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Skiptown Dog Bar & Park Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give Skiptown a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5

Experience: 5/5

Services: 5/5

Reliability: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Booking Process: 4/5

I bet you never thought that a bar and dog play area could exist in the same sentence… well, here comes Skiptown! A bar and dog park extravaganza that also offers other cool services, like boarding and grooming! With beautiful green turf and a younger crowd enjoying the drinks, this idea definitely feels like it is pushing pet ownership into a whole new space, one that meshes well with the modern dog parent.

Having a dog can be a social pastime as well, with so many people meeting one another through their furry friends. Combining the two things is a great way to make new friends, let your pups loose, and turn pet ownership into a truly community endeavor.


About Skiptown

Skiptown - About page

On the surface, Skiptown seems like just a bar in a fenced dog park. This isn’t actually the case—Skiptown is so much more.

An idea fostered and created by those under the age of 35 (no offense!), Skiptown caters to the modern generation of pet parents. With bookings run via an app, Skiptown allows convenient and easy booking for all services – much like ordering your groceries from Instacart or calling an Uber.

Meggie, the founder and CEO of Skipper (the dog walking service that is integrated with Skiptown) and Skiptown started the business when she struggled to find a good dog walking solution for her own two pups. Meggie and her husband were unable to find a flexible and convenient solution, so they ended up making one: thus comes the app-based service that allows for flexibility and same-day bookings!

Skiptown strives to provide personalized care for every pet that comes to them, whether as a daycare attendee or an overnight boarder. Much of the company’s mission statement revolves around the experience, ensuring that both Fido and Fido’s owner are left with a positive lasting impression.



Skiptown overview

Here is an overview of Skiptown, which is certainly not your typical doggy playdate and boarding service!


Skiptown offers the following services:
  • Bar and Dog Park Experience
  • Daycare
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Walks
  • Cat Care
  • Dog Training


The price is based on the service requested, but is well within industry standards and very reasonable! Especially for those with a membership.

Bar and Dog Park Experience

  • Varies depending on the event


  • $39 per session, with discounts of up to $33 per session if purchasing in bulk


  • $30 per night (with an $8 surcharge during holiday seasons)


  • Prices range from $35 to $105, depending on dog size and service requested. Services include a bath and blowout, touch-up, or cut and style.


  • A 20-minute visit is $23, with discounts available if purchasing multiple visits at a time
  • A 40-minute visit is $31, with discounts available if purchasing multiple visits at a time
  • A 60-minute visit is $38, with discounts available if purchasing multiple visits at a time

Cat Care

  • Cat home visits are also available and are priced the same as dog walks.

Skiptown dog walking services

What to Expect

Depending upon what service you have booked for your pet, Skiptown tries to one-up the experience of other businesses.

With daycare and boarding, Skiptown offers around-the-clock care, daily updates on your pup’s progress, and very convenient pick-up and drop-off hours. Pups are temperament tested to be there, to help ease your mind while you’re away.

Grooming is similar—high-end grooming supplies and ingredients are used, and your pup will receive plenty of treats and love!

Experienced Skipper staff conduct the walking and home visits, with GPS tracking and real-time updates. They even offer to water plants, bring in mail, and put the trash out.


To use Skiptown, download their free and easy-to-use mobile app.

Your pup(s) is registered on this app, and will not be permitted entry unless verified through the app. The app allows you to book your services, gain entry to the bar and park, and even keep up-to-date on how your pet is doing during the services.

Skiptown membership


You don’t need a paid membership to participate in Skiptown’s services, but a membership provides good discounts for frequent users!

