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Newton Baby Orthopedic Pet Bed Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give the Newton Baby Pet Bed a rating of 4.86 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.9/5
Comfort: 4.9/5
Value: 4.8/5

It’s no secret that we all want our fur babies to be comfortable. Whether you let your pup on the couch or up in bed with you, it’s all to give them the same comfort that you would want in your daily life.

I know my dog is always hopping up on the sofa next to me, but sometimes he loves to have his own space too. So, when I saw that a baby company was making dog beds, I was intrigued! Newton is known for its mattresses, sheets, and cribs for babies. They create breathable products, made without toxic chemicals and allergens so that comfort, safety, and good sleep are prioritized.

Of course you would want the best quality and comfort for your baby, so Newton applied the same logic and created a pet bed for our fur babies! Our pups do a lot in their day-to-day lives and deserve a comfy spot to rest and recuperate after their walks, hikes, and play dates.


About Newton Baby

Newton Baby Washable and Orthopedic Pet Bed - elo lying next to the product

What’s So Great About Newton?

The Newton brand has a great core mission and good values! All of their products are made to provide safe and healthy sleep and play. The baby mattresses are top-rated and the company prides themselves on giving “Better sleep for the whole family. Peace of mind for you”. It’s great to see a company that specializes in one product and dives deeply into making it one of the highest quality, best items out there. It’s clear that Newton is very focused on mattresses and beds for our babies and fur babies alike.

Which Type of Dog is The Pet Bed Best Suited For?

This pet bed could benefit any dog! It’s an orthopedic bed designed to help ease joints and cushion pressure points. All of our pups deserve the best place to rest and sleep while they are in our lives, and Newton is delivering top-quality beds to make sure they get that superior comfort.

While this bed would be great for any dog, older pups could definitely benefit as well! Or dogs with any type of injury or pain in their body. The orthopedic bed is made to take care of the bones, muscles, and joints.



When you receive your pet bed, it will come with several pieces inside that you will assemble once you open your box! Within, there are three separate bags. The first bag contains the Wovenaire core, which is the base of the bed. The second is a vacuum-sealed bag of the four bolsters which will be inserted to create the walls of the bed. The third bag contains the gray pet bed cover which will zip over all of the other pieces. Finally, there’s a thin instruction booklet that will inform you how to easily assemble the bed.

While it seems like a lot of pieces and work, don’t be alarmed! The pet bed should only take a few minutes to put together after the bolsters are fluffed in the dryer.


Small Bed: 21” x 25” x 6”
Medium Bed: 25” x 39” x 7”
Large Bed: 30” x 55” x 8”


The pet bed pricing varies quite a bit depending on which size your dog will need. The small is priced at $129.99, the medium is $179.99, and the large is $249.99. The company also has options to order the pet bed in any of those sizes with an extra cover, which are at higher price points due to the additional item.

There’s also an option to order just the bed cover if yours has become too stained, dirty, or ripped up. The extra covers range from $60 for the small bed up to $110 for the large. This bed is not the cheapest out there but is of a much higher quality than other pet beds on the market.

Due to the washable nature of this product, if taken care of correctly, it could last your pet its whole life! Even though it’s at a higher price point, for the quality and value of this item, it is absolutely worth it.

Newton Baby Washable and Orthopedic Pet Bed - elo sniffing the product

Shipping and Returns

This pet bed ships for free! It will be sent to you within one to two business days from when you place your order and should arrive within three to ten days after that. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can also return it for free. The company offers a one-hundred-night trial of the pet bed for “Risk-Free returns”. (Note that for Canada, there is a fifty-dollar shipping fee for this pet bed.)

In Summary

  • Well sized
  • Cooling cover
  • Washable
  • Orthopedic
  • Water-resistant
  • Must assemble bed out of box
  • Must reassemble each time cover is washed


Key Features

Newton Baby Washable and Orthopedic Pet Bed - opening the cover


This bed is miles above one you stumble across an impulse buy in a department store. Newton designed this pet bed to last with its orthopedic, superior comfort. The base of the bed features Wovenaire technology. This bed was made to ease joints, and cushion pressure points so our pups can sleep and feel better.

Washable Cover and Core

One of the great aspects of this pet bed is that each piece of it can be cleaned! The outside cover can be unzipped to remove the bed’s core and side bolsters. That cover can then be machine-washed. The bolsters can be washed separately if they have also become dirty. The Wovenaire Core can be rinsed with cold water and air-dried as well.


