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Can You Use PetSmart Gift Cards at Chewy? 2024 Update


Gift cards are fantastic ways to make sure people can choose what kind of treat they want for themselves on special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, or even just getting through Mondays! And there are gift cards available for just about anything. Gift cards at pet stores are perfect for pet owners because we know how much people like to spoil their fur babies. Major online pet supplies companies, like Chewy, have something for every kind of pet – and they sell eGift cards! Just make sure you are getting a card specific to Chewy, because they don’t accept PetSmart gift cards or any other brand outside their own. 


What Kind Of eGift Cards Does Chewy Sell?

Chewy Gift card

Chewy sells eGift cards ranging from $25–$500 with a design of your choosing. Is the person you’re getting this for a dog lover? The eGift cards can have a photo of an adorable pooch. Are they more of a cat person? Chewy has that covered as well! The eGift cards can be used on and on its mobile phone app. Only electronic gift cards are available—you can’t purchase any physical cards.

Can I Use My PetSmart Gift Card At Chewy?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a PetSmart gift card at Chewy. PetSmart is another large pet retailer, similar to Chewy. While they were once tied together for a few years, they recently parted ways and are no longer associated. Thus, you can’t use credit from one at the other. PetSmart has physical locations all over the USA and in Canada, so you will probably find what you’re looking for at their store or online.


Does Chewy Accept Other Kinds Of Gift Cards For Payment?

Chewy Holiday Gift card

No. Chewy can currently only accept Chewy eGift cards when making purchases on their site. But you can still use most major credit or debit cards when making purchases.

Are Chewy Coupons The Same As Chewy eGift Cards?

Chewy coupons are not the same as eGift cards. Sometimes, you can find coupons or promo codes online that offer discounts for things on the Chewy website. This can help you save on things your pet needs or wants.


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Can I Use PetSmart Coupons At Chewy?

You can use only Chewy coupons and promo codes at Chewy. Like the eGift cards, the coupons and promo codes are limited to one specific store.



If you get a gift card at a pet supplies store, assume that you can only use it at the store the gift card indicates. For example, if you get a Chewy gift card, use it at Chewy’s website or on their app. The same would go for a PetSmart gift card or any other major pet supply store. Happy shopping!

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