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100+ Best Bearded Dragon Names: Unique & Fitting Options

Bearded Dragon Names

Adopting a bearded dragon can be very exciting! After setting up the beardie’s new enclosure, learning some about their care, and helping them settle into their new home, you have one important final job to do: name your new lizard.

Most common pet names aren’t exactly fitting for bearded dragons. No one is going to name their bearded dragon “Fluffy,” for instance. Instead, you need a unique and fitting name for your lizard friend.

In this article, we’ve listed over 100 names to get your inspiration flowing. We’ve included cute names, names from other languages, and common bearded dragon names. There is just about something for everything on this list.divider-bearded dragon

Male Bearded Dragon Names

Names from Other Languages
  • Apalala: While the meaning of this name is unknown, it is used in a Hindi myth as the name of a water dragon.
  • Askook: A male Native American name that means “snake.”
  • Astarot: A demon whose name means “the chief.” Usually considered to be the Prince of Hell and depicted with dragon-like features.
  • Attor: An Old English male name meaning “gall” or “venom.”
  • Chua: A Native American Hopi word that means “snake.” Can be used for either gender.
  • Coatl: A Nahuatl male name meaning “snake.”
  • Draco: A Latin word meaning “dragon.” It is also the name of a constellation.
  • Dracul: A male Romanian name that means both “dragon” and “devil.”
  • Drago: Another form of the Latin “Draco.”
  • Drake: An English surname with an unknown history. Possibly means either “dragon,” “male duck,” or “monster.”
  • Drakon: A male Greek name meaning “dragon.”
  • Ehecatl: A male Nahuatl name that means “wind serpent.”
  • Fafnir: A dragon from Norse mythology.
  • Fraener: The original name of the dwarf that was transformed into Fafnir, a Norse dragon.
  • Glaurung: A wingless, fire-breathing dragon from Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
  • Herensuge: A Basque word that means “dragon.”
  • Jormungandr: A figure from Norse mythology that is a giant serpent. This creature wraps around the earth’s oceans and keeps them in place.
  • Knucker: A figure in Old English mythology that is a kind of water dragon.
  • Ladon: A Greek river deity and the name of a dragon that guards the garden of Hesperides.
  • Leviathan: A Hebrew word that means “twisted in folds” or “wreathed.” This is also the name of a demonic water dragon.
  • Longwei: A Chinese word that means “dragon greatness.”
  • Nagendra: a Hindi name that means “snake.”
  • Nidhogg: An Old Norse dragon whose name means “dreaded striker”. This dragon is said to gnaw at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasill.
  • Ophiuchus: A Greek male name that means “serpent bearer.”
  • Ormr: An Old Norse male name that means “dragon” or “snake.”
  • Orochi: A Japanese male name that means “big snake.”
  • Pachua: A Native American Hopi male name that means “feathered water snake.”
  • Pendragon: A Celtic male name that means “chief dragon.” This name appears in the Arthurian legends as the name of several kings.
  • Pythagoras: A Greek male name that strangely means “python market.”
  • Phythius: A Greek male name that means “to rot.” It was the name of a serpent that was killed by Apollo.
  • Ryuu: A Japanese name that means dragon spirit.
  • Shesha: A male Hindi name of the king of the serpents. He is one of the primal beings of creation.
  • Tatsuo: A Japanese name with multiple meanings, one of which is “dragon man.”
  • Uruloki: A sub-species of wingless, fire-breathing dragons in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
  • Veles: The Slavic god of the earth, dragons, cattle, and magic. He is described as horned and serpentine.
  • Vritra: The name of a serpent in Hindi mythology. It is the personification of drought.
  • Xiuhcoatl: A unisex Nahuatl name that is often used to mean “weapon of destruction”. Literally, it means “fire serpent.”
Image Credit: C. Nass, Shutterstock
Modern Names
  • Spike: Since many bearded dragons are a bit spikey.
  • Godzilla: For obvious reasons.
  • Smaug: One of the villains from Tolkien’s Middle Earth
  • Viper: More of a snake name, but it works for a beardie as well.
  • Mushu: The dragon from the Mulan movie
  • Sobek: The Crocodile God of Egypt.
  • Dino: They do look a bit like mini dinosaurs.
  • Eragon: From the popular book series of the same name.
  • Rex: Another dinosaur reference.
  • Raptor: Yet another dino reference.
  • Apollo: He kills quite a few snakes and dragons in his time.
  • Yoda: He’s green and reptilian-like.
  • Dionysus: A Greek deity that was associated with snakes.
  • Hercules: Another dragon-killer in Greek mythology.
  • Gollum: Not exactly a dragon, but pretty close.

