: 23
Instagram Handle: @catperson
Monthly Organic Search Traffic: 10,361
Avg Monthly Search Volume: 11,500
Collective Social Media Following: 16,100
Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR): 47
Instagram # Volume: 500
Total score out of 150: 12

Smalls isn’t the only fresh, healthy cat food out there; Cat Person provides your favorite feline with tasty food that amps up the good and removes the bad. Started by Lambert and Jimmy, two cat lovers that wondered why cat stuff was always located toward the back of the pet store and whether cat food was actually good for their pets, Cat Person’s aim is to make high-protein, grain-free cat food that is transparent about the ingredients it uses. They offer a wide variety of wet cat foods, such as pates and shreds in broth, as well as a few dry kibbles. And while you can order your cat’s meals as a subscription, you can also simply pick and choose from their products whenever you’d like. That isn’t all the company offers, though! Cat Person also has products such as treats, food bowls, cat beds, accessories, and even apparel.


Which US States Have the Highest Search Interest for Each Brand?

PetKeen_Top 3 States_v1_Jul 6 2023


Which Pet Industry Sectors Are The Most Popular?

Looking at the top five brands on our list, it’s easy to see where people in the United States are focusing when it comes to their pets.

As Rover is the top-searched pet brand in America, we can ascertain that plenty of people are seeking pet sitters and dog walkers they can trust. We also know that most people finding Rover are located in Washington, D.C., Utah, and Delaware. Pet services are a large part of the pet industry, as they are always needed.

The second most searched pet brand in the US is BarkBox, so people are definitely in the mood to spoil their favorite canines! And considering BarkBox has a social media following of almost 4 million and a hashtag volume of just over 4 million, it’s easy to see how popular the brand is. Gifts for pets never go out of style!

Pet insurance is a huge part of the industry right now, so it’s no surprise to see Trupanion, a pet insurance company, as the third most searched pet brand. With how expensive healthcare for our beloved pets can be, people are always looking for ways to make going to the vet more affordable.

Pet tech is becoming increasingly common, whether it’s a toy that can entertain our pets on its own or self-cleaning litter boxes like the Litter Robot. Pet tech makes life easier for pet parents everywhere, so it isn’t a shock to learn Litter Robot averages 400K in its search traffic. Who wouldn’t want a way to make life with felines easier?

More and more people are looking for ways to ensure their pets’ health, whether via supplements, exercise, or better food. That’s why the pet food sector of the pet industry has been on a roll. Companies that make fresh, nutritious meals for pets using real food have become increasingly popular, and The Farmer’s Dog is right at the top of the food chain.

PetKeen_Pet Industry Sectors Pie Chart_v1_Jul 7 2023


Top 10 Most Searched Pet Brands Today

1. Rover – The Big Dawg Award

And the Big Dawg Award goes to Rover for outstanding performance in almost every category of our searched metrics and for coming in at the top of our list as the most often searched pet brand in the United States today! When you’re looking for a pet sitter, dog walker, dog boarding, doggie daycare, or dog training, you only need to visit to find what you need. With a simple-to-use search function and plenty of affordable options, you can locate someone to help you care for your pets in just a few minutes. Best of all, every sitter on has to pass a background check and be approved by the Rover team of sitter specialists, so you know your pet is receiving excellent care. It’s no wonder Rover is the most searched brand for pets in the US!

2. BarkBox – The Social Butterfly Award

When it comes to the pet brand that’s the most social, BarkBox definitely leads. The company has had massive success in building a strong community for its unique brand on social media. Whether it’s their nearly 3 million followers on Facebook or 460k followers on Instagram, Bark Box has built a fantastic following. And with their fabulously fun monthly themed boxes for canines, it isn’t hard to see why they’ve been able to do this. People love getting to spoil their pups while also enjoying the surprises found in each Barkbox! Plus, Barkbox posts fabulous content across their social media channels, such as cute photos of dogs, adorable videos, and more, all content that resonates with dog parents everywhere.

3. Trupanion – The Tru-ly Pawsome Award

Trupanion is tru-ly pawsome in how they help look after and care for thousands of pets, their health, and their parents, which is why we’ve awarded them the Tru-ly Pawsome Award! Besides being the most searched-for pet insurance company in the United States, Trupanion excels in the insurance business by paying vets directly, simplifying insurance plans, and having no payout limits (probably why they’re searched so often!). The company also works to be transparent in its policies by encouraging consumers to compare them with other insurance companies and offering details of coverage before a plan is purchased. So, whether you have a cat or dog, Trupanion will be a tru-ly pawsome addition to your life!

