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9 Best Pet Insurance Providers in California in 2024 – Reviews & Comparisons

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With its diversity of natural beauty and generally excellent weather, California is a state with a lot to offer its residents, both human and pet. However, you’ll also find plenty of dangers lurking for those pets as well, especially for those who join their humans in outdoor activities.

Heat, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and of course, car accidents all pose a threat to the pets of California. To better prepare for the unexpected, California pet owners may consider buying a pet insurance policy.

But with so many to choose from, how do you decide which is best for your pet? In this article, we’ll review what we think are the best pet insurance plans in California and offer some guidance on selecting the one that fits your unique needs.


A Quick Comparison of the Winners for 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Healthy Paws Healthy Paws
  • Fast claim processing
  • Mobile app
  • Good customer reviews
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Lemonade Lemonade
  • Wellness plans available, including special puppy and kitten packages
  • Affordable plans with multiple discounts All digital claims process
  • Affordable plans with multiple discounts All digital claims process
  • Third place
    Trupanion Trupanion
  • Direct vet pay is available
  • No maximum payout limits
  • Flexible deductible options
  • Spot Spot
  • Allows room for a lot of customization
  • 24/7 pet telehealth line
  • Generous coverage
  • Figo Pet Insurance Figo Pet Insurance
  • 24/7 live vet chat
  • Pet Cloud app to manage care and connect with other pet lovers
  • Add-on to cover third-party liability available
  • The 9 Best Pet Insurance Providers in California

    1. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Best Overall

    HealthyPaws Pet Insurance Logo

    Our pick for the best overall pet insurance plan in California is Healthy Paws. The company generally has positive customer reviews, fast claim processing, and no maximum cap or limit on payouts. Healthy Paws offers a comprehensive accident-and-illness plan that includes coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions, alternative treatments, and specialists.

    However, they don’t offer a wellness plan. Healthy Paws has multiple deductibles and reimbursement percentage options, depending on your pet’s age. For example, a 4-year-old dog in Santa Monica, California, can choose between deductibles of $250, $500, $750, and $1,000.

    Possible reimbursement rates are 50%, 60%, 70% or 80%. However, a 10-year-old dog can receive only 50% reimbursement after a $1,000 deductible, making Healthy Paws a better option for younger pets. Like many pet insurance plans, Healthy Paws doesn’t cover exam fees.

    There is a 15-day waiting period for all conditions and a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia care. Healthy Paws provides a mobile app for easy claim management.

    • Unlimited lifetime payouts
    • Multiple options for deductible and reimbursement percentage
    • Fast claim processing
    • Mobile app
    • Good customer reviews

    • No wellness plan
    • 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia care
    • Reduced customization options for older pets
    • Doesn’t cover exam fees

    2. Lemonade Pet Insurance – Best Value

    Lemonade logo

    Lemonade is one of the newer pet insurance companies and one of the most affordable. They offer an accident-and-illness policy and two wellness plan add-on options, including a special one for puppies and kittens.

    Based on our research, a 4-year-old dog in Santa Monica is eligible for multiple customized options, including three reimbursement percentages (70%-90%). Deductibles are either $100, $250, or $500 annually. There are also five maximum yearly payout choices, from $5,000–$100,000. Lemonade does not cover exam fees in the base plan but allows you to purchase this coverage separately.

    Lemonade provides further savings with a multi-pet discount, an annual discount, and the ability to bundle your pet insurance with other types of coverage, like renter’s policies.  Unfortunately, Lemonade doesn’t cover pets over 14 years old. There is a 6-month waiting period for knee surgeries.

    While they advertise that their claims process is fast, easy, and all digital, some customer reviews mention issues in this area. Customer service doesn’t seem to be a strength of Lemonade, and some users felt the company is too quick to deny claims.

    • Multiple customization options
    • Wellness plans available, including special puppy and kitten packages
    • Affordable plans with multiple discounts
    • All digital claims process

    • No coverage for pets over 14 years old
    • 6-month waiting period for knee surgeries
    • Some complaints about customer service and the claims process
    • Exam fees only covered with an additional fee

    3. Trupanion

    Trupanion Pet Insurance Logo

    Trupanion is one of the only pet insurance companies to offer a direct vet payment option, meaning you won’t have to wait for reimbursement. If your vet has the right computer software, Trupanion will pay as you leave the hospital. They have customer service available 24/7 and earn good reviews for having compassionate and helpful representatives.

    Trupanion has a single comprehensive accident-and-illness policy but no wellness plan. Exam fees aren’t covered, and you have to pay extra for some services in many other policies, such as behavioral treatment and physical therapy. All plans offer flat 90% reimbursement with no payout limits.

