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Be Kind to Animals Week 2023: When Is & How to Celebrate

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Since 1990, animal torture and abuse have been attributed to at least 50 million deaths worldwide, and these are just the recorded incidents. Therefore, it seems fitting that an entire week is dedicated to being kind to animals. The more attention that is brought to the topic and the more outreach that is experienced, the better off our animal friends will be. Here’s everything that you should know about Be Kind to Animals Week. According to the organizer of the event, American Humane, Be Kind to Animals Week runs from May 1 to May 7 this year.


The Big Event Runs From May 1 to May 7

The dates vary each year, so it is important to visit the organizer’s website to find out when the event will play out in 2024 and beyond.

American Humane boasts that Be Kind to Animals Week, which started in 1915, is the longest-running education campaign geared toward humanity and the eradication of animal exploitation in the history of the United States. It’s considered the longest living commemorative week, of which there are many, in the U.S. overall too. However, many people have still never heard of the event, so outreach is extremely important for the organization.

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The Importance of Be Kind to Animals Week

Many animals are mistreated in the world, and it’s important that people take a stand and recognize that animal mistreatment is wrong. Therefore, Be Kind to Animals Week can go a long way when it comes to recognizing the abuses of animals and the need to stop them. Without such important campaigns, animal exploitation would likely never come to the limelight.


Animal Cruelty Facts That You Should Know

Several problems around the world are attributed to animal cruelty. Here are a few serious facts that you should know so you can consider how you might be able to help in one way or the other:

  • Asia Is Considered the Epicenter of Animal Abuse:Asia has the highest number of reported animal abuse in the world. The continent has lenient animal cruelty laws in many areas and is known for using both cats and dogs for meat. In addition, many areas in Asia are stricken by poverty, and people simply don’t have the resources to care for their animals properly.
  • More Than 6 Million Animals Enter Shelters Each Year:Several million animals end up in shelters for one reason or another each and every year.
  • Animal Torture Has Accounted for At Least 50 Million Animal Deaths Worldwide Since 1990:Torturing animals is not a long-past activity. Sadly, it is still practiced around the world today, which is why it’s estimated that at least 50 million animals have died from such torture since the 1990s.
  • The Number of Cats and Dogs Euthanized Each Year Has Reached Almost a Million: Many animals are submitted to rescue programs every day, and they can’t all be found suitable homes. For this reason and others, 1 million cats and dogs are estimated to be euthanized each year.
  • More Than 70% of People Involved in Domestic Violence Are Also Involved in Animal Abuse:The majority of people who are accused of domestic violence also have animal abuse charges.
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How You Can Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week

One great way to bring attention to animal mistreatment is to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week this year and beyond. There are many ways to honor the occasion, and the most effective option is to simply talk about it. Discuss how animals feel things physically and emotionally like humans do, even if in slightly different manners. Other methods of celebration include:

  • Purchase Humanely Raised Foods: Look for the American Humane Certified label when purchasing animal products in the marketplace.
  • Adopt a Rescue: If you want a new pet, consider adopting one from a humane society or rescue center in your area. These animals deserve a second chance, love, and compassion.
  • Monitor Your Media Consumption: Make sure the movies and television shows that you consume have earned the end credit, “No Animals Were Harmed,” to help ensure the protection of animal actors.
  • Visit the Right Animal Attractions: If you want to visit a zoo, aquarium, or conservation center, make sure the organization is American Humane Certified. It is always a good idea to call beforehand to inquire.
  • Invest in Education: The American Humane Organization offers a variety of free resources that can be used to educate the population about animal abuse, from mini posters to educational materials that teachers can use in the classroom.


How to Get Involved

There are several ways that you can go beyond celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week and become involved in animal cruelty activism if you are so inclined. For example, you can simply contact your local human societies and rescue centers to find out what you can do to support them. Then, figure out how to turn your commitment into action. You can start your own animal activist group and host weekly meetings where everyone can discuss how best to get the word out. You can hang posters in your area, and choose humane products when you shop. Every little act adds to the larger movement!

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