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10 Best Pet Insurance Providers in Georgia in 2024 – Reviews & Comparisons

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Summers in Georgia are steaming hot and have insects big enough to carry you and your pets off into the woods. That’s a joke, but the summers in Georgia can be brutal. There’s little relief in the winter; it’s pretty mild and sometimes not getting cold enough to kill insects, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

Living in Georgia with pets means they are exposed to extreme temperatures, insects that bite, and even snakes that are looking for shade themselves. That’s why it’s important for pet owners to have pet insurance to cover every eventuality.

Whether you’re looking for accident-only coverage for your cat or comprehensive coverage for your dog, a pet insurance provider can meet your needs and budget. If you’re unsure which company to go with, we’ll give you our top 10 in the guide below to help you make a final decision.divider-multiprint

A Quick Comparison of the Winners for 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Spot Pet Spot Pet
  • Doesn’t have an upper age limit
  • Can be used in the USA and Canada
  • Allows alternative treatments
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Pet’s Best Pet’s Best
  • Has a 24/7 pet helpline
  • Pays vet directly
  • Huge range of deductibles
  • Third place
    Lemonade Lemonade
  • 20% in total discounts
  • Lowest price on list for younger pets
  • Waiting period of 48 hours for accidents
  • Embrace Embrace
  • Covers office visits
  • Discounts for multiple pets
  • Features diminishing deductibles
  • Microchipping is covered
  • Multi-pet discount of 10%
  • Some conditions have no waiting periods
  • The 10 Best Pet Insurance Providers in Georgia

    1. Spot Pet Insurance – Best Overall

    spot logo 22

    At number one on our list is Spot Pet Insurance. It has deductible choices ranging from $100 to $1,000 and reimbursement options from 70% to 90%. The best thing about this provider is that they have no upper age limit for coverage. The insurance can be used in the USA and Canada, and they allow alternative treatments.

    Sadly, the company has higher prices than many on our list, and they charge a $2 transaction fee if you pay monthly. Also, if you have an issue on the weekends, you’ll have to wait until Monday to report it since they don’t have customer service agents available during that time.

    • Doesn’t have an upper age limit
    • Can be used in the USA and Canada
    • Allows alternative treatments

    • Has higher premiums than many on the list
    • Charges a $2 fee for monthly payments
    • No customer service on the weekends

    2. Pet’s Best – Best Value

    Pets Best Insurance Logo

    Pet’s Best offers deductibles that will fit most budgets. They range from $50 to $1,000, with reimbursement options ranging from $70% to 90%, giving you plenty of wiggle room.

    They have a 3-day waiting period for accidents in most cases and a 24/7 pet helpline for emergencies.

    Pet’s Best will pay the vet directly if you choose, and as you can see, the deductible range is pretty wide. On top of being an excellent value for any budget, the company offers a 5% discount for multiple pets on the policy. However, the waiting periods are longer than other options on our list.

    • Waiting period of 3 days for accidents
    • Has a 24/7 pet helpline
    • Pays vet directly
    • Huge range of deductibles
    • Offers 5% discounts for multiple pets

    • Waiting periods may be longer than some on our list 

    3. Lemonade Pet Insurance

    Lemonade logo

    Lemonade Pet Insurance has deductibles ranging from $100 to $500 and is extremely popular in Georgia. Reimbursement options range from 70% to 90%, and they also offer discounts for multiple pets, yearly payments, and bundling other lemonade policies. They have a 48-hour waiting period for accidents and the lowest rates for younger pets on our list.

    However, Lemonade doesn’t cover dental treatments for your younger pets or pets that are 14 years old and older.

    • Waiting period of 48 hours for accidents
    • Lowest price on list for younger pets
    • 20% in total discounts

    • No dental coverage for younger pets
    • Doesn’t cover 14-year-old pets

    4. Embrace

    Embrace Pet Insurance

    Embrace offers deductibles ranging from $200 to $1,000, reimbursement options from 70% to 90%, and the option to purchase wellness plans. They feature diminishing deductibles, meaning the longer you go without making a claim, the lower your deductibles will be each year. The company covers office visits and has discounts for having multiple pets on a policy.

    Sadly, pets over 14 years old aren’t covered, and orthopedic conditions have a 6-month waiting period, so if your pet has these types of conditions, this might not be the right provider for you.

    • Policyholders get wellness plan options
    • Features diminishing deductibles
    • Covers office visits
    • Discounts for multiple pets

    • Orthopedic conditions have a six-month waiting period
    • Pets over 14 years old aren’t covered

    5. ASPCA

    ASPC pet insurance is also one of the most popular on our list. They have deductible options ranging from $100 to $500 and reimbursement options ranging from 70% to 90%, with a 10% multi-pet discount added in. Microchipping is covered, which is something that isn’t included by most of the companies on the list. They provide wellness plans, and certain conditions have no waiting periods.

