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8 Best Outdoor Rabbit Cages – Reviews & Guide 2022

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Keeping rabbits outdoors can be stressful. You need to make sure that the rabbit’s shelter is safe, clean, and dry. This is a lot of responsibility, but it is made easier with the perfect rabbit cage. Rabbits placed outdoors need a pen explicitly built for outdoor use. We put together some reviews of the top eight outdoor rabbit cages you can purchase this year. Some of these outdoor rabbit cages will be stronger when it comes to ease of use and access, others will shine when it comes to price, but you should be able to find a model on this list that works for you and your bunnies!


A Quick Glance at the Winners of 2022

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Trixie Natura Trixie Natura
  • Non-slip ramp
  • Double-layer construction
  • Metal side latch
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Prevue Pet Products Prevue Pet Products
  • Built for outdoor use
  • Excellent pricing
  • Weather-resistant wood
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Merry Products Tudor Decorative Merry Products Tudor Decorative
  • Easy to clean
  • Attic space
  • Good for up to four bunnies
  • Trixie Small Animal with Outdoor Run Trixie Small Animal with Outdoor Run
  • Non-slip ramp
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to clean
  • Advantek Stilt House Advantek Stilt House
  • Good price
  • Nice outdoor area
  • The 8 Best Outdoor Rabbit Cages

    1. Trixie Natura Outdoor Rabbit Cage – Best Overall

    Trixie Natura Rabbit Cage

    At the top of our list is the Trixie Natura Rabbit Cage. This is our best overall option for a rabbit hutch because of construction, design, and pricing. The Trixie Natura is made with solid wood and finished in a glazed pine. There are two levels that your rabbit can travel between and a sturdy non-slip ramp between the levels.

    The entire back of the run has wood paneling to help cut down on wind and make the area a bit more cozy for your rabbit. Like all great rabbit cages, the Trixie Natura has a pull-out plastic tray that can be easily cleaned and placed back into the cage. You will have no trouble keeping your rabbits safe and accessing their enclosure with the Trixie Natura.

    • Easy maintenance
    • Durable
    • Non-slip ramp
    • Double-layer construction
    • Lots of room for rabbits to explore, sleep and play
    • Metal side latch
    • Hinged roof for easy access
    • Difficult to put together

    2. Prevue Pet Products Rabbit Cage – Best Value

    Prevue Pet Products Rabbit Cage

    If the Trixie Natura is a bit more money than you were looking to spend on an outdoor rabbit cage than the Prevue Pet Products Rabbit Cage could be a perfect option. We think this cage is the best outdoor rabbit cage for the money.

    With the Prevue, your rabbit will have a home that you know will keep them safe. This outdoor rabbit hutch is made from weather-resistant fir and has a protective stain on it as well. The roof of the rabbit’s home is protected with asphalt shingles to keep them just as warm and dry as you stay in your own home.

    There are several sections to the Natura, allowing room for play, sleeping, and space to get exercise as well. As far as cleaning is concerned, there is a bottom debris tray that can be removed and placed back in with ease.

    • Built for outdoor use
    • Excellent pricing
    • Weather-resistant wood
    • Three areas for the rabbit to travel between
    • Hard to put together
    • Not ideal quality for long-term use

    3. Merry Tudor Decorative Rabbit Cage – Premium Choice

    Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Cage

    If you are concerned about a rabbit cage is going to look in your backyard, the Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Cage could be the choice for you. This is a safe home for your rabbit, but it will cost you quite a bit. The Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Cage is priced quite a bit higher than our first and second choices.

    The 16th-century Tudor style rabbit cage is built to be both stylish and functional. You will have no trouble cleaning this cage, and it even has an attic for you to store some of your rabbit care essentials. This one is a bit of a project to put together, and some say that although it looks fantastic, it does not have the same quality as other choices. However, if your rabbit cage is going to be highly visible in your yard, you may find the Merry Products option a good fit.

