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Where to Buy a Sugar Glider in 2024: Adoption, Online, & Retail Options

Sugar Gliders

Pet Keen advocates for adopting before shopping. We understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder or purchasing from a store, though, so we encourage it to be done the right way. Learn more.

The decision to welcome a sugar glider into your home marks the beginning of a journey filled with playful companionship and unique bonding experiences. However, this exciting endeavor comes with the crucial responsibility of providing a safe and nurturing environment for these charming marsupials. Adopting a sugar glider involves more than just acquiring a pet—it’s a commitment to understanding their specific needs, behaviors, and habitat requirements.

But first, where can you get your hands on a sugar glider in the first place? Here, we’ve listed places where you can adopt or buy sugar gliders responsibly. With a focus on education, patience, and proper adoption practices, you can embark on a fulfilling journey that ensures your sugar gliders lead healthy, happy lives in your care!


Sugar Gliders as Pets: What to Know Before Welcoming One into Your Home

Sugar gliders are highly social creatures that thrive in the company of their own kind. It’s recommended to adopt at least two gliders to prevent loneliness and provide the social interaction they crave. Their diet is another critical factor; a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, protein, and specific sugar glider food is essential to their health.

Sugar gliders are nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. This requires adjustments in your daily routine and the creation of a nocturnal-friendly environment to ensure they receive the appropriate care and stimulation.

Creating a suitable habitat is also crucial. Sugar gliders need ample space for climbing and gliding, along with appropriate nesting spots. You’ll need to provide engaging toys and activities to keep their active minds and bodies stimulated. Being aware of these factors and preparing accordingly will contribute to a rewarding and harmonious relationship with your sugar glider companions!

sugar glider on wooden table
Image Credit: Rachata Teyparsit, Shutterstock


Where to Adopt a Sugar Glider

Adopting and rescuing sugar gliders offers a compassionate and ethical approach to bringing these captivating creatures into your life. By choosing adoption, you provide a loving home to sugar gliders that may have been displaced due to changes in their previous living situations.

In the case of sugar gliders, there are many sugar glider communities on social media that allow people to connect with other individuals regarding rehoming and adopting their sugar gliders. By opting to adopt, you potentially save sugar gliders from uncertain futures and support the efforts to minimize overbreeding and the demand for exotic pets.

Rescuing sugar gliders not only provides a home for animals in need but also offers numerous benefits to potential owners. Many rescued sugar gliders come with their own unique personalities and histories, allowing for a rewarding experience of rehabilitation and bonding.

1. Sugar Glider Guardians

sugargliderguardians logo

Sugar Glider Guardians is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping sugar gliders as well as educating owners. Through their website, owners and prospective owners can connect with each other to rehome or adopt sugar gliders.

2. Gliding For a Home Facebook Group

Cute sugar glider eating plants
Image Credit: Az Ersad, Shutterstock

Gliding For a Home is a Facebook group that was created in 2020 that focuses on helping owners rehome their sugar gliders.

3. Suggies Forever – Rescues and Rehomes Facebook Group

red sugar glider with brown fur and garnet eye color when photographed using flash
Image Credit: ariffurqon12, Shutterstock

Suggies Forever is a Facebook group that has been active since 2013 and serves as a community for people looking to rescue and rehome sugar gliders. With over 7,000 members, the group primarily focuses on rehoming sugar gliders and is strict with posts unrelated to the topic.

4. Sugar Glider Babies Facebook Group

Creamino Sugar Glider with ruby eyes
Image Credit: ariffurqon012, Shutterstock

This Facebook Group is another sugar glider rehoming community that also focuses on finding new homes for sugar gliders. Although a relatively young group that has been active since September 2021, Sugar Glider Babies Facebook Group explicitly states that they do not support unlineaged baby making in their bio.

5. Sugar Glider Relocation Center Facebook Group

sugar glider sitting at a human hand
Image Credit: Madoka Shiozaki, Shutterstock

This sugar glider group is another group that allows people to communicate with other individuals regarding relocating their sugar gliders. It is a group with over 3,000 members and has been active for about 3 years.


Where to Buy a Sugar Glider Online

Buying sugar gliders online can be a convenient way to acquire these charming marsupials, but it requires careful consideration and research. When purchasing sugar gliders from online sources, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re dealing with reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of the animals.

It’s also important to be aware of the potential risks associated with online purchases. Without proper research, you could inadvertently support irresponsible breeding or contribute to the demand for sugar gliders without fully understanding their needs. 

1. Janda Exotics Animal Ranch

janda exotics logo landscape

  • Kingsbury, Texas

Janda exotics, or JEAR for short, is an online store with over 20 years of experience with sugar gliders. The website updates their available sugar gliders with photos and even their name!