    ASPCA’s deductible options are quite limited, and they have a 14-day waiting period for any accidents that might befall your beloved pet.

    • Some conditions have no waiting periods
    • Microchipping is covered
    • Multi-pet discount of 10%
    • Offers wellness plans

    • Deductible options are limited
    • Waiting period of 14 days for accidents

    6. Fetch

    Fetch Pet Insurance

    At number six on our list is Fetch pet insurance. They have a lot of options for customization, and their policies cover many unexpected costs. The company has a great website that is up-to-date and has deductible options ranging from $250 to $500. Reimbursement options range from 70% to 90%. Fetch is perfect for someone who is on a budget and cannot pay premium prices.

    However, they offer no add-ons and offer only one comprehensive plan option. Older pets also have to have an exam from a vet to be considered for coverage, and the company doesn’t provide any preventive care plans.

    • Has several options for customization
    • Polices cover unexpected costs
    • Their website is up to date

    • No add-on coverage
    • One comprehensive plan
    • Older pets must have an exam
    • Preventive care plans aren’t offered

    7. Healthy Paws

    HealthyPaws Pet Insurance Logo

    Healthy Paws has a 2-day turnaround for claim reviews. They also offer deductibles that range from $100 to $1,000 and reimbursement options of 50% to 90%. These deductibles and reimbursement rates depend on the age of your pet, however. The company covers some alternative treatments, and the best thing about them is that they have no yearly maximum.

    However, Healthy Paws doesn’t offer pet discounts, and they don’t have a wellness plan option. They also don’t cover pets that are over 14 years of age.

    • Alternative treatments are covered
    • 2-day turnarounds on claim reviews
    • No yearly maximums

    • Pet discounts not available
    • Wellness coverage not offered
    • Pets over 14 years old are not eligible

    8. Many Pets


    Many Pets Pet Insurance has deductibles ranging from $100 to $500 and reimbursement options ranging from 80% to 100%. They cover vet exam fees with their policies and have special offers for new customers. You can get 0% deductibles and 100% reimbursement options as well.

    The company doesn’t cover behavioral therapy, and they have no helpline for policyholders. However, they have good customer reviews and great customer service, according to our research.

    • Vet exam fees are covered
    • Has special offers for new customers
    • 0% deductibles
    • 100% reimbursement options
    • Great customer service

    • Behavioral therapy not covered
    • No pet helpline available

    9. Trusted Pals

    Trusted Pals

    The number nine spot on our list goes to the Trusted Pals pet insurance provider. The company offers deductibles ranging from $100 to $500 and reimbursement options ranging from 80% to 100%. They also have 0% deductible and 100% reimbursement options. Service dogs get a 5% discount with Trusted Pals, and some vet fees are also covered.

    The company doesn’t have a pet helpline, and some conditions will require a 12-month waiting period, which doesn’t work for many pet owners. If you need your waiting periods to be smaller, there are other providers on our list that you should consider.

    • Certain vet fees are covered
    • Service dogs get a 5% discount
    • 100% reimbursement options
    • 0% deductible options

    • No pet helpline
    • Some issues require a 12-month waiting period

    10. Figo

    Figo Pet Insurance Logo

    Last but not least on our list is Figo pet insurance. They have deductibles that are determined by the age of your pet, but with a little research, you can determine which one is best for you. They offer reimbursement rates ranging from 70% to 100% and have only a 1-day waiting period for accidents. Figo even helps to set up events such as doggie playdates so your pet can socialize with other dogs or cats.

    They have a 100% reimbursement option available, as well as routine wellness plans. However, knee injuries have a 6-month waiting period, and only some types of prescription food are covered. Figo doesn’t cover dental treatments, and exam coverage costs extra.

    • Waiting period of 1 day for accidents
    • Helps set up doggie playdates and more
    • 100% reimbursement available
    • Routine wellness options available

    • Knee injuries have a 6-month waiting period
    • Only some prescription food is covered
    • Dental treatments aren’t covered
    • Exam coverage is charged extra


    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance Provider in Georgia

    What to Look for in Pet Insurance in Georgia

    When searching for the right pet insurance provider in Georgia to meet your needs, you need to do your research, just as we did. Make sure to check policy coverage options and reviews on the company’s customer service and reputation first.

    The other things to check include claim repayment options, the price of the policy, how they handle plan customization, and more. In the sections below, we’ll go into more detail on what you should look for in pet insurance.