    Deductibles are highly customizable, with choices from $0-$1,000 yearly. Trupanion monthly premiums tend to be on the higher end, but there’s room to get them lower, thanks to all the deductible choices. Inherited conditions, chronic conditions, and other unexpected accidents and illnesses are all covered by Trupanion.

    • Direct vet pay is available
    • No maximum payout limits
    • Flexible deductible options
    • 24/7 customer service and pre-approval are available
    • Good reviews for customer service
    • Inherited and chronic conditions are covered

    • No wellness plan
    • Exam fees not covered
    • Extra charges for some coverage, such as physical therapy
    • Higher monthly premiums

    4. Spot Pet Insurance


    If you’re looking for several options in an insurance plan, Spot might be the one for you. Not only do they offer a comprehensive accident-and-illness plan and two wellness add-on options, but Spot also features an accident-only plan. This affordable option functions as emergency coverage only, usually at about half the monthly price of the full plan.

    Both plans allow you to choose between multiple custom options that impact the monthly cost. Five annual deductibles ($100-$1,000) and three reimbursement percentages (70%-90%) are available. You have a full seven annual limit options, from $2,500-unlimited. Spot’s accident-and-illness plan offers generous coverage, including exam fees, behavioral care, cancer care, and end-of-life expenses.

    There are no upper age limits for coverage or enrollment, making Spot an excellent option for older California pets. Spot has a 24/7 pet telehealth hotline, but customer service is only available Monday-Friday. There’s a 15-day waiting period for all conditions.

    • Multiple plans available, including an affordable accident-only option
    • Allows room for a lot of customization
    • 24/7 pet telehealth line
    • Generous coverage
    • No upper age limits for coverage or enrollment

    • No customer service on weekends
    • 15-day waiting period for accidents, longer than some other plans

    5. Figo Pet Insurance

    Figo Pet Insurance Logo

    Figo is one of the few California pet insurance plans that offer a 100% reimbursement option. It also features a way for pet owners to build community with other animal lovers through the Pet Cloud app, where you can connect virtually with new friends and even schedule puppy play dates! If you’re new to California and looking to find your people, Figo has you covered.

    The company offers three accident-and-illness plan options, and the only difference is the annual coverage limit: $5,000, $10,000, or unlimited. You can choose between four reimbursement percentages (70%-100%) and four deductibles ($100-$750.) There are two wellness plan options. Exam fees are not included but are available as an add-on.

    Figo also offers an add-on that provides perks such as third-party liability coverage, burial and cremation costs, and even rewards for returning a lost or stolen pet. There is a 6-month waiting period for bone and joint conditions. Figo doesn’t cover prescription food unless you purchase the exam fee add-on.

    If you own a senior pet, Figo asks that you perform regular wellness testing to continue coverage. The Pet Cloud app also offers 24/7 live chat with veterinarians.

    • 100% reimbursement option
    • 24/7 live vet chat
    • Pet Cloud app to manage care and connect with other pet lovers
    • Add-on to cover third-party liability available

    • 6-month waiting period for bone and joint conditions
    • Senior pets must meet annual wellness requirements
    • Exam fees not included
    • Prescription food not covered without additional coverage purchase

    6. ASPCA Pet Insurance

    ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Logo

    In addition to its work protecting the animals of America, the ASPCA is also one of the oldest pet insurance providers in the country. With this plan, you can choose between accident-and-illness or accident-only coverage. Wellness add-ons are also available. ASPCA covers procedures like microchip implantation, behavioral care, and alternative treatments.

    Inherited and chronic conditions are also covered under the full plan. A 4-year-old dog in Santa Monica can choose between five annual limits ($3,000-$10,000,) three reimbursements (70%-90%,) and three deductibles ($100-$500.) With a maximum annual limit of $10,000, ASPCA has one of the lowest of these options on our list. They will consider some pre-existing conditions cured if a pet has been symptom-free for 6 months but not for previous knee injuries.

    Exam fees are included in standard coverage, along with such unique procedures as acupuncture and stem cell therapy. There are no upper age limits or reduced coverage for older pets. ASPCA may take over 2 weeks to process a claim,  which is longer than some of the others on our list. Customer service is not available overnight or on weekends.

