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15 Best Pet Insurance Providers in Wisconsin in 2024 – Reviews & Comparisons

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Pet insurance can help you save significantly on medical care costs if you find the right plan. While pet insurance companies have similar base plans that provide coverage for accidents and illnesses, their premiums can still vary significantly. Customizations, such as add-ons, deductible amounts, and annual limits, can affect your premium prices. Your location and your pet’s age and breed are also factors that can change premiums.

So, before you select any pet insurance provider, it’s important to do your research to find a plan that provides the right amount of coverage at a favorable price point. Since there are so many different pet insurance companies, we’ve gone ahead and made reviews of the most popular providers in Wisconsin. As you read through our reviews, you’ll gain a better understanding of which pet insurance company will be the best fit for your pets.


A Quick Comparison of the Winners for 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Embrace Pet Insurance Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Can receive credit for deductible
  • Highly customizable plans
  • Can add Wellness Rewards program for routine care
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Lemonade Lemonade
  • Affordable
  • Good comprehensive coverage
  • Offers additional wellness care coverage
  • Third place
    Spot Pet Insurance Spot Pet Insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage includes alternative therapies
  • Access to 24/7 telehealth helpline
  • Preventative care add-ons available
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance ASPCA Pet Insurance
  • Offers affordable accident-only plan
  • Includes microchipping in plans
  • No age restrictions for coverage
  • Hartville Pet Insurance Hartville Pet Insurance
  • No age limits
  • Accident-only plans have flat rate
  • Option to pay monthly or annual premiums
  • The 15 Best Pet Insurance Providers in Wisconsin

    1. Embrace Pet Insurance – Best Overall

    Embrace Pet Insurance

    Embrace offers one of the best deductible arrangements, and the plans are highly customizable. With Embrace’s Healthy Pet Deductible, you can get $50 credited to your deductible for every year you don’t receive a claim reimbursement.

    Embrace also lets you customize your plan by letting you choose your deductible amount, reimbursement rate, and annual limit. You can get additional coverage for wellness care through its Wellness Rewards program

    Embrace has fairly reasonable premium prices for Wisconsin and offers very comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses. It also has parameters set in place to provide coverage for curable pre-existing conditions.

    While it does place an age limit for its plans, the limit is 14 years, so you have a lot more time to consider pet insurance with Embrace than you would with most other companies.

    • Can receive credit for deductible
    • Highly customizable plans
    • Can add Wellness Rewards program for routine care
    • Has age limit for plan coverage

    2. Lemonade – Best Value


    Lemonade offers some of the most affordable pet insurance plans on the market, so it’s another great choice for pet owners that have young and healthy pets and want to save on costs. Just keep in mind that Lemonade pet insurance plans are currently offered in only 36 states. So, if you foresee yourself moving out of Wisconsin any time soon, you may not be able to renew your plan, depending on the state you’ll live in. However, you can still receive reimbursement if you’re out of state and end up going to a vet’s office or emergency care.

    Lemonade Pet Insurance covers your standard medical care, such as diagnostic tests, outpatient and specialty care, emergencies, and prescription medications. You can add preventative care packages to your plan, which cover wellness exams, routine vaccines, and parasite tests. However, this wellness package is relatively limited and doesn’t cover other essential expenses like microchipping and spaying and neutering.

    • Affordable
    • Good comprehensive coverage
    • Offers additional wellness care coverage
    • Plans are available in 36 states
    • Preventative care packages are limited

    3. Spot Pet Insurance

    spot pet insurance logo

    Spot Pet Insurance offers a base plan that covers accidents and illnesses, including hereditary conditions and chronic issues. The base plan can also reimburse alternative therapies and treatments for behavioral issues.

    Base plans come with access to a 24/7 telehealth helpline that can help you save time and prevent unnecessary trips to the vet’s office. You can also add preventative care options to your base plan and can opt for coverage for spaying and neutering.

    While Spot offers one of the most comprehensive plans in the market, it does come with a price. Most Spot insurance plans are on the expensive side, but if f you’re unsure about using spot, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee trial period.

