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Panther Chameleons for Sale in the USA (Breeder List 2024)

Panther Chameleon clinging on a twig

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Are you looking for an extremely brightly colored chameleon? Then you may want to consider the panther chameleon! Out of all the chameleons out there, these are among the most colorful.

Due to this fact, these chameleons are often sought after as pets. However, their higher care requirements often make them unsuitable for beginners. Furthermore, they’re much more difficult to find than other types of chameleons.

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Panther Chameleon Breeders in the U.S.A.

While you probably won’t find these lizards at your local pet store, you can find plenty of breeders online that can ship these lizards across much of the U.S.A. You may also be able to find breeders that are local to you.

However, this latter option is likely a bit more difficult. In many cases, you’ll need to order a panther chameleon online.

a side view of a Panther Chameleon on a twig
Image Credit: Shilona, Pixabay

Panther Chameleon Breeders Near Me

You may be able to search marketplaces online for breeders that are near you. While there is no guarantee, breeders from all over the U.S.A. post on these marketplaces. There is a small chance that one of them is within driving distance from you.

CB Reptiles is a marketplace that provides listings for chameleons available all over the U.S.A. However, they also advertise their own line of reptile products, which makes their website a bit confusing to use.

Occasionally, you can find these chameleons on Morph Market. However, they are rare.

Panther Chameleon Breeders That Ship

Roberson Reptiles provides panther chameleons in all sorts of different colorations and morphs. When you buy from them, you can actually pick the exact chameleon that you want, which is a bit different than other options out there.

This breeder adds new chameleons all the time, so you must check back regularly for new additions. However, be aware that they sometimes sell wild-caught specimens, which you should avoid.

close up of a Panther Chameleon
Image Credit: Momonator, Pixabay

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How Much Does a Panther Chameleon Cost?

These chameleons were once exceedingly expensive. It wasn’t odd to purchase one lizard for around $700. However, many breeders have recently gotten into the business, which has driven the price down.

This is great for consumers, but not so good for the breeders. Therefore, many breeders may decide to stop breeding chameleons soon, which may make the prices rise again.

Colorful, high-quality chameleons are often sold for around $300 to $400. If you’re looking for a high-quality lizard, you’ll likely need to purchase something within this budget.

In some cases, you can find bundles of chameleons for $600. If you want more than one, this option is perfect for you. Most of the time, these bundles are designed for breeders, though.

Cheaper options may be around $200, but they are rarely less expensive than that.

a Panther Chameleon climbing down
Image Credit: Bergadder, Pixabay

Things to Ask a Panther Chameleon Breeder

Panther chameleons are notoriously difficult to take care of. They tend to stress easily, which also means that they tend to die easily. Therefore, switching them into a new home is a tedious process.

Furthermore, the breeding of panther chameleons has taken off over the last few years. Where only experienced breeders used to produce panther chameleons, it is now seen as an easy way to make money. Therefore, screening breeders with questions is an essential part of the purchasing process.

When asking questions, you should aim to learn as much about the animal as possible. Ask about their enclosure. What setup does the animal seem to like? What are they used to?

Should you decide to adopt the chameleon, use the answers to these questions to build a similar enclosure at home. This will also give you information about how the breeder houses their pets.

Be sure to ask about the chameleon’s feeding routine. How often do they eat, and when was the last time they ate? You should feed them similarly at home once you adopt them, as this will help keep their stress levels down.

Also, if the breeder doesn’t know their feeding schedule or the last time they ate, it is a huge red flag and you should look for a different breeder.

That said, different breeders have different beliefs about the best feeding schedules. Every lizard is an individual, so they may not necessarily adhere to a strict schedule. Still, if anything seems obviously off, consider questioning the breeder further or looking elsewhere.

You should also ask about any potential health problems. Just because an animal was sick once doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase them. However, it is best to know their health history so you can care for them properly in the future.

a Panther Chameleon basking in a heat lamp's light
Image Credit: aixklusiv, Pixabay

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The 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Panther Chameleon

1. They Are Commonly Bred

While these chameleons aren’t as popular as the veiled chameleon (or as easy to take care of), they are popularly bred in captivity. For the most part, this is likely due to their high price. Breeders can make quite a bit of money by breeding these chameleons.

2. They Don’t Drink Running Water

Unlike veiled chameleons, these lizards only drink water when it is dripping off of leaves. Therefore, setting up a drinking system is a bit complicated. This is one reason that these chameleons are a bit more difficult to take care of than most.

3. They Can Change Colors Quickly

These chameleons can seemingly change colors faster than any other chameleon out there. They can complete a color change as quickly as 1–2 minutes if they want to. In fact, these fast color changes aren’t odd to see when they are courting a female or challenging a competitor.

close up of a Panther Chameleon's pattern
Image Credit: Pixel-mixer, Pixabay

4. Their Pattern Is Quite Complicated

Unlike other species that have the same general pattern, a panther chameleon’s pattern may be based partially on where the chameleon is located. No one exactly knows what makes one chameleon choose a particular pattern.

5. Females And Males Are Different Colors

Only the male chameleons have extremely bright colors. Females are usually tan or brown with slight hints of other colors, depending on where they are located.

a panther chameleon basking in the tank
Image Credit: aixklusiv, Pixabay

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Panther chameleons are a bit more complicated to take care of than many other chameleons. However, their bright colors make them quite desirable. Out of all the lizard species out there, this one is probably one of the most distinguished.

Finding these chameleons used to be difficult. However, it is much easier today. Due to this chameleon’s decently high price, many people have tried to breed them, which in turn, has led to more supply.

We highly recommend taking the time to sort through qualified breeders and those who are simply looking to make a quick buck. Plus, these chameleons aren’t cheap, and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a subpar chameleon.

Featured Image Credit: Pixel-mixer, Pixabay

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