4. Litter Robot – Stand Out Purrr-former Award

Why is Litter Robot our standout purr-former? Simple! This brand provides cat parents with a self-cleaning litter box that’s the highest rated, making their lives so much simpler. Plus, Litter Robot is one of the most searched brands relating to felines in America today! The Litter Robot works hard to make dealing with your cat’s litter box easier, and it definitely succeeds. Going from cleaning out the litter box every day or so to simply dumping a tray every couple of days frees up a lot of time. And with the Litter Robot’s nifty app, you don’t even have to check the litter box to know when to clean it out; it sends you a notification! The Litter Robot truly is a genius invention that improved the lives of cat parents everywhere.

5. The Farmers Dog – The Real MVP Award Most Valuable Pup

When it comes to rising stars in the pet food industry in the US, there might be no one bigger than The Farmer’s Dog. With their delicious meals for dogs made from real, fresh ingredients, they’re improving the health of dogs and giving dog parents more time with their furry companions (as evidenced by their brilliant, impactful, and entirely sweet Superbowl 2023 ad!). If you want to keep your dog around for as long as possible, feeding your pet food from The Farmer’s Dog is an excellent place to start. 88% of dog parents said they saw positive changes in their pet and their pet’s health, and as meals are designed with the help of nutritionists (and recommended by vets), they provide your favorite pup with all the nutrients it needs to stay at the top of its game.

6. Trusted House Sitters – The Trust Award

Trusted House Sitters didn’t just win the Trust Award due to its name. The company is known for being a trusted friend for thousands of pet parents and pets across the world, plus it has a near perfect 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Trustworthy, indeed! Having someone you can trust to look after your pets and your home when you’re away for work or vacation is a vital aspect of a pet parent’s life, so we’re glad Trusted House Sitters makes the process of finding that someone so much simpler. Pet parents have praised the website, left and right, complimenting the sitters, the process, and the concept itself. Why not try it out next time you go on a trip?

7. Tractive – The Bloodhound Award

If you’ve lost your pet, you want to be able to find them as soon as possible, and Tractive is there to help you do that. That’s why we’ve awarded them the Bloodhound Award! As a leader in the pet tech industry, Tractive has created a GPS pet collar that helps pet parents worldwide keep track of their beloved four-legged companions. This collar might be small, but its tracking ability is incredibly large. With it, you can find your pet if they wander off during a hike or escape your backyard; you can also see just where your pet has been and keep track of their steps and activity. Tractive is a lifesaver for pet parents everywhere!

8. Bring Fido – The Ultimate Travel Buddy Award

Leaving your pup behind while you go off on a trip can be difficult; after all, you want to bring your pet wherever you go! And because Bring Fido helps you do just that, they’ve been awarded the Ultimate Travel Buddy Award. Bring Fido is the ultimate travel guide, one that brings pet parents, their fur babies, and travel together in a snap. With a website that enables you to find everything from dog-friendly hotels and restaurants to hiking trails and dog parks, you’re guaranteed to be able to bring Fido with you almost anywhere you go. You can even book hotels through Bring Fido without any booking fees! It’s one step closer to a more dog-friendly world.

9. Lemonade Pet Insurance – The Helping Paw Award

Wait, didn’t a pet insurance company already win an award? They did, but because Lemonade is another one of the most often searched pet insurance companies in the United States, they’ve also won one—The Helping Paw Award. This award wasn’t given just because they are searched so much; Lemonade also received it for helping pet parents out financially with pet healthcare and ensuring more pets can get the care they need. As one of the most affordable pet insurance companies out there, Lemonade is guaranteed to have a healthcare plan for almost any budget. And because that plan will ultimately save you tons of money in the long run, it’s a win-win all around!

10. Pretty Litter – Purrs of Excellence Award

Finally, congrats to Pretty Litter for receiving the Purrs of Excellence Award! This litter brand is one of the most searched in the United States, and for good reason, as it’s the first litter of its kind. As a cat litter that could potentially save your favorite feline’s life, Pretty Litter does much more than cover up your cat’s waste. By changing color after it’s been used, it can alert you to possible health issues that may be going on with your cat. And pet parents know that the earlier you’re aware of a problem, the better the chances are of your pet continuing to have a healthy life!


