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Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give FOMO Bones a rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.9/5
Packaging 4.8/5
Ingredients: 4.9/5
Value: 4.8/5

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Nowadays, it feels all too common that our little canine companions are experiencing stress and anxiety over a variety of issues. I think everyone is starting to think more and more of their dog in terms of how they are feeling. We all wonder if they are settling down when we are away, and if our pups are actually relaxing.

I know that if my dog isn’t relaxed, I won’t be either, so his comfort is definitely a priority of mine! After trying quite a few different approaches to help calm my pup and get his anxiety more under control, we gave the FOMO Bones a shot.

These bacon-flavored CBD dog treats are made by the company Sunday Scaries. While most of their products are made for humans in the form of gummies and tinctures, they added the FOMO Bones treats for our furry friends since our pups deserve to chill out just as much as we do.

These CBD dog treats are specifically crafted to help with stress relief for our canine companions. You can use these bones to chill your dog out during different situations such as thunderstorms, road trips, vet visits, or just use them for daily separation anxiety and stress. Sunday Scaries seems to be on a mission to decrease stress, not only in humans but to end FOMO for our pups as well!


What the heck are FOMO Bones and who makes them?

Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones - treat bag on the table

Before I decided on trying the FOMO Bones themselves, I spent a little bit of time looking into the company and taking a look at their brand mission to see if it aligned with what I was looking for.

I found out that Sunday Scaries was created by Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt and was one of the first CBD companies that came to market in 2017. Both founders are deeply immersed in the world of CBD and THC, believing that these products can help to improve mental health and overall well-being.

Their company makes a range of products from CBD gummies to CBD sleep oil, to THC gummies. With the idea of life becoming stressful and overwhelming at the company’s core, they are on a mission to help people mellow out, overcome negative thoughts and self-doubt, and conquer their Sunday Scaries. Once I learned all of this about the company, I found myself feeling aligned with their mission and ready to give their FOMO Bones a chance!

FOMO Bones are the one dog-friendly item in the Sunday Scaries product line. They are CBD soft chew dog treats in the shape of bones for you to give to your pup! The bones are bacon-flavored for your dog’s enjoyment and contain ingredients like CBD Isolate, Passion Flower, Chamomile, L-Tryptophan, and Valerian Root. Each bone has 5 mg of CBD in it and the pouch comes with a total of 20 bones. The instructions say to give either one or two bones to your dog, depending on their size and weight.

While any dog could benefit from these FOMO Bones, they are best suited for nervous and anxious dogs, to help target and reduce their stress. The main purpose of the bones is to help calm and relax your dog while you are gone; any dog with separation anxiety could try and benefit from these bones. However, the purpose and the frequency are totally up to you! FOMO bones can be used more sporadically to treat situational stress, or they can be used daily to treat everyday stress. For more occasional uses, the bones can be used before, thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, and more.



Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones - dog treats

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The FOMO Bones are sold online for twenty-three dollars per pouch. They sell one pouch for situational stress, two pouches for workweek stress, and three pouches for everyday stress; you can pick which option is right for you and your dog.

I looked at a few other CBD dog treat brands to compare the pricing, and overall, think the FOMO Bones are quite fairly priced. Other brands are around the same dollar range, sometimes having a few more treats in each pouch or jar.

I love the mission and backstory of Sunday Scaries and how open the brand seems to be about their lab testing and ingredients being used. Personally, I would rather put a few extra dollars in a brand I believe in and feel good about!

Package Contents

My order came in the mail in a subtle black box. When I opened it, I expected it to just have my order but to my surprise, it had more! Each order comes with a little postcard-sized meme which adds some personality and fun to it.

It also comes with an introductory letter from the founder talking about the backstory of their business and thanking you for purchasing with them when there are so many other options out there nowadays. I thought both of these additions were a nice touch, just showing that they are trying to go that extra step. And of course, the order comes with the treat pouch which contains twenty bone-shaped treats for your pup to try.

Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones - product contents


My first thought when ordering anything new online is, “Can I return it?” What if I don’t like it or it doesn’t work, what then? Well, Sunday Scaries has a money-back guarantee if you decide you do not like the product you received!

They do recommend that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you try out a second, different product that they can send your way before you give up on their CBD products. However, if you decide their CBD products are truly not for you, they will send you your money back, saying on their website, “Life is stressful enough. Trying new things shouldn’t be”. They do note that they state they do not accept exchanges though.

In Summary

  • Stress relief for pups
  • More peace of mind for owners
  • Subtle shipping packaging
  • Cute treat pouch package
  • Informative brand
  • Can be difficult to tell the level of effectiveness


Key Features

Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones - dog treat

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Big Bones

Compared to the small-sized treats I normally give my dog, these FOMO Bones are massive! My dog gets so excited when I pull the Sunday Scaries bag out since he knows he’s about to hit the bacon-flavored jackpot! I don’t make my dog do any tricks before giving him the FOMO Bone, so it’s fun for him to receive a huge treat randomly (and he eats them with no problem every time)!

