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Top 35 Popular & Famous Cartoon Dogs (2023 Update)

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There are so many dogs on television that make us appreciate our four-legged buddies even more. You might be able to think of several right off the top of your bed that really stuck with you over the years.

But if you would like a refresher and some famous cartoon dogs, we have compiled a list that you might be interested in taking a look at.


The 35 Most Popular and Famous Cartoon Dogs:

1. Odie

Cartoon Garfield
Type of Dog Terrier mix

Odie is an instantly recognizable face, playing the dog in the hit cartoon Garfield. This peppy, dopy non-verbal dog brightens the screen with his perky ears and adorably long tongue.

2. Courage

Cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog
Type of Dog Beagle

Courage is every 90s kid’s favorite scary cartoon. Living with Mariel and Eustace, Courage encounters ghastly ghouls and vile villains. Who doesn’t love this cowardly dog?

3. Spike

Cartoon Rugrats
Type of Dog Siberian Tiger Hound

Everyone knows about the dog that helps the Rugrat kiddos save the day—Spike. This even-keeled pooch might not be a real breed, but we know for sure he’s a Siberian Tiger Hound.

4. Scooby-Doo

Cartoon Scooby-Doo
Type of Dog Great Dane

Jump aboard the mystery van! This fraidy cat is a big baby, looking to his human friends for protection against the villains.

5. Snoopy

Cartoon Peanuts
Type of Dog Beagle

Snoopy is arguably one of the most popular cartoon dogs today, thanks to the show Peanuts. Snoopy and his buddy Woodstock might not chatter with words, but they sure make for a great watch—and what a classic!

6. Goofy

Cartoon Mickey Mouse
Type of Dog Black and Tan Coonhound

Goofy is a Disney icon. Known for his, well, goofy actions, he is a long, lanky lovable character with a big heart and sweet spirit.

7. Droopy

Cartoon Cartoon Network
Type of Dog Basset Hound

Droopy Dog is an instantly recognizable face, surpassing his small roles on Cartoon Network. Originally used for shorts, this familiar face has stayed relevant throughout the years, appearing in other animations.

8. The Tramp

Cartoon Lady and the Tramp
Type of Dog Mutt

Troublemaker and the refined Lady meet up for an adventure in Lady and the Tramp. The Tramp meets his new Lady friend after she’s been down on her luck since her humans had a baby. The street-savvy Tramp helps Lady navigate the big, scary city—an adorable love story.

9. Copper

Cartoon Fox and the Hound
Type of Dog Basset Hound

Every Disney fanatic has probably seen the tear-jerker Fox and the Hound. In this movie, an adorable basset puppy befriends a misunderstood fox, breaking the traditional ideas of hunting dogs and vermin coexisting.

10. Gromit

Cartoon Wallace and Gromit
Type of Dog Beagle

If you have seen the beloved Wallace and Gromit movies, you’ve undoubtedly fallen in love with this silent Beagle. Even without speaking, Gromit always seems to be the voice of reason, pointing his friend Wallace in the right direction.

11. Astro

Cartoon The Jetsons
Type of Dog Great Dane

If you are a fan of this space-centered cartoon classic, you’re probably very familiar with Astro the Great Dane. He makes an appearance in nearly every episode, happily accompanying the Jetsons around the house and in the saucer.

12. Clifford

Cartoon Clifford
Type of Dog Bloodhound

As a child, you were probably left in awe and wonder after reading Clifford the Big Red Dog books. Clifford is a well-behaved massive red dog belonging to Emily Elizabeth. After publishing these books, it was made into a children’s cartoon that they could enjoy in a motion picture.

13. Max

Cartoon The Grinch
Type of Dog Mutt

The Grinch seemed to hate everything except his furry companion, Max. With the help of some pretty good luck, this mutt helps the Grinch almost destroy Christmas to gain a bigger love for the townspeople.

14. Brian

Cartoon Family Guy
Type of Dog Labrador Retriever

Brian might be your favorite character if you’re a Family Guy fanatic. Cool, calm, and collected, this sophisticated Labrador might be the smartest one in the Griffin household.

15. Slinky

Cartoon Toy Story
Type of Dog Dachshund

If you’ve seen the magical Toy Story, you know just how sweet and low-key Sinky is. Played by the classic voice actor Jim Varney, Slinky just wants everyone to get along, and he’s never in a hurry.

16. Mr. Peabody

Cartoon Peabody & Sherman
Type of Dog Beagle

Mr. Peabody is somehow a pure white Beagle, and a genius of sorts. With the help of his son Sherman, these two embark on all sorts of time-jumping adventures in the Wabash.

17. Charlie

Cartoon All Dogs Go to Heaven
Type of Dog German Shepherd

Everyone loves All Dogs Go to Heaven. A heartwarming story about a German Shepherd who cheats death and learns to love a little girl. He and his friend Chewy get into all sorts of mischief along the way.

