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What Is a Pet Wedding Attendant? Pros, Cons & FAQ

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Pets are family, and there may be times when a pet parent wants to include them on a special occasion. If you have a special day coming up, specifically a wedding, let us say congratulations! And if you’re searching for ways to include your pet on your special day, you’re in luck! Not only do dog trainers and pet sitters exist, but pet wedding attendants do as well. But what are they, and what do they do? A pet wedding attendant is someone to assist your pet during your wedding. In this post, we’ll explain what a pet wedding attendant is and how it works. Read on to learn more.


How Does It Work?

For some pet owners, having their beloved pet somehow involved in the wedding is a vital component of the planning; it can also be a major stressor. After all, planning a wedding is not a stress-free event, and much detail and thought goes into the overall occasion.

So, how does a pet wedding attendant work? Believe it or not, you can hire a pet wedding attendant to assist in including your pet. Even though you want your pet incorporated into the wedding, hiring a pet wedding attendant will take a tremendous load off your shoulders so you can focus on the moment at hand.

Most pet wedding attendant services require a meet and greet so they can get to know your pet before the big day. The attendant will need to understand how you want your pet incorporated, the venue information, determine the proper package to cater to your specific pet, and so on. For example, do you want your dog to be a ring bearer? Do you want your cat to be in the wedding photos?  Think of the pet wedding attendant as a chaperone—they will take care of everything regarding your pet and are trained to handle dogs, cats, and even exotic animals, like guinea pigs, bearded dragons, hamsters, lizards, and more.

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What Services Do Pet Wedding Attendants Offer?

When it comes to the options available, there are plenty, but to grasp the services offered, let’s explore further.

Pick Up Your Pet/Attend to Needs

Wherever your pet is on the morning of the special day, the pet attendant will pick up your pet and take them to the venue, as well as carry them home at the end of the day. The attendant will ensure your pet has food, treats, and water throughout the entire process and that potty breaks are taken care of throughout the day. Keeping your pet calm and happy is detrimental to relieving stress for you, and they will cater to your pet’s every need so you can focus on your special day.

Dress to Impress

A pet wedding attendant will dress your pet in the desired outfit for the wedding. They will also provide appropriate leashes and harnesses for the wedding unless instructed otherwise. For example, your handsome Golden Retriever will need a black lease and harness to go with his stylish black and white tuxedo.

Assist With Photos and Walking Down the Aisle

If you’re going to have your pet included in the wedding, you’ll probably want your pet in the photos. Some pets make taking photos a challenge, and the pet wedding attendant will ensure your pet sits still and poised for the pictures. If you want your pet to walk down the aisle, the pet wedding attendant can also assist in this task to ensure your pet walks down the aisle smoothly without distractions.

Behavioral Management

Pet wedding attendants are trained to watch for stress in your pet and address the situation accordingly. However, it’s important you understand your pet’s temperament, as not all pets are suited to be in a wedding. You want your pet to be a cute addition, not a distraction.

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Advantages of a Pet Wedding Attendant

One advantage of hiring a pet wedding attendant is it takes virtually all the worry from you so you can focus. Another advantage is your pet will have plenty of attention and will, in no way, be neglected from the day’s events. You can rest assured your pet will be fully taken care of, as well as your pet’s involvement running smoothly and as planned.

Disadvantages of a Pet Wedding Attendant

Let’s face it: weddings are expensive, and hiring a pet wedding attendant is no exception; however, it really depends on how you look at it. For example, if you want your pet involved in the wedding but are concerned it will be a disaster, go ahead and spend the extra cash to squash your fears. Most companies offer various packages with various pricing to fit your budget.

Not everyone is comfortable around animals, and some of your guests or members of your wedding party may be uncomfortable with a pet around, even with a pet wedding attendant to supervise your pet. It’s wise to inform everyone in your wedding party that your pet will be included so it’s not a surprise.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Include My Pet in Spirit?

It may be impossible for some pets to physically attend the wedding due to age, poor health, or, of course, being deceased. Also, some people may refuse to be around specific pets, such as a pet snake or spider, as some are fearful of such creatures. Instead, why not name a drink after your pet? You can also display photos of your pet in various places to honor your beloved animal family member.

What Will the Wedding Attendant Wear to the Wedding?

The wedding attendant will do their best to blend in, and you can specify the dress code when you meet the attendant prior to the big day. Often, they will wear black or dark jeans/pants/shorts, a black or gray shirt with the company logo, black shoes or boots, and a gray or black treat pouch.

What Supplies Will I Need?

As mentioned, the pet wedding attendant will feed your pet, but it’s best to give the attendant a supply of your pet’s regular diet to avoid an upset tummy. Pet wedding attendant companies often will supply harnesses, leashes, food and water bowls, poop bags, and other essential items unless otherwise specified.

Will the Attendant Administer Medications?

Most pet wedding attendant companies will ask that you administer any necessary medications; however, they can do this for you if need be, especially if you’re tied up when a medication is due for your pet during a specific time of day.



Pets are family and should be included in one of the most important days of your life. Luckily, a pet wedding attendant will cater to all your pet’s needs so you can concentrate on your big day. Ensure you hire a reputable company that carries liability insurance for added safety, and if you own an exotic pet, ensure the attendant understands how to properly care for the animal. You may have difficulty finding a company in your area, but remember that many will travel up to 60 miles and maybe even more for an added fee.

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