    • Looks great
    • Easy to clean
    • Attic space for extra storage
    • Good for up to four bunnies
    • Expensive
    • Quality not that high for the price

    4. Trixie Outdoor Rabbit Cages

    Trixie Outdoor

    Next on our list is the Trixie Small Animal Cage with Outdoor Run. This is a good option for smaller rabbits and really any other small animals like guinea pigs as well. We love that the detachable run area gives your rabbit a safe place to get some exercise and fresh air.

    If you have a larger rabbit or several rabbits, this outdoor rabbit cage may be a bit too small.

    Gaining access to clean this cage is easy as the roof and the run open with a hinged door. The ramp to get between levels has a non-slip design and seems to work quite well. Just like our larger Trixie option (the number one choice), there is an easy to clean plastic shell that you can take in and out.

    The only real issue we have with this cage is that it is quite small and you may have to rule it out for that reason alone.

    • Great outdoor area for rabbits
    • Non-slip ramp
    • Easy access
    • Easy to clean
    • Small
    • Can be difficult to put together

    5. Advantek Stilt Outdoor Bunny Cage

    Advantek 21901AN Stilt House Rabbit Cage

    The Advantek Stilt House Rabbit cage is an outdoor rabbit home with run. The run area is protected with a durable wire that allows your rabbits to run around in an enclosed area safely. This is an excellent looking rabbit hutch with red and white finishes and plenty of room for smaller rabbits or a single rabbit to play.

    The wood is made to be both insect and rot resistant and should hold up outdoors for years to come. As nice looking and convenient as this model is, there are a few issues that are worth bringing up.

    For starters, there is no bottom to this cage. If you are putting this on the grass or in an area with dirt, your rabbits can get pretty dirty. You can simply build a base to put under the cage, which should fix the issue. Secondly, although there is a roof on this cage, it does not do much to keep rabbits dry. You may have to extend the roof a bit yourself. The Advantek comes at a great price, but with the modifications you might need to make, it could cost you a bit more.

    • Good price
    • Nice outdoor area for rabbits to play
    • No floor
    • The roof is not very effective

    6. Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage

    Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage

    The Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage is built for outdoor use as long as you are not putting your cage in an area where it will be exposed to a great deal of rain. This rabbit cage will become destroyed quickly if it is placed in an outdoor space where it is continually exposed to the elements.

    Even though this is not a weather-proof rabbit cage, there are some advantages to this cage for housing one or two small rabbits. You can get into this cage quickly with the hinging roof, and overall, this model is straightforward to put together.

    The major problem with this Petsfit model is that there is not a grate over the removable cleaning tray. Anyone who has had rabbits for quite some time knows that the grate is what makes removing and cleaning the tray so easy. This will require that you find a place to put your rabbits while you remove and clean the tray. In addition to this inconvenience, your rabbits have to sit in their waste and walk across it until it is cleaned. This is not an ideal setup and could be enough reason to look into other choices.

    • Easy to get into the cage
    • Not difficult to put together
    • Removable cleaning tray is not effective
    • Not for exposed outdoor use

    7. PawHut Elevated Stacked Cage for Outdoor Rabbits

    PawHut D51-086 Elevated Stacked Wooden Rabbit Cage

    The Paw Hut Elevated Stacked Wooden Rabbit Cage is a compact option that takes advantage of height to give your rabbits plenty of space. This is a stacked design with a ramp between the two levels of the rabbit cage. There are two main areas on each level that will give your rabbit a great mix of privacy and play space.

    As far as cleaning is concerned, there are two pull-out trays, making your job quite easy. Aside from that, there are multiple doors from which to access your rabbits and their home.

    The problem we encountered with the PawHut is that it is quite expensive, yet the quality is not all that high. We don’t mind paying more money for a rabbit cage that is well built and will last for years. However, as soon as you start assembling this model, you can see that it is not made with high-quality parts and materials.

