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National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2023: When & What Is It?

Pet owner with Pit Bull puppy

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of October, so the exact date differs a bit from year to year. The main point of this holiday is to celebrate the breed and change the negative stereotypes surrounding it. In many cases, Pit Bulls are considered aggressive and dangerous. However, this simply isn’t true in most cases. They aren’t more likely to bite than other dogs. In fact, a study1 by the American Temperament Test Society found that Pit Bulls have a passing rate of 87.4%, which is higher than many other breeds.

Therefore, this day is aimed at celebrating the good qualities of Pit Bulls and spreading the information gained from studies like the one above. Many shelters celebrate this day, as Pit Bulls are extremely common in many shelters.

While there are few official celebrations, individuals can make a big impact by using this day to volunteer and donate.


How to Celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day

There are tons of ways to celebrate this day. Some popular options include:

  • Attending Pit Bull adoption events. In many places, shelters and Pit Bull rescues have events on this day where their Pit Bulls are emphasized. You can use this day to adopt a Pit Bull or just visit and help promote the event.
  • Many shelters have an unusually high number of Pit Bulls. You can use this day to volunteer at a shelter and help care for these homeless animals. Many shelters are understaffed, as well.
  • Educate others. Part of this day is about educating others about Pit Bulls. Therefore, you can use this day to educate others about the negative stereotypes of this breed. You can share this information about the breed in person or over social media.
  • Share on social media. Consider sharing cute pictures or information about Pit Bulls using the hashtag #NationalPitBullAwarenessDay. You can use this hashtag to help educate others about the misconceptions surrounding this breed.
  • Donate to a Pit Bull rescue. Consider donating to a Pit Bull rescue. Pit Bulls need food, shelter, and medical care, and they tend to spend a long time sitting in the shelter before adoption. Therefore, we highly recommend donating to one of these rescues to celebrate this day.
  • Consider adopting. If you have room in your life for another pet, you may want to consider adopting a Pit Bull on this day. Giving a Pit Bull a loving home is the ultimate way to celebrate this day.
Woman training a pitbull in the park
Image Credit: YouraPechkin, Shutterstock

What Does Pit Bull Awareness Mean?

Pit Bull awareness is about educating people about this “breed.” To be frank, the term “Pit Bull” actually covers several breeds that are similar. However, the Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier is one of the most common Pit Bull breeds in the United States, and it is the breed most people think of when they imagine a Pit Bull.

Educating people about this breed involves dispelling the many myths surrounding them, such as the idea that they are aggressive. Pit Bull awareness can also mean promoting responsible ownership of Pit Bulls, which can help dispel the myths about their temperament over time.

There are many reasons why Pit Bull awareness is important. First, Pit Bulls are often the target of breed-specific legislation (BSL), which bans or restricts the ownership of Pit Bulls. BSL is often based on prejudice and fear rather than on facts about the breed. Pitbull awareness can help to combat BSL and ensure that Pit Bulls have the same rights as other dogs.

Pit Bulls are also disproportionately represented in shelters—either due to improper ownership or because they’re less likely to be adopted. There are negative stereotypes surrounding the breed that can prevent potential owners from choosing them at shelters. Pit Bull awareness can also help teach people about how to interact properly with dogs, which can help limit the number of dog bites that occur.

happy Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed dog looking up as its owner pets it
Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock



Pit Bull Awareness Day helps promote awareness about this misunderstood breed. It’s a chance to celebrate Pit Bulls and encourage their adoption at shelters. You can also use this day to educate others about Pit Bulls, which are often the topic of several myths.

There aren’t many events that celebrate this day. However, many shelters and adoption centers may hold events or discount Pit Bull adoption on this day. You can also donate or volunteer to celebrate this day.

Featured Image Credit: dogboxstudio, Shutterstock

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