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Does Pet Insurance Cover Vaccinations & Shots? 2024 Guide

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Pet insurance is a great way to make your pet’s healthcare more affordable for you. Before you get pet insurance, though, it’s important to understand what you can expect. For example, if you’re planning on getting pet insurance to cover your pet’s yearly vet visit, then you’ll need to know if pet insurance companies will actually cover this type of visit and what you can expect from the company in regards to your typical vet visits. Keep reading for more information about whether you can expect your pet insurance company to cover things like vaccinations.


Does Pet Insurance Cover Vaccinations?

While many pet insurance companies will offer coverage of your pet’s typical vaccines, you’ll need to thoroughly investigate this before assuming they cover these types of charges. Many companies do offer wellness coverage, but these are often add-on packages on top of their basic injury and illness plans. Very few pet insurance companies cover wellness visits, vaccinations, and other preventative care in their basic plans.

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Does Pet Insurance Cover Other Shots?

That depends on what type of shots you’re referring to. If your pet has a pre-existing condition that they receive injections for, the vast majority of pet insurance companies will not cover these injections.

Medications related to treating an injury or illness, as well as prescriptions for non-pre-existing conditions, are typically covered by most pet insurance companies in their basic plans. Some may require you to purchase a policy rider to cover prescriptions or specific types of treatments, though.

Knowing what’s covered is important, we recommend checking a few different companies to compare policies and find the one that best fits your needs.

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Some vaccinations that are specific to your geographical area may or may not be covered by your pet insurance. It’s a good idea to ask what specific vaccines might be covered. For example, vaccinations for tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease and other diseases that are at an increased risk in certain geographical areas, like Leptospirosis, may or may not be covered by pet insurance, even if you have a wellness add-on plan. Your vet is a great resource on what vaccines are recommended and specific to your geographical area, so you can discuss them by name with your pet insurance company.

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Final Thoughts

Pet insurance is a great resource for helping you pay for your pet’s expenses, but many pet insurance companies will not cover wellness visits, including vaccines, in their basic plans. You’re likely to have to purchase an add-on plan, while some pet insurance companies don’t even offer wellness coverage, instead choosing to focus on more expensive and unexpected expenses.

Certain types of medications may or may not be covered by pet insurance, and there are multiple factors involved in determining if they’ll be covered. Geography-specific vaccines are something that may not be covered, even with wellness add-on plans. It’s essential to ensure coverage to discuss your questions and concerns with a pet insurance company before you invest in their services. By talking to them and asking specific questions, you’ll be well-informed about what you can expect to be covered and what may cost you more out of pocket.

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