    • Comprehensive coverage includes alternative therapies
    • Access to 24/7 telehealth helpline
    • Preventative care add-ons available
    • Relatively expensive

    4. Trupanion Pet Insurance


    Trupanion offers coverage through a single comprehensive plan. The base plan covers accidents and illnesses, but it doesn’t reimburse their vet exam fees. You can also add different riders to the base plan. The Pet Owner Assistance Package helps cover fees outside of veterinary costs, such as boarding and notifications for lost pets. The Recovery and Complementary Care Rider enables you to receive reimbursements for different alternative therapies. Trupanion currently doesn’t have any riders or standalone plans for wellness care.

    One thing that makes Trupanion’s pet insurance plan stand out is that it doesn’t have any annual limits. So, you can continue to receive reimbursements without worrying about reaching a cap.

    Trupanion also simplifies the reimbursement process by offering a direct payment option. Participating vets with the Trupanion software can receive payments from Trupanion, which eliminates the claims processing step.

    • Optional riders for more coverage
    • No annual limits
    • Can pay directly to participating vets
    • No reimbursement for accident and illness vet exams
    • No wellness coverage

    5. ASPCA Pet Insurance

    ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

    ASPCA Pet Insurance has two main types of pet insurance. It has a comprehensive plan that covers accidents and illnesses. It also offers an accident-only plan, which is a much more affordable plan and great for pet owners who have healthy pets but still want insurance for unforeseen accidents.

    With its partnership with the ASPCA, this pet insurance is one of the few that includes microchipping in its plans, and it doesn’t have an age limit in its plan eligibility requirements.

    One thing to keep in mind is that ASPCA Pet Insurance’s customer service isn’t very consistent. Some customers experience excellent service, while others have dealt with long wait times and unresponsiveness. So, it’s especially important to file your claims correctly to ensure that you get reimbursed as quickly as possible.

    • Offers affordable accident-only plan
    • Includes microchipping in plans
    • No age restrictions for coverage
    • Inconsistent customer service

    6. Hartville Pet Insurance

    Hartville Pet Insurance Logo

    Hartville Pet Insurance is a considerable option for pet owners with senior pets. It doesn’t have an age limit, but you do see a considerable hike in prices after dogs reach 5 years old.

    Hartville does offer an accident-only plan that has a flat rate, so pets of all ages and breeds have the same fees. Hartville also has preventative care riders, but their coverage is a little limited compared to its competitors.

    You can choose to pay your premiums either monthly or annually, and annual payments can help you save on some costs. So, there are a few ways you can customize your plans to make sure your pets receive the right coverage at a reasonable price.

    • No age limits
    • Accident-only plans have flat rate
    • Option to pay monthly or annual premiums
    • Prices increase significantly for older dogs
    • Preventative care riders provide limited coverage

    7. Figo Pet Insurance

    FIGO Pet Insurance

    Figo Pet Insurance excels in customer service. Everything can be completed through its user-friendly mobile app, and you also have the option to text customer service. Figo also has a quick claims process, and most claims can be processed in 3 days.

    While Figo doesn’t have the cheapest premiums, its plans are still cheaper than most competitors in the market. You can choose from three different plans, and its most comprehensive plan has an unlimited annual payout and lifetime benefit. It also offers the option of a 100% reimbursement rate.

    Figo’s wait period for accidents is just one day, which is shorter than other pet insurance companies. However, it has a 6-month waiting period for hip dysplasia and knee injuries.

    • Excellent customer service
    • Quick claims process
    • Option for 100% reimbursement rate
    • One-day waiting period for accidents
    • 6-month wait period for hip dysplasia

    8. Nationwide Pet Insurance

    Nationwide Pet Insurance

    Nationwide offers a few different types of plans, including accidents and illness, accident-only, and wellness. It also offers a 5% discount for multiple pets. So, you can save on costs, and you also don’t need to purchase a comprehensive plan to receive coverage for preventative care.

    Nationwide is also one of the few pet insurance companies that offers coverage for exotic pets. While it’s inclusive of the types of pets, it does place an age limit on dogs. Dogs over 10 years old aren’t eligible for pet insurance.