I know most pet beds I gravitate towards are fur-lined and fuzzy. However, this pet bed takes a different approach and focuses on being breathable and cooling for our already furry friends using them. This bed is temperature regulating to try to reduce and avoid overheating. The Wovenaire Core of the bed is also designed to help improve air circulation. The core is made of ninety percent air and ten percent of food-grade polymer, so there’s lots of cushioning and airflow for your pup!

Water Resistant

While this bed might not be totally dry if your dog makes a complete mess on it, the quilted cover is designed to be water resistant! Most small messes, like wet paws, should keep the moisture on the top of the cover without sinking in too deeply.


Is The Newton Baby Pet Bed Worth Investing In?

While I like to keep an eye on how much I am spending on my dog, I do think some items are worth investing more money into and a pet bed is one of them! I’ve been down the road of buying a cheap pet bed for my dog before, and the wear and tear of putting it in the washing machine and dryer certainly showed. Even though the Newton Baby Pet Bed is at a higher price point than I usually look at, I do think the quality and all of its key features justify its price!

Newton Baby Washable and Orthopedic Pet Bed - top view of the product



What size bed should I get?

What size pet bed you should buy depends on the size of your specific pup! If you are replacing a current bed, you can measure the one you have to see which option is closest to what is currently working. Otherwise, Newton has a helpful chart with bed dimensions and dog breed examples to show which dogs will be best on which size bed. They also recommend you consider your dog’s sleeping style. If your pup is always curled into a ball, a smaller bed might be more acceptable than if they like to lay flat and spread out.

Can my pet destroy this bed?

While this bed has a durable and scratch-proof cover, no furniture is safe if your pup really wants to chew on it. The machine washable cover is also water resistant to help keep the bed in the best shape possible, but if this is your pup’s first bed, keep an eye on them and discourage any chewing if they start to think of the bed as a plush toy.

How easy is the bed to wash?

To wash this bed, you have to fully disassemble it first. Once the cover is taken off and the core and bolsters are removed, the cover can be machine washed. The bolsters can also be machine washed separately. The core can then be gently hand washed with cold water and air-dried. Once the desired one, or all, of those parts have been cleaned, the bed can be reassembled the same way it was when it first came out of the box. While it’s not the easiest sounding process, the assembly of the bed should only take about five minutes once all the parts are ready!

Newton Baby Washable and Orthopedic Pet Bed - elo sitting next to the product


Our Experience With The Newton Baby Pet Bed

I know that I am always trying to keep my dog as comfortable and relaxed as possible, so I was super excited to see a baby product company making pet beds!

When my order arrived, it came with the base piece in one bag, the side bolsters vacuum sealed in another, and the machine washable cover in a third bag. My dog, Elo, was immediately curious about what this could all be and whether or not it was for him, so I started putting it together. I inserted the woven base piece into the bottom zipper compartment of the machine washable cover and then took the bolsters out of the vacuum-sealed bag! While they did regain their shape pretty much as soon as I opened the bag, the pet bed instructions did recommend throwing the bolsters in the dryer for about fifteen minutes and hand fluff as needed, so I did.

Once the side pieces were done fluffing, I started to slide them into place around the bed to create the four walls and zip them up. All in all, setting up the pet bed (minus the time drying the bolsters) probably took about five to ten minutes as it was super simple.

As soon as the bed was assembled and lying flat on the ground, Elo stepped right into it! I’m not sure if it was because he knew the bed was for him or because it just looked so dang comfortable, but he sat down in it right away without any coaxing from me!

So far, this bed has been amazing for my dog! I love that it’s an orthopedic bed since he is always running around the yard and needs a comfortable and supportive place to rest. I also love the fact that it has four bolstered sides which create a little nest for Elo. I figured out he’s a huge fan of nestling into blankets, and this bed is great to throw a few fuzzy fleeces into to create an even fluffier, more luxurious spot. Elo loves to be cozy and has definitely figured out what comfort is. Without the additional blankets added to it, the bed does feel quite cooling and breathable with its material. I think this bed will be perfect all year round since in the summer, it will help cool down my dog, and in the winter, I can add additional blankets for even more comfort.

Newton Baby Washable and Orthopedic Pet Bed - elo lying on the dog bed with blanket



Even with other couches and lounging options available to him, my pup Elo keeps going back to his Newton Pet Bed! I love how it’s washable from its cover to its core and feel like this bed could definitely last Elo the rest of his life if I take proper care of it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him curled up in his new orthopedic nest and getting the best rest possible.

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