    Policy Coverage

    As you can see, from Spot to Nationwide, the providers on our list offer a wide range of policy coverage. For example, if your cat is vulnerable to several health conditions, you want policy coverage that covers those issues. Hereditary issues may be a problem for your dog, and you’ll need a policy that covers the possibility of your pet inheriting a problem from his parents.

    While most of the providers we’ve listed have good policy coverage and reimbursement options, you also need to know how long their waiting periods are. Some offer almost instant reimbursement options, and other insurers can take up to 6 months to pay you for certain illnesses, surgeries, and conditions.

    Customer Service & Reputation

    One of the most important things to research when looking for any service and product is the reputation of the company you’re considering. You’ll want to look at company reviews to see how well they treat their customers, how long it takes them to respond, and if they have a good reputation in the industry.

    However, you do not need to take every review as the gospel. Instead, scour the provider’s website and go to social media sites to find reviews. Remember, if there are several bad reviews and very few good ones, it’s probably better to move to the next provider on your list. Most of the companies on this list have good reputations and excellent customer service.

    a couple with pet signing insurance contract
    Image Credit: Drazen Zigic, Shutterstock

    Claim Repayment

    The next thing you should examine is the claim repayment options. While you want the insurance policy with the lowest deductible and the least expensive monthly payments, you want the quality of the service to be good as well. Most of the companies we listed have great reimbursement rates, ranging from 0% deductibles to 100%.

    Price Of Policy

    For most of us, the price of the policy and monthly payment options are a big consideration when searching for reliable pet insurance in Georgia. You should look for a policy that is tailored to your budget, but it’s also crucial not to sacrifice your deductible, reimbursement rate, or the overall quality of the coverage offered.

    Each company has a unique pricing structure; some plans are more expensive depending on the level of coverage and your pet’s characteristics. You need to choose the one that fits your budget but still takes care of the pets you love when the need arises.

    Plan Customization

    As you probably noticed, the providers on this list offer several customization options. By adjusting your deductible, yearly limit, reimbursement rate, and coverage level, you can determine how the insurance will affect your budget. However, the prices are recalculated annually to account for rising veterinary costs and other expenses, and your plan is likely to be more expensive each year.

    couple with a dog getting a pet insurance
    Image Credit: Robert Kneschke, Shutterstock



    Now that you know the best ten pet insurance providers in Georgia, we’ll try to answer a few of the most common questions pet parents have about pet insurance in Georgia below.

    Is Pet Insurance Required to Live in Georgia?

    Pets are not required to have insurance in Georgia. We feel that it’s essential to have insurance for your pet, however. You never know when an accident or illness is going to happen, and the last thing you want is to have to pull money from your bills to pay the vet to have your pet treated.

    What Are the Most Common Types of Pet Insurance in Georgia?

    The most common types of pet insurance in Georgia include accident and illness, accident only, and wellness and routine care plans. This will vary by the provider, as evidenced by the companies we’ve listed above.

    What’s the Average Vet Cost for Owning a Pet In Georgia?

    On average, just the vet bills for the first year of owning a pet can run you around $2,000 for a dog. Cats are a bit less expensive, averaging around $1,175 a year, but not much lower. This, of course, is according to the vet and what your pet is being treated for as well. That’s why it’s crucial to factor in the cost of vet visits in your budget when you’re considering getting a pet.

    cat and dachshund dog on a rug
    Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock


    What the Users Say

    In most cases, reviews of the pet insurance providers we analyzed from Georgia are positive. Policyholders were pleased when their providers issued prompt payments, and most were happy with the customer service representatives they spoke to.

    However, several customers complained when their rates unexpectedly rose or when their pets were denied coverage for veterinary treatment.

    Which Pet Insurance Provider in Georgia Is Best for You?

    When choosing the right pet insurance provider in Georgia to suit the needs of you and your pet, it will depend on what coverage you need, the price you can afford, and which deductible best suits your needs.

    Make sure that you check reviews, rates, and comparison charts to determine what the best option for you might be. You may not need all the extras that some pet insurance companies offer or coverage for specific conditions.

    eyeglasses on top of insurance documents
    Image Credit: Mikhail Nilov, Pexels



    Pet insurance in Georgia isn’t mandatory, and it isn’t required by law. However, it’s a good idea to have a policy for your pets so that you can cover any accidents or illnesses that might occur. The last thing you want is for your pet to be sick and be unable to get the treatment they need. Whether a dog, cat, horse, or exotic pet, they deserve to be treated well and get vet care when needed. Hopefully, one of the providers on our list will be the right fit for you.

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