    • Easy to clean
    • Nice compact design
    • Expensive
    • Not high quality for the price

    8. Lovupet Wooden Bunny Cage

    Lovupet 6010-1029 Wooden Bunny Cage

    At the bottom of our list is the Lovupet Wooden Bunny Cage. Just because this model ended up at the bottom of our list does not mean that we are suggesting it is bad; it simply means there may be better options out there.

    As far as the positives are concerned for the Lovupet, multiple doors provide you easy access to your rabbits. The cage is made from solid fir wood and steel wires. Although it is strong, it will deteriorate if left outside in open weather conditions.

    We started to run into problems with this cage when it came to the cleaning tray. There is no grate over the cleaning tray, so it is not only more challenging to clean, but it also leaves your rabbits sitting in a mess the majority of the time. Moreover, when you have finished putting this together, you will likely struggle just a bit and end up needing to add a couple of extra screws for stability. This is not the worst outdoor rabbit cage out there, but it is certainly not the best.

    • Made of solid fir wood and steel wires
    • Multiple doors for easy access
    • The removable tray is not effective
    • Doesn’t hold up well in weather conditions
    • Not worth the price for the quality

    Buyer’s Guide

    Now that you have eight options to choose from, you need to narrow down what your priorities are when it comes to an outdoor rabbit cage. There are several factors that you should consider before making your final decision. Here are some of the most important things to think about when buying the best outdoor rabbit cage.


    Pay close attention to the dimensions of the rabbit cage you are getting — pictures can be deceiving. When you see products, they may look much more significant than they are in person. Try to find consumer photos as these sometimes are a bit more accurate. Also, break out the tape measure and layout the dimensions of the cage. Not only do you need to make sure it fits in your designated space, but it must accommodate the number of rabbits you have as well.


    If you are going to be using your rabbit cage outside, then you need to make sure it is built to handle weather conditions of all types. You will want to choose something that is treated for outdoor use and has a real roof on it as well. The last thing you want is for your rabbits to be sitting in their home getting rained on.

    At the same time, you need to be realistic that every few years, you will likely have to do some maintenance to your outdoor rabbit hutch. For some pens, it might be a coat of paint or oiling a rusted latch. The maintenance shouldn’t be overly complicated, but staying on top of it will make a big difference as to how long you get out of your rabbit cage.


    One of the most important aspects of caring for rabbits is keeping their cage clean. The truth is that some outdoor rabbit cages are easier to keep clean than others. The best possible design is a slide-out tray with a grid over the top. The grid allows the rabbit to walk around without stepping in their mess. This will help keep the entire cage much cleaner.

    The problem you will come across with some cages is that, although the tray is removable, there is no grid above it, and therefore your rabbit is continually walking through a soiled area of their cage. Another problem when there is no grid is that you will need to contain the rabbit elsewhere when you remove the tray, otherwise there is just a large hole in the rabbit cage for them to escape.

    Prevue Pet Products Rabbit Cage-FI


    If the rabbit cage is multi-level, there will be a ramp in between the levels. Check to make sure that the slope is a non-slip design. If you don’t look for this, your rabbits may have trouble making their way up and down and could injure themselves by sliding or falling.

    Latches & Safety

    All rabbit cages are going to come with latches. It is your job as a responsible rabbit owner to make sure that those latches are functioning and to add locks if necessary. If you have young children, it is particularly smart to add locks as they may think they are causing no harm by leaving the rabbit cage open.



    Purchasing an outdoor rabbit cage should not be difficult. Once you have your budget in mind and have an idea of the general size cage that you need, the rest will be up to your preferences. Hopefully, the reviews we have provided helped you narrow down the outdoor rabbit cages that will work for you. The Trixie Natura is our best overall option because of the ease of use when it comes to cleaning, the space for your rabbit, and the overall quality and durability of the product.

    If the Trixie is just a bit more than you want to spend, the best outdoor rabbit cage for the money is the Prevue Pet Products cage. Although this is probably not a model that will hold up for many years, it is a perfect low budget option to keep your rabbits safe.

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