There are four types of membership available:

Basic Member

  • Free
  • No perks

Bar Member

  • $300 per year or $40 per month
  • Unlimited entry to the bar and park for all dogs is included in the membership
  • Receive 3 free day passes per month for your friends and family

Pet Care Member

  • $210 per year or $25 per month
  • Receive twice daily mobile visit reports (per dog) for daycare and boarding
  • Get $10 of credit to spend each month on any pet care appointment add-ons
  • Choose between free late pick-up until 9 pm OR free early drop-off (as early as 6 am) for each daycare appointment
  • Enjoy access to the bar & park with a purchased day pass

VIP Member

  • $420 per year or $55 per month
  • Get unlimited entry to the bar and park for all dogs included in the membership
  • Receive twice daily mobile visit reports (per dog) for daycare and boarding
  • Get $10 of credit to spend each month on any pet care appointment add-ons
  • Choose between free late pick-up until 9 pm OR free early drop-off (as early as 6 am) for each daycare appointment
  • Receive 3 free day passes per month to gift to family and friends
  • Can trial the membership before joining

Memberships are not on a per-pup basis; up to four pups who live in the same household can be on the same membership. That means that foster parents can also use the membership for their foster dogs as well!

To cancel the membership, you need to email their support team with a 14-day notice.

In Summary

  • Skiptown is the only facility that offers a bar inside of an off leash dog park!
  • Boarding, grooming, and dog walking are available
  • Cat care is also available
  • An easy-to-use app to book and schedule all appointments
  • Daily updates on how your pup is doing when you aren’t around
  • Various memberships and perks that help save money on pet care
  • All animals go through a vetting process
  • All of the Skiptown employees are highly trained and knowledgeable

  • Canceling your membership requires a 14-day notice
  • 21+ only in the dog park section because of the bar


Key Features

Skiptown offered services

Dog Park and Bar

This one is quite simple; this is the only dog park and bar that I can think of! Let your pups run around freely and enjoy a playdate in the lovely outdoor area while you sip on a cocktail.

Easy Booking Via App

All of the services are easy to book via the app and even allow same-day bookings.

Only Professional Employees

All of the employees at Skipper and Skiptown are vetted professionals. You won’t find any newbies offering grooming, daycare, boarding, or dog walking/home care services.


Is Skiptown a Good Value?

Skiptown is a unique offering that still provides prices well within the industry standard for each service. With membership options that include lots of great perks, pet parents who use the service regularly will certainly find it to be well-priced!

Equally, much of the value in pet care has to do with trust and knowledge. The Skiptown employees (whether they be grooming experts, dog walkers, or more) demonstrate great knowledge in their field and significant care for each pup that comes in. That in and of itself is invaluable!

Skiptown dog park and bar



What are the dog requirements for participating in Skiptown?

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and pass a temperament test.

Once an account on the app is made, your pet’s profile will require uploading vet documents that Skiptown can verify. All dogs must be up to date on Bordetella, distemper/parvo, and rabies vaccinations. If records cannot be provided, you can provide your veterinarian’s information, and Skiptown can acquire the records from them.

Once verified, an appointment is scheduled to test your dog’s compatibility (temperament). Only dogs that meet both requirements can use Skiptown’s services.

Can my child come with me to Skiptown?

Skiptown is 21+ only because the venue serves alcohol.

How are the dog boarding and grooming employees vetted?

All Skiptown employees are required to pass two interviews, one background check, and 20 hours of classroom and field training. As such, the employees are experts in canine and feline care and behavior.

Skiptown dog grooming services


Our Experience With Skiptown

Although I (unfortunately) do not reside in an area where Skiptown is, but I still wanted to take a peek at the offerings and check it all out! My dog Lorelei and I travel often, so I am sure that we will find ourselves in Skiptown sooner rather than later.

The website itself was very thorough for each service offered, with detailed explanations of the price, what your dog will experience, and more.

As I couldn’t be there myself, I went ahead and did a little bit of internet snooping to seek out some reviews from real-life visitors. I was pleasantly surprised when my scouring of Facebook, Reddit, and various review sites yielded a lot of positivity! Makes me feel even more of a pang to not be near Skiptown.

The dominant positive reviews revolved around the environment created by Skiptown; because of the vetting of each pup who visits, many feel safe bringing their dog over to play and hang out. The staff were cited as friendly and unanimously considered very helpful. A lot of trust is built within the community that comes to visit, and that speaks volumes.

Skiptown dog park



In conclusion, Skiptown is a brilliant concept brought to fruition by passionate and dedicated pet lovers. Anyone who is near a Skiptown location should absolutely check it out!

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