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Veterinary Appreciation Day 2024: When & How It’s Celebrated

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Veterinary Appreciation Day is one of the many holidays celebrated by pet owners. It’s hosted on June 18 every year and was started by Trupanion to promote extending love toward veterinarians and their staff.

The day gives you a chance to demonstrate that you appreciate the work that the staff at your local veterinary clinic does to keep your pet healthy, and you don’t need to do much to celebrate! If you’re new to pet ownership or haven’t heard of Veterinary Appreciation Day, here’s an overview of the event and a few ways to thank your veterinarian.


What Is Veterinary Appreciation Day?

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Launched by Trupanion in 2015, Veterinary Appreciation Day is dedicated to everyone who works to keep pets healthy. It’s a way to spread awareness of the work that your veterinarian and their assistants and receptionists do to keep your pet safe and to guide you when things go wrong.

Veterinary professionals usually miss out on the acknowledgments that human healthcare providers typically receive, and Veterinary Appreciation Day is a way to change that. It encourages people to give veterinarians and other pet healthcare specialists something that shows that their work is appreciated, even if it’s something as simple as saying “thank you” after a routine checkup.


The 8 Ways to Thank Your Veterinarian

Veterinary Appreciation Day might not be one of the most well-known holidays, but it is an essential one to remember if you’re a pet owner. Without your vet and their staff, your pet wouldn’t receive the medical attention that they need in emergencies.

You don’t need to make any big plans to celebrate the day either; a friendly “hello” can be enough. If you want a few more ideas, here’s a quick list of things that you can do to show your appreciation for your vet.

1. A Handmade Card

A great way to thank your veterinarian is by creating a handmade card. In a pinch, you can use a shop-bought card, but it’s always a nice thought to have something handwritten or handcrafted.

With a bit of time and care, you can put together a heartfelt card to drop off at the clinic the next time that you go past. Take the time to learn the names of the staff to add a personalized touch, and include a picture of your healthy pet.

medical staff holding a thank you card
Image Credit: Roman Bodnarchuk, Shutterstock

2. Patience

It’s all too easy for stress to get the best of you, especially when you’re forced to wait while your pet undergoes surgery. Maybe you’re short on time and are waiting for someone to do a routine check-up on your pet, but you’ve been sitting in the waiting room for half an hour.

In these cases, it’s easy to be upset with the staff, but you should try to consider their workload. Your vet might be behind on patients because they’re short on staff or they need to conduct an emergency surgery.

A little patience goes a long way to show that you appreciate the time that your veterinarian is providing. Greeting them with a smile rather than irritation will also help make their day a bit better. Even if they don’t mention it, they’ll notice and appreciate your patience.

3. Checking In

You might think that checking in is just something that you do when you and your pet arrive at the clinic, but you can also check in with the staff themselves. If they’re not too busy, give them a few minutes of your time to ask about their day or whether they have plans for the weekend.

There’s no need to limit yourself to visits to the clinic either. If you see one of the receptionists, an assistant, or even one of the veterinarians themselves at the store or mall, stop and say a quick “hello.” They might not have time to chat for long, but a friendly greeting outside of situations when your pet is sick is a heartwarming way to show that you care and acknowledge that they’re human too.

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4. A Photo of Your Pet

If there’s one thing that pet owners have in abundance, it’s photos of their pets. As fellow pet lovers, the staff at your veterinary clinic will adore pictures of your healthy pet.

Put together a bunch of the best photos, or do a special themed photo shoot, and give it to your vet. This idea is even more appreciated if your pet needed surgery of some kind. You can track their recovery and show your veterinarian how well your pet is doing, even if you don’t have to go in for a routine check-up for a while.

5. Shout-Out

In the rush of relief when your pet comes out of a life-saving surgery safe and sound, it’s easy to forget the small things, like saying, “thank you.” If you get home and realize that you’ve forgotten to show your appreciation for your veterinarian’s efforts, consider sharing the experience on social media.

Nothing says that you appreciate someone more than publicly announcing your gratitude. Find the clinic’s website or social media, and give them a shout-out. The positive feedback will also mean more people will see them and trust their pets to their care.

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6. Care Package

Veterinarians spend a great deal of time on their feet and often skip lunch breaks in favor of saving animals in need. Unfortunately, this means they frequently don’t have time to take care of themselves. You can help out by preparing a care package.

It can contain anything from a much-needed cup of coffee to donuts from your favorite bakery. Remember to get a varied selection to take any allergies or food preferences into account. Or ask what they’d like ahead of time, so you can cater to their tastes individually.

7. Referring a Friend

Without the support of pet owners like you, veterinarians wouldn’t be able to help keep animals healthy. You might worry that referring them to a friend who’s new to pet ownership will give them more work, but your vet will appreciate the show of faith that you have in their knowledge and experience.

Sharing positive experiences with your friends and telling them how your vet helped your pet when they needed it is one of the best ways to show your appreciation.

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8. Saying “Thank You”

You don’t have to break the bank to show that you appreciate your veterinarian. Sometimes, all you need to do is remember to say, “thank you,” to your vet, the assistants, and the receptionists that help you and your pet get the care that you need.

It might not sound like much, but it’s surprising how many people forget to do so or don’t acknowledge the rest of the staff. Sparing a few seconds to show your gratitude can go a long way in making someone’s day.



Veterinary Appreciation Day was started by Trupanion and falls on June 18 every year. The day is intended to spread awareness of the efforts that veterinarians and their staff make to keep pets of all kinds healthy.

You can do your part by thanking your veterinarian, giving them a shout-out, or just sparing a few minutes to wait patiently or ask how they’re doing. A smile might be a small thing, but it can mean a great deal to someone having a busy or stressful day.

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