2. Dragon Stone Ranch

Dragon Stone Ranch logo

  • King, Texas

Dragon Stone Ranch is a USDA licensed breeder that is based in Texas. They are experienced breeders that provide care guides and good communication with buyers. They also ship anywhere in the United States where sugar gliders are legal!

3. My Little Sugar Glider

My Little Sugar Glider logo

  • Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Raising sugar gliders since 1997, My Little Sugar Glider is another online store that is USDA approved and provides a variety of sugar gliders with different coats.

4. Sugar Gliders R Us

Sugar Gliders R Us logo

  • Eagleville, Tennessee

Sugar Gliders R Us is a one-stop shop for sugar gliders and sugar glider supplies. Aside from purchasing, they also have informational content regarding sugar gliders and sugar glider care.

How Much Does a Sugar Glider Cost Online?

The cost of sugar gliders online will typically vary depending on the store, the sugar glider’s age, and the color pattern of the sugar glider. Baby sugar gliders can range from $350 to $1,500 while adults can range from $150 to $1,000.


Pet Stores That Sell Sugar Gliders

Purchasing sugar gliders from pet stores is a practice that requires careful consideration and awareness of potential challenges. While some pet stores may offer sugar gliders for sale, it’s important to exercise caution and thoroughly research the source. Many pet stores source animals from large-scale breeding operations that prioritize quantity over quality, often leading to poor living conditions, health issues, and inadequate socialization for the animals. By buying from such establishments, you might inadvertently support unethical breeding practices and contribute to the cycle of subpar care for sugar gliders.

Moreover, sugar gliders have specific care requirements that extend beyond what many traditional pet stores are equipped to provide. These social and energetic creatures need ample space for climbing and gliding, a varied diet, proper socialization, and specialized care.

1. 88 Pet World Complete Pet Center

88 Pet World Complete Pet Center logo

88 Pet World is a family-owned pet store located in Brick, New Jersey that has been operating for 30 years. They are a USDA licensed pet store that also provides educational information about sugar gliders.

2. Glider Pets

gliderpets logo

Glider Pets is a pet store located in Houston, Texas that has been breeding sugar gliders since 2002. Glider Pets take great care of their sugar gliders and only sell them at 7+ weeks out of the pouch.

3. NJ Exotic Pets

NJ Exotic Pets logo

NJ Exotic Pets is a pet store located in Lodi, New Jersey that offers a variety of exotic animals and pet supplies.

How Much Does a Sugar Glider Cost In- Store?

Similar to online stores, sugar glider prices can vary anywhere from $300 to $1500 for babies and $150 to $1,000 for adults.


Sugar Glider Breeder Information

Sugar glider breeders can be a source of obtaining these exotic pets, but it is essential to approach this option with caution and careful scrutiny. While there are reputable sugar glider breeders who prioritize the health, well-being, and ethical treatment of their animals, there are also those who prioritize profit over the animals’ welfare. It’s recommended to choose a breeder only after thorough research and consideration of their practices.

When searching for a reputable sugar glider breeder, there are several key factors to consider. Look for breeders who prioritize the health and socialization of their sugar gliders, providing ample information about their diet, living conditions, and care practices. A responsible breeder will be open to answering questions, offering guidance, and providing ongoing support after the purchase.

Additionally, ethical breeders will allow potential buyers to visit their facilities, observe the living conditions of the sugar gliders, and ensure that they are being raised in a suitable environment. By thoroughly evaluating the breeder’s practices, transparency, and commitment to the animals’ well-being, you can increase the chances of acquiring a healthy and well-adjusted sugar glider.

Ring Tail Sugar Glider on owner's hand
Image By: Aliza Thailand, Shutterstock

Tips for Adopting or Buying a Sugar Glider

When considering adopting or buying a sugar glider, be sure to prioritize the well-being and ethical treatment of these captivating creatures. Begin by thoroughly researching their care requirements, social behaviors, and habitat needs to ensure you’re prepared to provide a suitable environment.

Look for reputable rescue organizations, shelters, or breeders with a strong track record of responsible animal care, transparency, and commitment to the animals’ welfare. When visiting a potential source, do not be afraid to ask questions about their practices, request to see the living conditions of the sugar gliders, and observe their behavior.

Opt for adoption whenever possible to give a home to animals in need and contribute to animal welfare. By exercising diligence, patience, and empathy, you can create a rewarding and responsible partnership with your new sugar glider companion!



As we conclude our exploration of acquiring sugar gliders, let us remember that behind their adorable charm lies lives that deserve respect, proper care, and a nurturing environment.

By adhering to sound adoption practices, supporting responsible breeders, and prioritizing the well-being of these captivating creatures, we can create a harmonious partnership and contribute to the advocacy of proper treatment toward these exotic and adorable animals.

Together, through informed choices and compassionate actions, we can ensure a bright and fulfilling future for sugar gliders within the realm of our homes and hearts.

Featured Image Credit: gayleenfroese2, Pixabay

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