    • Generous coverage, including microchips, acupuncture, and stem cell therapy
    • Will cover some pre-existing conditions if symptom-free for 6 months
    • Accident-only and wellness plans are available
    • No upper age limit or reduced coverage for older pets
    • Exam fees included

    • Low annual limit maximum
    • Knee conditions are not covered if they are pre-existing
    • Longer claims processing times
    • Customer service is not available on weekends

    7. Pets Best Insurance

    petsbest insurance logo

    Pets Best Insurance offers three levels of accident-and-illness plans, which provide varying levels of coverage. All policies have similar customization options, including two annual limits: $5,000 or unlimited. Deductibles range from $50-$1,000 and reimbursement rates are 70%-90% for our 4-year-old dog living in Santa Monica.

    The cheapest plan doesn’t cover exam fees or rehab services, only the higher levels. Pets Best has some unique options among the plans on our list. They’re one of the only companies that will cover conditions resulting from a pet not being spayed or neutered, such as prostate problems.

    Chronic and inherited conditions are covered, along with behavior treatment and even a pet wheelchair if needed! Pets Best provides a limited wellness plan add-on and has no upper age limit or coverage reduction for older pets. There is a 6-month waiting period for knee injuries. Claims are managed through the app, and there is a live chat feature on the company website.

    However, customer service by phone is not available overnight or on Sundays. 24/7 vet chat is available, and Pets Best has a direct vet pay option, although your vet must agree to wait for payment until the claim processes.

    • 24/7 vet chat and customer service chat
    • Claims managed through the app
    • Full coverage for pets who aren’t spayed or neutered
    • Wellness plan available
    • No upper age limit or coverage reduction for older pets
    • Direct vet pay available with conditions

    • Exam fees, rehab, and some prescription medications are not covered by all plans
    • 6-month waiting period for knee injuries
    • Customer service is not available by phone overnight or on Sundays

    8. Pumpkin Pet Insurance

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance Logo

    Pumpkin is a newer pet insurance company with a standard accident-and-illness plan and wellness add-on options. They have a flat 90% reimbursement rate for all pets, with fewer customization choices than other companies. There are only three deductible options ($100, $250, $500) and three annual limits ($10,000, $20,000, or unlimited.)

    Pumpkin has generous coverage under the standard plan, including microchips, behavioral care, prescription food, alternative treatments, and exam fees. There are no extended waiting periods for knee and hip conditions.

    Pumpkin has no upper age limits or reduced reimbursements for older pets. Customer service is not available overnight or on weekends. Their puppy and kitten wellness packages don’t cover spaying or neutering.

    • 90% reimbursement for all pets
    • No upper age limit or reduced reimbursement for older pets
    • No extended waiting period for knee and hip conditions
    • Wellness plans available
    • Generous comprehensive coverage

    • Customer service is not available overnight or on weekends
    • Puppy and kitten wellness doesn’t cover spaying and neutering
    • Fewer customization options

    9. Fetch Pet Insurance

    Fetch Pet Insurance

    Fetch offers an accident-and-illness plan with three deductibles, annual limits, and reimbursement choices. For deductibles, our 4-year-old dog can choose between $300, $500, or $700 yearly. Annual limits are $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000, with reimbursements at 70%-90%.

    There is no unlimited annual payout option. You’ll find generous coverage with a Fetch pet insurance plan, including exam fees, breed-specific issues, some behavioral care, virtual office visits, and prescription supplements. Fetch doesn’t offer a wellness plan, and there’s a 6-month waiting period for knee and hip conditions. Fetch doesn’t cover prescription food like some companies, and there’s a 90-day deadline to file a claim.

    For customer service, Fetch has a live chat feature on the website. Claims can be filed and managed in the app for convenience.

    • Live chat for customer service
    • Claims can be filed and managed in the app
    • Breed-specific issues covered
    • Virtual office visits covered

    • No unlimited annual payout option
    • No wellness plan
    • Prescription food not covered
    • 6-month waiting period for knee and hip conditions

    divider-multiprintBuyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Provider in California

    What to Look for in Pet Insurance in California

    To compare these California pet insurance plans, we considered such factors as affordability, the extent of coverage, and accessibility. While a nice bonus, we didn’t necessarily count the lack of a wellness plan as a negative for these plans.

    Not every plan makes sense for your pet, so here are some specifics to look for that might help you narrow down your options.

    pet insurance representation
    Image Credit: thodonal88, Shutterstock

    Policy Coverage

    Depending on your pet’s breed, you’ll want to be sure your chosen policy covers conditions known to be inherited or specific to that pet. For example, French Bulldogs are popular in California but have unique health needs.

    If you own an older pet, look for a plan that doesn’t reduce coverage based on age. Pet owners who prefer alternative medical treatments will want to prioritize plans that cover that type of care.

    Most plans are fairly similar when covering the basics, like prescription medications, surgeries, and hospital stays, so you’ll have to dig a little deeper when comparing coverage details.