5 MG

Each bone in the FOMO Bones pouch has 5 milligrams of CBD in it. I think this is just the right amount to chill out my pup without turning him into a zombie dog. I want my dog to be relaxed, but I still want him to be himself! These treats do just enough to help him keep his calm without pushing him over the edge of being overly sleepy.


Are FOMO Bones Worth the Price?

As someone who already drops too much money on their pet, I try to keep myself aware of how much I am spending! I try to buy intentionally, and I do think FOMO Bones are an effective product that’s worth the price!

Each pouch is priced at twenty-three dollars. Since there are twenty bones in the pouch, you’re paying just over a dollar per treat (yes, the girl math is making its way to the dog moms). I would say that’s a pretty justifiable purchase considering the calming effects.

Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones - Elo lying on the sofa with the product

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Is it safe for my dog to eat CBD treats?

Yes! CBD treats are safe for dogs to eat as long as you are buying from a trusted manufacturer that will adhere to high-quality standards. FOMO Bones undergo rigorous testing to make sure they meet those quality standards. The website even states that the dog treats are made in a “National Animal Supplement Council certified facility with a 25-year manufacturing history and are backed by the Good Manufacturing Practice seal”.

How many CBD bones should I give my dog?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how many treats to give your pup! The number of CBD treats will depend on your dog’s size and weight. The back of the treat pouch gives recommendations for how many bones dogs in each weight category should receive. If you’re still unsure, you can always start out lower than recommended and work your way up if needed!

What if my dog doesn’t want to eat the bones?

These CBD dog treats are soft chews that should taste like bacon to your pup! My dog was sniffing the bag up and down even before it was opened, so I think they’re flavored pretty well. However, some dogs can be picky! You can always try a little smear of peanut butter or another tasty treat they normally enjoy to sneak it to them. Or you could try putting it or its pieces in their morning kibble to get scarfed right down.

Will my dog get high?

No! Sunday Scaries is very clear on their website that these treats are made with CBD Isolate, meaning they are specially formulated to give the effects and benefits of CBD without resulting in any sort of altered mental state. The CBD Isolate that contains the CBD lacks any THC, so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t giving your dog any type of high.

How long does it take until the CBD has an effect?

Typically, CBD treats should have an effect within thirty to forty-five minutes. That number might change a bit depending on your dog’s specific metabolism and a few other factors, like whether they are taking it on an empty stomach. But typically the calming effect should be seen within a timeframe similar to that!

Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones - elo sniffing the treat bag


Our Experience With Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones

I have had a rescue dog named Elo for several years, and when I say he’s one nervous little guy, I mean it! He has all sorts of anxieties in his day-to-day life, from being left home alone while I go to work, to going out of the front door when trucks are going by, to passing unexpected people on the trails we take.

After I rescued him, his anxieties started to show themselves one at a time and I learned more and more about how intense his stress could be. After trying other training methods and medications to help him become used to some of the things that triggered his anxieties, I realized that he might need a little more help. I had never been sure about how much CBD products would do but decided to give the Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones a shot.

I started Elo with half a bone at a time to test out how his stomach and body would react to it. For a dog of Elo’s size and weight, the bag does recommend one full CBD bone, but I like to start small and work my way up as needed. After two days of half a bone, I didn’t see much of a mood difference, so I ended up going up to the recommended full bone pretty quickly.

I give Elo the FOMO Bones for situational stress, saving them for times where I know he might need that extra help keeping calm and relaxing. He’s already on a low daily dose of Prozac, so I didn’t feel like a CBD bone every day was as needed. I have been giving Elo full CBD bones before heading out for work and feel like he does much better on his own than he normally would! Typically, my pet camera alerts me to his continuous barking about halfway or three-quarters of the way through the workday. But on the days that I gave him the CBD bones, he was quiet! There were a couple of barks here and there but he was able to calm himself back down (and I was able to continue working without silently stressing the whole rest of the day). I am very excited to have these bones on hand for when I need to go into the office to work, so I can focus and not worry about how the dog is doing being at home alone.

I also give Elo a FOMO Bone before we go out on a trail walk. Since he’s so excited and busy sniffing while we are in the woods, it is hard to tell if the bones have much of an effect. However, when I come home, I’ve noticed that his post-walk snack takes him much longer to eat (sometimes double the time it normally takes)! It seems like the bones allow him to slow down a bit instead of being in that zone of constantly racing and being anxious!

Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones - elo trying the treat

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I found that the FOMO Bones have had just enough of a calming effect on my pup, Elo. They don’t do anything drastic; the CBD bones seem to be just enough to take the edge off and slow him down. Overall, the Sunday Scaries FOMO Bones are definitely a good tool for pup parents who need some additional support to use with an anxious dog, regardless of what their particular anxieties may be!

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