    While nationwide has different plan options, it offers few customizations. You aren’t always able to select your reimbursement rate and deductible as this option will depend on your location and your pet’s information.

    • Different types of plans
    • Covers exotic pets
    • 5% discount for multiple pets
    • 10-year age limit on pets
    • Limited customization options

    9. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers excellent customer service and a very user-friendly experience. Along with having an easy-to-use app, it also provides relatively quick response rates to customer questions.

    It offers a standard insurance plan that provides coverage for accidents and illnesses. You can make customizations within this plan by changing the reimbursement rate, deductible, and annual limit. While Healthy Paws has generally affordable premiums, the prices can go up significantly as your pet ages. You’ll also have more limitations on your deductible amount and reimbursement rates for older pets.

    So, Healthy Paws is an affordable option for younger pets, but you can probably find cheaper plans with the same coverage from other pet insurance companies.

    • Excellent customer service
    • User-friendly experience on app
    • Customizable plan
    • Can be expensive for older pets

    10. Pumpkin Pet Insurance

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance has a single plan that covers accidents and illnesses. You can also add the Preventative Essentials Pack, which provides coverage for some routine care services. It’s a flat rate for all dogs and cats, but the coverage is pretty limited compared to its competitors.

    You can further customize your insurance plan by selecting your annual deductible and annual limit. Pumpkin Pet Insurance premiums tend to be on the expensive side, but it’s most likely because all plans have a 90% reimbursement rate, regardless of the pet’s age or breed. Multi-pet homes can save on costs with a 10% discount for enrolling in multiple policies.

    Keep in mind that Pumpkin Pet Insurance does tend to have much higher rates for specific dog breeds that tend to have significant hereditary health concerns. So, you may end up with higher premiums if you have a brachycephalic dog or giant dog breed.

    • Flat rate for preventative care add-on
    • All plans have 90% reimbursement rate
    • 10% multi-pet discount
    • Significantly higher rates for specific dog breeds
    • Preventative care package is relatively limited

    11. Progressive Pet Insurance


    Progressive Pet Insurance offers some of the cheapest plans that can cost less than $10 a month. It has a basic accident and illness plan and offers additional wellness coverage. The wellness coverage and accident-only plan have flat rates, so they won’t increase every year as your pet ages. You can also choose a standalone accident-only plan or a routine and preventative care plan.

    While Progressive’s plans are relatively affordable, they only come with two annual limit options. The accident-only plan has a set annual limit.

    Claims and reimbursements are pretty simple and quick with Progressive. Participating vets can also receive payments directly from Progressive, so you can potentially skip the claims process altogether.

    • Cheap plan options
    • Wellness and accident-only plans have flat rates
    • Sends direct payment to participating vets
    • Limited options for annual limit

    12. Geico Pet Insurance


    Geico offers affordable pet insurance plans that provide coverage for accidents and illnesses, and your pet can receive coverage for up to $1,000 on dental issues. You can also add preventative care coverage to your base plan, but the savings don’t tend to be that significant, especially if you don’t intentionally try to maximize your benefits.

    Geico has five tiers of annual limits that range from $5,000 to $30,000. However, Geico determines your annual limits for you, so you don’t have the option to select your own amount.

    One great benefit to Geico is that all policyholders have access to its 24/7 health line to help you save time from making unnecessary trips to the vet’s office. Geico’s overall customer service is very good. It uses Embrace Pet Insurance as a third party, which is a very reputable pet insurance company.

    • Affordable plans
    • 24/7 pet health line
    • Good customer service
    • Limited preventative care coverage
    • Can’t choose annual limit

    13. USAA Pet Insurance

    USAA Pet Insurance

    USAA Pet Insurance has two insurance plans—accident-only and accidents and illnesses. It also has a Wellness Rewards program that enables you to receive reimbursements for routine care.

    The accident and illness plan covers similar services that most pet insurance companies cover, such as diagnostic tests, surgeries, and hospitalizations. The accident-only plan has a deductible of $100 and an annual limit of $5,000. It covers most emergency medical costs, including poisoning, fractures and broken bones, and lacerations.