Comparing the Top 10 Pet Brands’ Metrics for Each Category

1. Search Traffic

PetKeen_Top 10 Pet Brands Search Traffic Bar Chart_v1_Jul 7 2023

What precisely do search traffic metrics measure for a brand? Search traffic metrics simply allow a brand to take a look at how many people have visited their website from various sources generated by a searched keyword. These sources can be organic or paid and come from places such as Google or social media. Rover, our #1 brand, had a search traffic metric of 3,765,908, meaning the company had almost 4 million visits to its website from searches. Compare that to #10 on our list, Pretty Litter, which only had 214,833 search visits. There’s a world of difference there, and of course, the more people whose eyeballs land on a site, the better.

2. Search Volume

PetKeen_Top 10 Pet Brands Search Volume Bar Chart_v1_Jul 7 2023

If search traffic is the number of visits to a website from searches, then what is search volume? This metric doesn’t measure visits but rather keywords themselves. Search volume counts the number of times specific keywords are searched for on search engines. This lets companies know which keywords they should be using on their site and in their marketing. BarkBox, which came in at #2 on our list, had an average search volume of 162,000; interestingly, #9 on our list, Lemonade Pet Insurance, had a larger average search volume of 188,700. That’s a lot of searches for a particular keyword for both companies, so people are likely looking for ways to spoil their dogs and pet insurance often!

3. Social Media Following

PetKeen_Top 10 Pet Brands Social Media Following Bar Chart_v1_Jul 7 2023 (1)

Social media following is simply how many people are fans, followers, or like your brand across your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc.). Social media is a critical aspect of marketing, especially considering how many people use social media platforms as search engines these days rather than using something like Google. Plus, social media helps brands to build a sense of community and makes it easy to stay in touch with their followers. Our third-ranking brand, Trupanion, had 219,084 followers across four social platforms, while our eighth-ranking brand, Bring Fido, only had 93,724 followers across the same platforms. Again, there’s a relatively significant difference in these metrics.

4. Domain Rating (DR)

PetKeen_Top 10 Pet Brands Domain Rating Bar Chart_v1_Jul 7 2023

Okay, but what does domain rating mean? This rating helps predict the likelihood of a website domain’s ability to rank in search engine results. The rating looks at a few key factors of a site, such as how old the site is and the number of links it contains, to determine how well it will rank. Why does it matter how high a website ranks on search engines? As a brand, when people use Google or other search engines to look for a service or product that meets their needs, if your service or product matches, you want it to be right there at the top of the rankings. Think about how many links you scroll through when you search—do you click on one of the top five links, or do you scroll through pages of search results? Litter Robot, #4 on our list, had a DR of 71, while Tractive, #7 on our list, got a DR of 74. This means Tractive is just a bit more likely to come up in searches relating to tracking pets than Litter Robot is for those searching litter boxes. Both rankings are fairly high, though.

5. Hashtag Volume

PetKeen_Top 10 Pet Brands Hashtag Volume_v1_Jul 7 2023

You see hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook all the time, but you might not think about them much. However, hashtags are used to make posts more easily searchable, which is something brands want. And hashtag volume references how often a brand’s own hashtag has been used. The better the hashtag volume, the more people your post reaches. Our fifth-ranked brand, The Farmer’s Dog, had a hashtag volume of 5000 on Instagram, while our sixth, Trusted House Sitters, had one of 50,200. Clearly, Trusted House Sitters is doing much better with the popularity of their hashtags!



There’s no shortage of pet brands in the United States today. No matter what aspect of caring for your pet you’re searching for, there’s a brand out there that can help you out. At the moment, Americans seem to be most focused on finding excellent pet sitters and dog walkers, ways to spoil their dogs, affordable pet insurance, ways to make the chore of litter box cleaning simpler, and how to feed their animals better meals. Who knows what will take precedence next year, though?


We used a collection of online resources and round-up articles like these to determine 150 well-known pet brands in the USA. Then, by using a combination of tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Exploding Topics, we were able to narrow down the Top 70 pet brands according to trending searches, monthly search volume, and organic search traffic estimates in the past 12 months (May 2022–May 2023).

Furthermore, we selected the top 30 brands in this list and collected more data ranging from their Ahrefs Domain Rating (SEO score out of 100) to their combined social media following (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and their brand hashtag volume on Instagram.

We aimed to determine the most popular pet brands in the USA based on five metric categories. The percentages indicate the weight of the metrics in the total and final score out of 150:

  1. Average monthly US search volume estimate (30%)
  2. Current organic search traffic estimate (30%)
  3. Combined social media following (30%)
  4. Domain rating out of 100 (30%)
  5. Instagram hashtag volume (30%)

To determine the final top 30, we ranked each brand based on how high they scored in each metric category mentioned above.

Featured Image Credit: You are free to use this image but we do require you to link back to for credit

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