divider- lizardprintFemale Bearded Dragon Names

Names from Other Languages
  • Adalinda: A female Old High German name that translates roughly to “noble serpent.”
  • Aethelinda: This Anglo-Saxon name also means “noble serpent.”
  • Annabelinda: An English name taken from the Latin “Anna” and German “Belinda.” It translates to roughly “beautiful serpent.”
  • Belinda: An Old German name meaning “bright serpent.”
  • Chumana: A Native American Hopi name meaning “snake maiden.”
  • Chusi: A Native American name that means “snake flower.”
  • Ethelinda: A Middle English name that means “noble serpent.”
  • Hydra: A Greek name that means “water.” It is the name of a dragon killed by Hercules.
  • Linda: An English name that derives from the word “serpent.”
  • Malinda: An English name that probably means something along the lines of “black serpent” or “dark serpent.”
  • Tanit: A goddess in Phoenician myth. She is the goddess of love, and her name means roughly “serpent lady.”
  • Tiamat: A Babylonian mythological being who was the primeval sea dragon, who was said to be the mother of all gods. Her name means “mother of life.”
Image Credit: Sineenuch J, Shutterstock
Modern Names
  • Cleopatra: She is associated with snakes through quite a few myths, including one about how she potentially died.
  • Diva: Let’s face it, your new pet probably is.
  • Kitty: Because they are absolutely not a cat.
  • Liz: A play-off on the word “lizard.”
  • Lizzy: Another play on the word “lizard.”
  • Nessie: Named after the modern monster from Scotland.
  • Princess: A perfectly suitable name for a spoiled pet.
  • Sprinkles: Bearded dragons typically have many spots.
  • Vixen: Best for a sassy bearded dragon.

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Unisex Names

Names Based on Color

Bearded dragons come in a range of different colorations. You may be able to use this color for some naming inspiration.

  • Blaze: For orange or reddish
  • Cinnamon: For brown or orange
  • Copper: For copper-like colors
  • Fanta: For orange
  • Buttermilk: For yellow or lighter-colored dragons
  • Sunny: Yellow and lighter-colored dragons
  • Vanilla: Whitish
  • Chickpea: Whitish or yellow
  • Milky Way: For vibrantly-colored dragons
  • Sunset: Yellows, reds, oranges
  • Silk: Whiter dragons
  • Amethyst: Purple
  • Indigo: Purple
  • Violet: Purple
  • Blackjack: Dark-colored dragons
  • Midnight: Dark-colored dragons
  • Noir: Black dragons
  • Widow: As in the spider; black-colored dragons
  • Clementine: For orange or yellow dragons
  • Guava: Orange, yellow, red
  • Blanco: White
  • Ice: White
  • Snow: White
  • Aquamarine: Blueish dragons
  • Ocean: Blueish dragons
  • Azul: Blueish dragons
  • Ariel: Red-colored dragons
  • Apple: Red dragons
  • Amber: Red dragons
  • Foxy: Red dragons
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We hope you settled on an appropriate name from this list. It can be difficult to choose just one for your bearded dragon. Luckily, you have all the time in the world to make your decision. We do recommend choosing a few names from the list and going from there. Feel free to try a few names out on your bearded dragon before settling on your favorite.

Featured Image Credit: C. Nass, Shutterstock

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