    USAA Pet Insurance is a considerable option if you have young and healthy pets because you can receive a credit to your deductible for every year you don’t receive a claim reimbursement. However, it’s not the most ideal option for older pets.

    It’s important to note that senior pets will automatically transfer to the accidents-only coverage once they turn 14. So, USAA Pet Insurance isn’t ideal if you have older pets and want comprehensive care coverage.

    • Offers accident-only and accident and illness coverage
    • Provides Wellness Rewards program
    • Opportunities to add credit to annual deductible
    • Senior pets automatically transfer to accident-only coverage

    14. Bivvy Pet Insurance

    Bivvy Pet Insurance

    Bivvy has one of the fastest application processes. It doesn’t require recent medical exam records, and the application process can take less than 5 minutes to complete.

    While Bivvy offers very cheap pet insurance plans, it has more restrictions than other pet insurance companies. You can receive coverage at a flat rate regardless of your pet’s age and breed. However, the reimbursement rate is much lower at 50%, and the annual limits are relatively low. So, Bivvy isn’t very suitable for dogs with complex needs.

    Bivvy doesn’t offer plan customizations, but you can put its wellness care add-on to your policy. This add-on is also relatively affordable and covers routine care and some vaccinations.

    • Fast application process
    • Flat rate for all ages and breeds
    • Affordable wellness care add-n
    • Low reimbursement rate and annual limit
    • No plan customizations

    15. AKC Pet Insurance

    AKC Pet Insurance

    AKC Pet Insurance’s base plan covers accidents and illnesses, and you can further customize the plan with several add-ons to expand your coverage. In Wisconsin, AKC has add-ons for hereditary conditions, vet exams, breeding, and preventative care. AKC’s insurance plans are most beneficial for breeders because of the add-on that covers care related to breeding and pregnancies.

    AKC also provides industry-leading coverage for pre-existing conditions for eligible pets after a 12-month waiting period. Most companies don’t even consider coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    Overall, AKC pet insurance has robust coverage, but its pet insurance is limited to dogs. So, if you live with cats as well, all your pets won’t be able to enroll under AKC. It also has an age limit of 8 years old, so you must enroll your dog before it reaches this age.

    • Customizable plans
    • Add-on for breeding and pregnancy care
    • Industry-leading coverage for pre-existing conditions
    • Only provides coverage for dogs
    • Age limit is 8 years old


    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Provider in Wisconsin

    What to Look for in Pet Insurance

    Several key factors can help you find the right pet insurance for your pets. It’s really difficult to find a plan that meets all these criteria, so it’s best to pick and prioritize just a few items. Here are some key things to consider when shopping for a pet insurance plan.

    couple with a dog getting a pet insurance
    Image Credit: Drazen Zigic, Shutterstock

    Policy Coverage

    For the most part, basic pet insurance covers accidents and illnesses. So, you can expect them to reimburse items such as diagnostics, surgeries, and emergency care. Some base plans will also cover care for cancer, genetic conditions, and other chronic illnesses as long as they’re not pre-existing conditions.

    Some pet insurance companies offer plans that cover just accidents. These types of plans are great if you have a relatively healthy young dog. Older dogs will benefit more from a plan with comprehensive coverage because they have a higher risk of developing a chronic condition.

    Most pet insurance companies don’t have standalone plans for preventative and routine care. So, if you want coverage for annual vet bills, you’ll most likely have to opt for additional wellness coverage on your base insurance plan.

    Customer Service & Reputation

    Since pet insurance is based on reimbursement, it’s important to find a company that’s reputable and has a strong customer service arm. Look for a company that has a quick claims process and fast response time. That way, you can expect immediate help and service if you’re experiencing any difficulties getting your reimbursement.

    Excellent customer service is also great if you’re new to the world of pet insurance. A good customer service representative will be able to walk through the company’s insurance plans and help you select the right add-ons and riders for your pet. When speaking with a customer service representative, pay attention to how knowledgeable and transparent they are with their answers.

    man on phone with dog on sofa
    Image by: SvetikovaV, Shutterstock

    Claim Repayment

    For the most part, pet insurance companies have a 30-day period for processing claims. However, some companies can process claims within 2 days. Most companies will offer to send reimbursement checks or direct deposit the reimbursement to your bank account.

