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10 Best Horse Apps for Equestrians in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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For most people, the smartphone is one of only a few items that you never leave home without. These devices are constantly with us, always glued to our sides in our pockets or purses. Thanks to modern technology and apps designed to simplify our lives, these smartphones can enhance many of our favorite activities in ways we never could have imagined before.

Let’s take a look at 10 apps that any equestrian will love this year. They might help you track your riding, learn more about horses, or just entertain, but they’re all great apps to have for any equine enthusiast.

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The 10 Best Horse Apps for Equestrians

1. Equilab Equestrian Tracker

Equilab Equestrian Tracker

Equilab tracks everything you do with your horse. It keeps metrics on your horse to see where you’re improving and helps you map your progress along the way. You can find training patterns that work best for you and organize your riding with a schedule that even allows you to communicate with others. Plus, there’s a built-in map and GPS function that even allows you to share your position with loved ones.

2. Equine Trader

Equine Trader

Equine Trader is the place to go when you’re looking to buy or sell a horse. You’ll find horses in all price ranges that you can purchase directly from another person. It’s like craigslist just for horses.

3. All Trails

All Trails

The All Trails app isn’t horse-specific, but anyone who rides horses can benefit from this app nonetheless. All Trails is an app that helps you find and follow local trails. Each trail will have a map that you can even download for offline use. Before heading to the trail, you can learn everything you need to know about it, like whether horses are allowed, what time of year the trail is open, if there’s water or not, and more. The app is free, but there’s also a paid version that unlocks some bonus features.

4. Udemy


Udemy is a skills-learning platform that allows you to buy courses individually and complete them at your own pace. There are dozens of horse-related courses, covering a range of topics including Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Passive Streams, Horse Care 101, Horse Riding 101, How to be an Equine Therapy Assistant, Horse Care 2.0, and more.

5. Coursera


Coursera allows you to take courses from some leading companies and world-class universities. You can even certificates and degrees through their programs. There are only a limited number of offerings when it comes to anything horse-related, but they do have The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management, as well as the Equine Welfare and Management course; both from reputable universities.

6. What3Words


What3Words is an app with an interesting concept. It gives every 10-foot square a unique address of three words, making it easy to locate any place. You can use this to easily mark your favorite trails or any place you come across while riding that you’d like to return to. Most importantly, it makes it easy for you to help emergency services find you, should an emergency occur while you’re far out riding on your horse.

7. PonyPlace


PonyPlace is a classifieds app for smartphones. On it, you can sell and buy horses and any type of tack you can think of. If you have tack or horses to sell, PonyPlace also makes it easy to find eager buyers and connects you for a simple transaction in person. It’s like Offer Up but only for horses and tack.

8. Horse Riding Tracker

Horse Riding Tracker

Horse Riding Tracker is a tracking app that keeps detailed statistics on your riding sessions. It tracks total distance, duration, and even keeps tabs on your max speed and average speed throughout the ride. More than just a ride tracker, it can also analyze heart rate data, integrate with Siri, and provide audio data for your distance and speed during your ride. With health app integration, it can even help you keep better track of your horse’s overall health.

9. EquiTracker


Horses have a lot of care and maintenance requirements that you must meet as their owner and caretaker. It can be difficult to keep track of everything in your care routine, but EquiTracker is meant to simplify that process. It will help you plan ahead for things like deworming, grooming, paying for boarding, and more. You can track each time you perform a certain task and set up reminders for the next time you must repeat it.

10. Horse Quiz

Horse Quiz app

How much do you know about horses? Download the Horse Quiz app and find out! Horse Rookie helps equestrians of all levels learn more about all things horse related in a fun, interactive way!



Today, there are tons of apps available that were made specifically for equestrians. Whether you’re looking for an app to track your riding, help you keep tabs on your horse’s health, find trails to ride with your horse, or just pass the time while learning some equestrian knowledge, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this list. Give these apps a try and see if they simplify or improve your life or riding in some way.

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