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All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Pillow Quality: 5/5
Print Quality: 5/5
Softness: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

How would you like to squeeze and hug and cuddle your favorite pet whenever you want without disturbing them? That’s exactly the kind of yearning All About Vibe satisfies with their adorable Custom Shaped Pillows.

These high-quality, super-soft pillows are printed with the likeness of your pet and cut to shape, then filled with cushy fluff for a cuddle session like none other.

The moment I saw this product, I thought of my five-year-old and her obsessive relationship with our six-month-old kitten, Makoa. To Makoa’s great displeasure, my daughter loves to cute-rage on him. As you can imagine, feisty kittens don’t take well to hugs and kisses by rowdy kids.

With All About Vibes very unique product, I saw an opportunity to make both my kiddo and my cat happier. So I jumped on their website, uploaded a picture of Makoa, and ordered a Custom Shaped Pillow my daughter can cute-rage on to her little heart’s content.

Keep reading to find out why this unique offering from All About Vibe is totally worth the money and what else this fantastic company has to offer.


About All About Vibe

All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow - makoa on the cat tree with the product

All About Vibe was started in 2016 by a group of co-founders with a single purpose: to make people smile by turning memories into something tactile.

Today, All About Vibe offers just that in the form of fun custom and preprinted pillows handmade in their Chicago, Illinois factory.

What Products Do They Have?

The most popular product All About Vibe creates is their Custom Shaped Pillows. With this offering, you can upload any photo you want—your cat, dog, boyfriend, grandma—and get a shaped pillow in their likeness.

All About Vibe also offers Custom Square Pillows. These are great for photos of couples, families, vacation memories, and more. You can even upload pattern pictures or landscapes to match your couch and living room decor.

Additionally, the company sells fun Coloring Pillows with preprinted black and white patterns and special fabric markers. They also offer custom pillows in keychain and ornament sizes for huggable memories you can take with you.

What Photos Work Best

For the Custom Shaped Pillow, you’ll want to choose a picture of your pet that captures their whole body. Many of the examples on the website have pets sitting up facing the camera. But there are also some fun examples that show pets lying down or in profile.

For the pillow, the pet will be cropped out of the image and set against a white background. It’s best to choose an image that has a not-too-busy background to ensure a smooth crop. But All About Vibe’s real-people artists will work to correct any issues and ensure a beautiful product, either way.

I couldn’t find any information on the minimum resolution requirements for the photo, but the uploader will warn you if the picture is too low quality or too small.



All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow - side by side

Here is an overview of the Custom Shaped Pillow All About Vibe produces, including options, how to order, how long you’ll have to wait, and their warranty information.


In terms of options for your Custom Shaped Pillow, this is the one place I wish there was a bit more flexibility.

Obviously, being custom photo pillows, the options for how the final product will look are truly endless. But the additional options the company offers are limited. All pillows feature a white background but are available in three sizes:

  • Mini – 10 inches
  • Small – 16 inches
  • Medium – 22 inches

The size determines the widest dimension of the final pillow. That is, if you upload a photo of Fido sleeping, the medium-sized option would be 22 inches wide, not 22 inches tall.

One nice thing is that you can add notes to your order which adds further customization. For instance, you can ask for a wider or narrower white border around the picture.

How to Order

Ordering your Custom Shaped Pillow is easy following these simple steps:

  • Log on to the website.
  • Choose Custom Shaped Pillow from the Shop drop-down.
  • Upload your photo.
  • Add any additional customization notes.
  • Choose a size.
  • And click Add to Cart!

You’ll receive a proof email with the cropped image before your item is created.

All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow - product in plastic wrap

How Long Does It Take?

My pillow of Makoa took just seven days to arrive at my door from the time I hit the order button. I was very impressed with this turnaround given they had to crop, print, create, and ship the pillow in that time. Plus, it was right after Black Friday so I’m sure they were busy.


One of the most impressive aspects of All About Vibe is that they offer lifetime guarantees on all their products. Whether your pillow blows a seam or your destructive cat rips a hole in it (looking at you Makoa) you can get a replacement free of charge.

In Summary

  • Easy to order
  • Quick turnaround
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Super-soft fabric
  • Cuddly plush
  • Quality printing and fabrication
  • A little pricey
  • No color options
  • Website can be finicky


Key Features

All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow - makoa playing with the product

Great Quality

There are a few options for getting photos printed to pillows out there (though very few offer custom-shaped pillows), but most are low quality. I’ve ordered similar products from one of the most famous photo printing companies and have been very disappointed with the results. This is not the case with All About Vibe.

The quality of the seams, fabric, and print is very evident.

Real Artists Involved in the Print Process

Unlike some other photo printing options, All About Vibe has real artists involved in product production from the cropping process all the way through to packaging. This ensures your image looks the way it should and is crafted into a pillow that meets real human expectations.

It’s Custom

Maybe you want to immortalize a beloved pet that has moved on. Or give your vain, stuffie-loving dog a one-of-a-kind gift. With this custom product, you really can create whatever you want.


Are Custom-Shaped Pillows a Good Value?

These photo pillows are a bit expensive, at least when compared to standard pillows. But compared to other custom photo pillow options, they are actually pretty well-priced.

For instance, an 18×18 inch square custom pillow from All About Vibe is about $16 cheaper than the same-sized photo pillow from Shutterfly.

The Custom Shaped Pillows are more expensive than the square options, but they are also fairly unique in the photo pillow world. Plus, they are very high quality and come with a lifetime warranty. Considering this, I’d say they are worth the higher price tag.

All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow - product next to the pillows



What are the pillows made of?

The fabric on All About Vibe pillows is made of super-soft velvet polyester. The inside stuffing is also polyester. All materials are 100% new.

What if I’m unhappy with my pillow?

All About Vibe has a very responsive customer service team. If you have any problems or questions, just reach out to them and they will do what they can to make it right.


Our Experience With All About Vibe’s Custom Shaped Pillow

I ordered the Custom Shaped Pillow with my cat, Makoa, on it for my daughter. But, I have to say, I couldn’t stop cuddling with it after I pulled it out of the box.

The fabric is impressively soft. It has a cloud-like, velvety feel while being very smooth to the touch. It is fluffy, with plenty of polyester puff inside to hold its shape.

The quality is wonderful. All the seams are tight and the close-seam at the bottom is not overly noticeable.

As far as the photo, it looks great. The crop is very clean with no background pieces sneaking in and no awkward cuts around Makoa’s body. The image itself looks just as clear as the photo I uploaded.

My only real complaint is that his body is a touch lost in the white background. (He is a mostly white cat, after all). They did a good job of making sure his fur was dark enough to stand out against the stark white pillow, but it doesn’t pop like it would on a different-colored background.

Despite this, I have no doubt that my daughter is going to freak out with joy when she sees it. I’m holding off until Christmas to give it to her. Honestly, out of all the presents she’s getting this year, I think she’ll like this one the most!

All About Vibe Custom Shaped Pillow - makoa sitting on cat tree with the product



Whether you need a stand-in pet to cuddle with, a unique throw pillow for the couch, or a one-of-a-kind gift, I can’t recommend All About Vibe’s Custom Shaped Pillows enough.

These photo pillows are super high-quality, feature stunning custom prints, and are wonderfully soft. They cost more than your average pillow, but how do you put a price on a pillow shaped like your best furry friend? With a lifetime warranty and great customer service, you can feel secure that it’s money well spent.

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