18. Zero

Cartoon Nightmare Before Christmas
Type of Dog Dachshund

If you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, you’ll notice Zero is a little long and pointy—which is why it’s speculated the inspiration came from a dachshund. Zero is a loyal companion even in death to his owner Jack throughout the Tim Burton film.

19. Hong Kong Phooey

Cartoon Hong Kong Phooey
Type of Dog Anthropomorphic

Hong Kong Phooey doesn’t have a specified breed. But this kung-fu fighting pup and his trusty sidekick battle street crime together. He’s a real superhero in martial arts.

20. Pluto

Cartoon Mickey Mouse
Type of Dog Bloodhound

Just like Goofy, Pluto is a Mickey Mouse hound, but much more dog-like. He behaves like a dog with no speaking roles. But yet, he is one of the most famous and well-known Disney characters.

21. Sparky

Cartoon Frankenweenie
Type of Dog Bull Terrier

In the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie, you meet Sparky—the dog that has come back from the dead. This adorable and heartfelt story is tragic and you can’t help but fall in love with this stitched-up little guy.

22. Balto

Cartoon Balto
Type of Dog Siberian Husky

Balto is the story of a Siberian Husky trying to make his way in the world. When a town falls into trouble, Balto makes it his mission to make sure medicine is distributed throughout.

23. Bluey

Cartoon Bluey
Type of Dog Blue Heeler

Bluey is a relatively new show that stars an adorable Blue Heeler. It’s aimed at younger children and teaches about family and the fundamentals of growing up.

24. Bolt

Cartoon Bolt
Type of Dog Swiss White Shepherd Dog

Bolt is about a doggy actor superhero who’s pushed into a real-world scenario that tests his bravery. This pup is speculated to be a Swiss White Shepherd Dog, being fiercely determined and agile.

25. Cat Dog

Cartoon CatDog
Type of Dog Fictional

Cat Dog is a show about a conjoined cat and dog pair who go on all sorts of random adventures. Even though they have their differences, they are brothers at heart.

26. Chip

Cartoon Chip & Potato
Type of Dog Pug

Chip and Potato features a pug and mouse facing daily challenges together in preschool. Aired on Netflix, this show is for pre-k kids ready to learn about what to expect in school.

27. Dug

Cartoon Up!
Type of Dog Golden Retriever

Everyone loves Dug from Pixar’s Up! And how could you not! This lovable Golden Retriever is goofy, loyal, and affectionate. And though he might seem like a pushover, he really comes through for the humans he loves.

28. Jake the Dog

Cartoon Adventure Time
Type of Dog Bulldog

Looking at Jake the Dog, you might guess he’s a bulldog from his dropping jowls. However, he’s also a professional shape shifter, which can help out in some sticky situations. He’s one of the more laidback characters in the show.

29. Muttley

Cartoon Wacky Races and Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines
Type of Dog Mixed Breed

You might have guessed just from the name Muttley, he is a mixed breed pup. Always snickering, this dog appears in two cartoons to fly planes like a pro and get into other mischiefs.

30. Porkchop

Cartoon Doug
Type of Dog Bull terrier

Porkchop is the cool bull terrier that belongs to Doug Funny. He might wear clothes and act like a human, but he communicates like a dog—in a series of barks and tail wags.

31. Ren

Cartoon Ren & Stimpy
Type of Dog Chihuahua

You might have seen Ren and Stimpy a million times but have no idea what they are supposed to be. To your surprise, Ren is a moody, neurotic chihuahua—which can be fitting. And Stimpy is a cat.

32. Sam Sheepdog

Cartoon Looney Tunes
Type of Dog Sheepdog

Sam Sheepdog is a big and slow easy-going character in Looney Tunes. He’s always riveling with Ralph Wolf, who tries to steal members of his flock—and he intercepts successfully every time.

33. Sparky

Cartoon South Park
Type of Dog Doberman Wolf Mix

If you’re a South Park fan, you know all about Sparky. This Doberman Wolf dog mix belongs to Stan, who proclaims him to be, “the toughest dog on the mountain.”

34. Spunky

Cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life
Type of Dog Bull Terrier

Spunky is an adorably happy miniature bull terrier, always by Rocko’s side. It never quite seems like he has a lot going on upstairs, but the show just wouldn’t be the same without him and his extra-long tongue.

35. Perdy

Cartoon 101 Dalmatians
Type of Dog Dalmatian

Poised and elegant, Miss Perdy is the mother of the first litter of puppies in 101 Dalmatians. Along with father Pongo, she helps rescue and protect all the pups.



So now you can see just how many cartoon dogs there are here and know—there are many, many more! Canines inspire humans every day with their charm and affection. There will likely be many more dog characters in animations, cartoons, and real scenarios throughout the years.

Who’s your most beloved cartoon dog?

Featured Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

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