    Companies will also have different claims processes, so try to find a company that has simple claims forms that are easy and quick to submit. Most pet insurance companies have an app that makes the claims submission process more convenient.

    Keep in mind that companies have different claim submission windows. Some have a 365-day period, but most will not accept claims for bills that are older than 270 days.

    Price Of Policy

    The average cost for pet insurance in Wisconsin is $15-$60 a month. Cat insurance tends to be cheaper than dog insurance. Other factors that affect prices are the pet’s age and breed. Breeds that are known to have hereditary conditions tend to have higher pet insurance prices.

    Prices also vary by location. Larger cities, such as Madison and Milwaukee, tend to have higher insurance premiums than less populated suburbs and towns.

    Lastly, some pet insurance companies allow more plan customizations. Prices can change depending on the deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement rate that you select.

    Pet insurance
    Image by:, Shutterstock

    Plan Customization

    There are many pet insurance companies that allow you to make customizations to your base plan. Typically, you can make changes to the deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement rate. Increasing your annual limit and reimbursement rate usually makes your insurance premiums more expensive. Lowering your deductible also tends to increase your premium amount.

    Another way that companies allow you to customize your plan is by providing optional add-ons and riders. These add-ons provide even more coverage for your pet and most of them are for wellness care. Keep in mind that add-ons can put a significant increase on your premium. So, make sure to do your calculations to ensure that you’d still be saving money. Sometimes, just paying for your annual routine care can be cheaper than paying monthly premiums.



    How do pet insurance companies determine if my pet has a pre-existing condition?

    Pet insurance companies do a background check by looking at your pet’s veterinary records. So, you’re required to submit medical records with your pet insurance application. The required dates of the records vary by company. Some require records from several years back, while others just require records dated within the past 12 months.

    At what age should your pet have pet insurance?

    A lot of pet insurance companies have an age limit for pet insurance. Most companies will not provide insurance for pets older than 7 years old. Pet insurance also becomes more expensive as pets get older. So, it’s best to get your pet on a plan before it gets too old so that it can have coverage throughout its lifetime.

    Can I get pet insurance after a diagnosis?

    Yes, as long as your pet’s age is within eligibility requirements, you can get pet insurance. Just keep in mind that pet insurance companies won’t provide coverage for pre-existing illnesses. So, if your dog already has a diagnosis, it won’t receive any coverage for medical bills related to that diagnosis. It will only receive coverage for unrelated vet bills, such as accidents or diagnostics for a different concern.

    female vet on computer with white dog
    Image credit: Creativa Images, Shutterstock

    What the Users Say

    Embrace Pet Insurance has generally positive customer reviews. Most customers highlight its excellent customer service and the flexibility in making customizations to plans. Embrace Pet Insurance also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    Which Pet Insurance Provider Is Best for You?

    For most pet owners, Embrace Pet Insurance will be the best provider in Wisconsin. The prices of its premiums are well within the state average, and you can also make savings on multi-pet discounts and the years that you don’t receive a claim reimbursement.

    If you have a relatively young and healthy pet, cheaper insurance plans with a smaller range of coverage may be more suitable for you. Lemonade and Bivvy offer some of the most affordable plans.

    If you have an older pet that’s uninsured, you’ll want to find an insurance company that offers the most affordable plans for senior dogs. ASPCA and Progressive don’t have any age restrictions for insurance applications.



    Our overall winner for pet insurance in Wisconsin is Embrace Pet Insurance. Most pet owners will be able to benefit from its comprehensive care plan and earn a lot of savings along the way.

    When shopping for a pet insurance plan, selecting the most robust plan may not always be the best option because you can end up paying way more than you end up saving. So, it’s important to identify your pet’s unique needs and find a plan that will cover its necessary medical costs. As a general rule of thumb, choosing a pet insurance provider that offers customizations and additional savings benefits will help you to develop the best plan for your pet at the most cost-efficient price.

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