    Customer Service & Reputation

    On our list, you’ll find established pet insurance companies like ASPCA, along with newer ones like Lemonade and Pumpkin. Older companies have many years of service and reputation to support their claims. You’re also likely to find more consistency with premium prices.

    Newer companies experience some pricing fluctuations as they figure out what it takes to make a profit. Because you’re often dealing with pet insurance employees during a stressful time, the quality and compassion of customer service can be hugely impactful.

    Pet emergencies often happen outside standard business hours as well, so the availability of customer service is another factor to consider.

    Claim Repayment

    Most pet insurance plans don’t have a direct vet pay option. That means you’ll need to pay your bill out-of-pocket and then file a claim with the company for reimbursement. Because you want your money back as soon as possible, the faster a company processes the claims, the better.

    Most of the plans on our list give you some idea of their average wait time on the website. However, it’s a good idea to check customer reviews as well to see what real-life experiences other pet owners are having.

    Also, compare the methods of claim repayment. Do you have to wait for a mailed check, or can you get your money through direct deposit?

    Price Of Policy

    The price of a policy is one of the most challenging things to compare accurately because there are so many variables involved. For example, in California, you’ll find some significant differences in local vet care costs depending on where in the state you live, which is one factor that companies use to calculate your monthly premium.

    Cheaper policies also won’t always be less expensive in the long term if they have low annual payout limits or don’t cover chronic conditions where costs can add up quickly. Many pet insurance plans give you many options to raise or lower your monthly premium, which we’ll cover in the next section.

    Plan Customization

    The more options for plan customization a company offers, the better your chance of getting the most affordable plan. Deductibles are the most customizable options you can change across all of the policies we reviewed. Lower annual deductibles typically equal higher monthly premiums and vice versa.

    The opposite is true for annual limits and reimbursement percentage: higher usually equals a more expensive monthly cost. When you ask for quotes, most companies suggest an option that makes the most sense. Depending on your pet’s needs and health, you may find other options are a better fit.

    Pet insurance form close up
    Image Credit: Ekaterina Minaeva, Shutterstock


     Can I Get Pet Insurance Outside the U.S.?

    Some of the pet insurance plans on our list allow you to use veterinarians located in places outside of the U.S., usually restricted to Canada. However, if you’re planning to move permanently from California to another country, you’ll need to look for a pet insurance plan based in the new location.

    What If My Insurance Company Is Not Listed In Your Reviews?

    If you already have coverage with a company not on our list, don’t feel the need to switch just because of that, especially if you are happy with your plan. It’s possible that your company wasn’t included because they don’t offer coverage in California.

    Do I Need A Pet Wellness Plan?

    As we mentioned, the lack of a pet wellness add-on didn’t keep a company from finding a place on our list. Truthfully, pet wellness care is much easier to budget for, and insurance is generally geared toward covering unexpected costs.

    In addition, with some of the limitations on what preventative care is covered, it may not save you much money to purchase this add-on. Before deciding if you need a pet wellness plan, look at some of the costs involved more closely to see if it’s worthwhile.

    Pet insurance
    Image Credit: visivastudio, Shutterstock

    What the Users Say

    Here’s a look at what customers are saying about their experiences with some of the California pet insurance plans we reviewed:

    • “Submitting (Trupanion) claims online could not be easier”
    • “Every claim I submitted (to Trupanion) was called a pre-existing condition”
    • “Figo app is user-friendly”
    • “Figo Wellness not worth the money”
    • “Working with Pets Best has been so easy and convenient”
    • “Pets Best is slow to pay claims”
    • “Healthy Paws unlimited cap is a lifesaver”
    • “(Healthy Paws) customer service has declined”
    • “Lemonade pet insurance rates are too good to be true”

    Which Pet Insurance Provider Is Best For You?

    As you can probably guess now that you’ve read our reviews and buyer’s guide, the right pet insurance provider is different for everyone. California pet owners have an abundance of options, and picking the best plan often requires you to decide on your highest priority in a policy.

    Are you interested in affordability, or is money no object? Do you need a plan that provides the most coverage for an older pet? How does the company handle pre-existing conditions if you’re seeking coverage after your pet has suffered some health problems? Your situation will dictate which pet insurance provider is best for you.



    No matter where you live in California, your pet is vulnerable to accidents and illnesses. For all the good things the state has to offer, California is also an expensive place to live. A pet insurance policy is one way to get some relief from unexpected medical costs that are almost impossible to budget for.

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    If you’re considering a pet insurance plan, enroll your furry friend as soon as possible to avoid pre-existing conditions and start the waiting period for coverage.

    Featured Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

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